Friday, February 18, 2011

A 2 day Break, it feels like a week.

The sun was beaming in the window this afternoon for about ten minutes.
It was the best ten minutes ever.
I sit right next to where these flowers were,
so I got some sunshine too,
The warmth was heaven.
Now these tulips put a huge smile on my face the other day
when Hubby brought them home.
As soon as I saw the bright pink and yellows
my spirits seemed to lift.
I laughed when I noticed the last time I posted
was Wednesday and here it is Friday,
but I feel  good again, so so much for a break,
My surgeries are just playing the waiting game to get in,
but I have restless nights because of the hernia,
so if I fall behind my sleep then I fall.
take for example last night,
I get up in the middle of the night go to the computer room,
after I am coming out, hubby is just coming out of the bedroom,
it was dark, I had not heard him and he says hey what are you doing up?
I was startled since I did not know he was there,
another thing that triggers Cataplexy is being startled,
my legs went limp and down I went,
Hubby turns the light on and is telling me You will be okay,
I can't answer but I am thinking to myself,
Put on some shorts for land sakes,
I am thinking this as I am sitting up.
I say to him, what were you doing in the hallway, and why did you scare me,
He says I thought you were sleeping,
 I was trying to be quiet.
I said to him Maybe next time you are helping me you could be wearing your pjs.
That is not what I want to be seeing when I am lying on the floor.,
and now he had me laughing again.,
the look on his face was priceless and I was just thinking,
please stop making me laugh, I just want to get up and walk
and go to bed. Finally we make it there and he asks if I am okay,
yes I am fine, I thanked him for helping me up.
I told him we need to figure out a system so that does not happen again.
you just never know when it will hit.
About a half an hour ago, the light goes on in the bedroom,
I hear in his deep voice, Just letting you know I am going through.
Okay thanks, all was good.
Thank you God Amen I muttered to myself.
sleep, soup, water, was my regime the last few days.
the flowers above were to make me feel better,
which they did.
Hubby said when he gave them to me,
 Its  good time to get them after Valentines day.
they were on sale, and they were right at the counter,
I started to laugh, he just makes me laugh all the time,
thats why my sleep is so important.
I have thought if I ever wrote a book these might be some good titles,
I am Falling Down Again,
Laugh Until It Hurts
Dying Laughing
Another Laughing Matter
Laughter Can Really Hurt
Sorry I am rambling on. Thank you all for your kind wishes.
Oh and Best News of All.
Hubby and I are starting to work out in the morning.
that should be fun.
as for the rest of the day I don't think
we will be venturing far,
it is minus forty here with the wind chill.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
remember life is what we make it.
Laugh at yourself and the world laughs with you.
remember we can do anything and everything
as best as we know how.
Be Your Very Best and I hope you
 Have Your Very Best Day Ever!


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous, Cinner. I definitely think you should write a book. I'd buy it :)

    It's difficut to stay away, isn't it?

  2. Love the flowers. My faves.
    A book? go for it.
    Thought of you today - hope your day is great!

  3. Oh how I love tulips!!
    I could picture you laying on the floor and hubby hovering overhead with no clothing on...priceless picture for sure. Ha!
    That had me laughing so hard!!
    Yes I laugh a lot too...great medicine!!
    Hugging you

  4. The tulips are lovely, Cinner... a good reminder that Spring will return! My profile photo is of a gift of tulips I received one Spring!

  5. Those flowers would perk me up too! I've been away from Blogging for a couple of weeks so I'm going to have to go back through your archives! Happy Saturday and after 3 days of mild weather here, it's freezing and snowing like crazy outside ... just in time for me to walk the dogs.

  6. HI CIN

    Beautiful flowers :-) and great image of your hubby - you are adorble. Have a peaceful, balanced weekend.
    We are in a water issue - there are fans all over the down stairs drying up the seepage. So I am on 'fan-duty until Monday. Good LOrd.

    Love you

  7. Oh my that is really cold! Would you believe it was 63 degrees here yesterday? It's only 40 something today but much warmer than where you are Cinner!
    Your story was funny. It's good that you can still make each other laugh. And I love how he let you know that he was getting up again!
    Good to hear you are happy!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Its lovely to read you had a day filled with happy laughter. Laughter can be sad when its against us, or we are excluded but HAPPY laughter is such a tonic and when its shared with people we love and who love us....its so fulfilling
    Lovely post...lovely flowers too

  9. Hi Cinner,
    Oh, what beautiful flowers!!! And what a sweetheart your husband is for bringing them to romantic!!!

  10. What beautiful flowers! Your portrayals have me chuckling aloud. Keep that book idea going. You might have something there. Laughter is such a healer. Best wishes.

  11. I love your flowers!! Love your book titles!

  12. ah, your hubby sounds like a very caring and considerate man. How lovely that you have one another. Wishing you the best with your surgery!

  13. Tulips and sunshine...a grand mix. You made me laugh out loud sharing your story about meeting your husband in the hall way.I hope you get to feeling better...I always enjoy visiting your blog. Dee

  14. Cinner... The book is ready for purchase! C'mon back by for the link and preview!! Yeah...Smiles....Lovey
    Thinking of you often too!!


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