Monday, February 21, 2011

Get It Together Tuesday!

Sometimes we need to take a good look at things,
like the above photo, I see two cats,
the black on her nose looks like a
black cat, I never noticed that before.
Things I Have Noticed
Dealing with trigger foods, and trigger buttons
to make me want comfort food.
I live for the day that I will reach for a carrot stick when that happens.
I have really had to watch what I am eating with this hernia,
I am craving green peppers and sliced onions.
what a craving, it is only because I can not have it.
So I sometimes wonder why would you crave something
that would make you double over in pain.
just saying!
So when I awake on this lovely Tuesday morning
I am prepared for some major work, major planning,
and being organized.
It is going to be a Healthy Day
and I am Just Going to Do It.
After all Living Is Pretty Darn Important.
I can't find any reason better than that!
I hope you have your very Best Day
Believe in Yourself,


    I believe the question you pose is from the beginning of time - kinda like Adam, Eve, the apple!!!! :-) We all desire the forbidden -
    Loving you

  2. Ahhh the forbidden. The test and question of time for sure Cinner. I think, just once, we should have someone tell us to go out and eat anything that we want. Then, maybe the opposite would be true - we may decide that we dont' crave it at all. Keep it up my dear - you are doing well. Take care of you.

  3. Have a happy, healthy day, Cinner. That picture is cool. I didn't even know it was a cat at first.

    Isn't it funny that whatever we cannot have...we crave?

  4. I am finally getting over my cravings.... for most things most of the time..... But it does come back in different forms. Not just food, either!
    Fade, little craving - fade!
    Poof - Be Gone! They have no power here!

  5. Ugggg! I am having a horribly hungry day. I don't know why. But I am trying to ignore it. I have eaten but I keep wanting more.
    Onions and green peppers are very good! I'm sorry that you can't have them right now!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Why is it we always want what we can't have.....I hope you are feeling better soon and able to eat your onions and peppers. They are a delicious combination...Hugs

  7. But once you see it, you can never not see it again. That really does look like a little black cat!

    Yes, you take good care of yourself. I do adore green peppers myself, but I do not like the idea of you doubled over in pain at all!


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