Sunday, March 13, 2011

Looooking Fiiiiiiiiiine!

It's Your Turn To Shine
Look at you, you look amazing.
You were a seed and with proper care
you have blossomed into the amazing you that you are.
All your friends and loved ones around you surround you.
They are in awe of your accomplishments.
of your wonderful choices,
You are now the center of your Universe,
admired for your commitment.
You no longer blend into the background,
You feel comfortable being on center stage,
You know your worth, you know how hard each day was
as you worked to your goals,
thrilled when you could toss away your black clothes,
and get that lovely white and pink that your wearing now,
And did I tell you, you smell heavenly.
When I looked at you in this photo today,
it was as if the sun had come out and was smiling for you,
no more dark clouds hanging over your beautiful petals.
You were not satisfied to hide yourself in layers of weeds
that suck your energy and weaken you,
slowly loosing yourself.
I am so very proud of you,
I am just going to sit back, enjoy your moment,
breathe in the fresh air, even the birds are happy and singing for you.
Did you see that  butterfly that just flew by.
I think he did a double take and if he could he would have whistled,
look at Mr. Robin on the fence singing you a song,
oh my he is worked up and strutting around.
Your world is magical,
It is the applause that is due after all your hard work.
How lucky that now you are the finest flower in the kingdom.
I could tell by your attitude 
you already knew it.
It sure looks good on you!
Have a great Monday!


  1. What a great poem, Cinner, that teaches us a lesson--an important lesson on how we can see ourselves. We are each a special and beautiful flowers. I forget this all the time, and don't allow myself to shine. Thank you for inspiring me tonight!! Peace and love to you, xoO

  2. What a beautiful thought. Thank you.

  3. Flowers to you, Cinner for such a lovely way of expressing yourself.

  4. Very nice. It sure does look good on us, doesn't it?

  5. A great wave of love and self-affirmation comes from your words. Thank you. Have a lovely Monday.

  6. Here's to looking forward to all of the beautiful flowers! Lovely, sweet post Cinner! Love Di ♥

  7. Oh I absolutely adored that - how beautiful and joyful!

  8. Thanks ladies for your kind words. The sun shone here almost all day and got to plus five. I swear it changes the outlook for someone that has any SAD...seasonal affective disorder.
    have a great day tomorrow. be well.

  9. Beautiful flowers. :)

    The inspiring message was beautifully written. :)

    it was as if the sun had come out and was smiling for you,
    no more dark clouds hanging over your beautiful petals.

    I liked these lines very much.

  10. beautifully written cinner.

    thank you for stopping by and asking about shauna~ she is still getting hospice treatment and is doing pretty well. she is amazing!

    have a blessed day~

  11. Hello beautiful lady-
    wow, ya. good stuff. today - I am glowing.
    Love to you]

  12. THIS made me smile a huge, genuine smile. Thank you for sharing!!

  13. You just filled me with warm inspiration! Thank you.

  14. That is just a lovely poem, you are truly talented. I think once I have lost the weight that I aspire to lose, then I will truly be able to look at myself with the sort of self love and positivity that your poem speaks of. It's only been a month since I started, I am exercising on my mini trampoline every day, eating lotsa od vegetables and have cut out all sugar, so those are things that I do feel good about for making the decision to better myself. Thank you for sharing your writing, I think I will bookmark this one and read it when I shed some weight that I am proud of.


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