Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There Should Be a Limit Even For Me!

This is the cats favorite place in the whole house.
I put a rug on it otherwise she rolls around on it
and gets hair all over it.
I set up a hook system so I can lift my curtains so they are not in the way.
I love the treadmill and believe it was the best money I have spent.
Great to have this winter that is for sure.
I went outside yesterday
my usual happy self.
a long sleeve shirt, a vest, my jacket,
huge scarf tied around my neck and head,
mitts, heavy ski pants, big polar boots.
I open my door , I take one step out,
the outside door is ripped from my hands by a gust of wind
and once again I thought to myself.....
You have got to be kidding me
if anyone up there can hear me
please let it stop snowing!
Hello can anybody hear me?
So I get started bending knees, 
minus 30, shoveling, ice crystals forming on my face from my breath.
I would do as much as I could, then stop, lean on the fence,
catch my breath, do some more, into the house to warm up.
Four separate times I made it outside,
not one soul did I see anywhere.
Did I get the snow done.
Not even near, but I had a good workout,
got lots of fresh air.
I open my back door to let my dog out,
no steps to be seen, the wind had blown enough snow
that it was up above the bottom of the door
and I had to push to get the dog out.
It was a bit drafty, the cold air came rushing up my nightgown,
shiver to the top of my head.
This is the most snow we have had since 1976.
I was a kid then, building igloos, making tunnels in the snow banks,
Now I want to be a warm kid,
sipping my coffee, in a big warm housecoat,
slippers and a blanket.
Until this snow slows down my treadmill is going to have to wait,
and I can feel like I have spent all this money for my cat to sit on it.
At least I am not using it to hang clothes on.
I have noticed my tops are all getting big on me.
Will have to measure soon.
March 1st...one day closer to Spring,
it's cold and I don't want salads,
I mean I love salads.
I think it is a soup day.
Hope you have a good day.


  1. Wow, the snow is crazy, isn't it? I love my treadmill too and so do both of my cats. Why is that?


    I love your outfit!! I can 'see' you all bundled up and ready to face the world. Love it. enjoy your soup. I am making a hot vegetarian bean casserole.
    Love you girl "hey"

  3. This sure makes me happy I live in a warmer area! I love snow, but I don't like to shovel it. I'm sure it was great exercise for you, though. :) Very good of you to think of soup, I'd come in and want some hot chocolate! I'm being very bad lately. :(

  4. Hi Cinner!
    I love the treadmill, too!
    Now I need to get a cat to put on it!
    Soup - sounds good!

  5. I'd love the snow! So little snow in UK
    You are lucky to have a treadmill even if you do have to share it with a beautiful cat! I would love a treadmill but am fortunate enough to have gym membership so I am lucky.
    I am loving soup too!

  6. I am hoping and praying that we are done with the snow here! I'll add you to my hoping and praying Cinner!
    But I am glad that you got your workout in! I need to get off of my lazy butt and do something! Today though, I seem to have Katie's bug so all I want to do is sleep!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Diana, sorry to hear you are not feeling okay. those bugs are bad ones. I pray for no snow too but guess what it is a blizzard starting here, and our spring is supposed to be a long ways away...said on the news extremely cold conditions until the end of May.....so pray pray pray I am. feeling better hon, don't worry about doing anything until then.

  8. Dawn I wish I could send you some or at least a foot of it so you could make all the snowmen you want. lol. I have been excited for you when I read you are almost in the 22 size. that is awesome. keep up the great job. you are worth it my friend.

  9. Anne, ha a mouse was reason enough to get a cat here. lol., soup was good and enough left overs for a couple of days. yeah. you look awesome. I am going back to blond every time I see your profile. be well.

  10. Maria, it is snowing again, the shovelling has to wait today. lol, yeah for me. lol. don't beat yourself up hon, just remember you can get back to your plan anytime at all. best to do it now. for you..it is darn hard sometime. just think of the end result. all the best my friend.

  11. Gail your casserole sounds awesome. as for the outfit you should see me today. pjs, warm housecoat, fuzzy slippers, a scarf with a brooch and I should be protesting the snow. yes I am a picture of lovliness. lol,. hubby will probably run from the house. did you get your plumbing fixed. love ya and think of you often. hugs.

  12. Darla, I talked to my niece in BC yesterday she said things are nice and green there. your cats like your treadmill too, that is too funny. I have no idea why. lol. hope you are doing well. you inspire me every time I visit. take care.

  13. Hey, who needs a man-made exercise machine when Ma Nature provides so many ways to take care of ourselves? For those days she's not giving you enough outside, well, that's when the machine comes in handy, right?


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