Monday, February 7, 2011

Be Your Own Best Friend!

The above picture is from that I made.
If you have not been there you may want to take a look.
I thought this picture corresponds with what I wanted to write about today.
We are all at the centers of our universe.
and we have choices we make.
We have choices to look in the mirror, to be kind to ourselves,
to find the beauty in all of us, If there is self loathing,
the world around you will look pretty bleak.
I know from experience that changing your life starts within.
I have had hard times, you can either stay in misery or change your life.
some of you know a bit of my history, I was raped when I was fourteen,
I could never have any children, I have gone through a divorce, I have lost many loved ones,
I have a chronic illness that at times can be very dibilitating.
When I lost my job due to illness financially times were very hard.
So I had two choices be negative because my life so drastically changed
or make the most out of things.. And this is how I looked at my life.
The illness had made me realize that I was not my work,
that I could slow down and realize what was really meaningful in my life.
The financial part well I really did not need for much and I learned the difference
between necessities and luxuries. When I got divorced yes it was a rough time, I look at it
that because of my divorce I grew to be a strong woman, I hold no resentment,
two people that certainly did not come from the same walks of life,
no one was at fault, being raped is a tragedy that will not be a negative,
because I have learned from that. The only way to get through that is to work through it
and make it into a positive. I became a stronger person.
As for no children, maybe it was not in Gods plan.
I live my best life, I live it today, Every day I have is a gift.
Every day I do the best I can and Every day I choose to be happy or sad.
Some of the readings I have read lately I have found to be very disturbing,
If you look in the mirror and you hate yourself and tell yourself that,
well I really believe you want to stay trapped in your situation.
By positive thinking you can really change your whole life.
Someone very close to me lost about 130 pounds,
she thought that getting thin would make her happy,
but if you don't start with the inside.
the outside won't make up for it.
This person could not understand
why she was not happy.
I don't want to come across as a know it all,
because I certainly don't.
Please find the positives because if you believe,
the things one hates or dislikes just does not stay important any longer.
And once you find your inner beauty and your outer beauty,
happiness grows faster than any other emotion.
and happy makes for a much better outlook on life.
This life is a gift, I love it, I cherish it,
Because I almost lost it.
Life can be hard
and fragile.
I hope 
you find
Have your Best Day Ever!


  1. I do find life amazing! About four years ago I took a hard look at where I was going and decided it was time to change me...and then see what direction comes from that.
    Best journey I have ever taken.
    I have become my own best friend!! I love her...she is the coolest person I know!!

  2. Your blog is like a ray of sunshine, the look and thoughts!

  3. This is a beautiful post, Miss Cinner. I so agree with you that there is beauty and love in each day of this precious life. There are some days where I get tired of keeping the focus there though. Isn't it weird that what you know is right and positive takes so much energy to stay with some days ?
    Even on days when my own illness (depression and anxiety) gets the better of me, I still always see a beautiful light that gets me through. That light is love - my love for my family and friends and the world around us, and their love for me. That is what has kept me from every completely giving into dispair, just as it must have done for you, Strong One, with all the challenges that you have gone through.
    Having that love and faith is a wonderful thing, Cinner, and your amazing love for life is inspiring.
    Thanks for all you do in this world, Lovely One.

  4. Amen! Thanks for a dose of reality AND inspiration! xox

  5. Great minds think alike, Cinner! I've written a couple posts about loving yourself, and my new blog friend Darla has started a challenge for everyone to look in the mirror twice a day and say I love you - to ourselves!

    I also wanted to let you know that I changed my blog URL. Was told it would redirect everyone correctly and it doesn't seem to be doing that. I'd love to keep you with me as we do this weight loss thing! My new URL is Sorry for the inconvenience!


  6. Cinner, have I told you lately that I love you? What a powerful post and you are an amazing woman. Like Maria said, a few of us are on the same wavelength these days.

    I chalk my new-found epiphany up to experience and age ... and many other things along the way. Thank you for writing this post ((hugs))

  7. Hi Cinner,
    This is truly beautiful--and something I think we ALL need to hear--to think positive and wish for the best in life!!!

  8. What beautiful sentiments Cinner. We have been going through very tough times lately, well for quite awhile, but I still try to look at things in a positive way. Yes some days are easier than others but well worth the challenge! I love your Blog!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Cinner
    You Are Amazing!
    But we already knew this!

  10. wow a life journey you have certainly had, and i thank you for sharing with us. lots of love and blessing to you my dear friend.
    hugs and kisses

  11. Wow, what an amazing post! Its a very difficult thing to see the good in life and take the positives from life's experiences, good and bad and you're such a positive example of that. Not letting negatives ruin your life but using them to find enrichment. wow. Thanks for posting

  12. Dear Cinner--
    Big sigh! My heart broke for you then filled with joy for you all in one post. I had no idea about your past experiences but you truly embrace life and inspire me. YOU are amazing.
    xoxoxo jj

  13. You are amazing, Cinner sharing your story with all of us. Being able to stay positive and find joy in life is the way to go especially when things get rough. I send you much love, Cinner. You are a woman who walks her talk.

  14. Cinner, I have read thousands of blog posts in my near 10 months of fitness/health blogging. And it is with absolutel sincerity that this post of yours is now amongst my top 3 ever read.

    I will most certainly be linking back to it and sharing your thoughts. Both because your story itself is inspiring and as well because your insight into how we move from sadness to happiness is brilliant.

    You have made my day, thank you!

  15. You are an amazing woman, yourself!

  16. I totally agree with the others... this was amazing.
    You really touched my heart here. You take the negatives the come along and you TURN them into positives. That is so powerful... thank you for sharing your own personal story. So honest, heartfelt and inspirational!

  17. I so much agree with wanda...your blog is like a ray of sunshine. Stay strong....

  18. I have said this before and will say it are such a postive person!! I just love your attitude. Wish we lived closer so we could visit in person.

  19. Gayle , Oh I wish so too, it would be fun...we could have the whole gang there. I hope one day to meet some of the others. I have too come by and visit. bit of the flu going around this way. so far I am okay but hubby is under the weather and on an eight day well my friend.

  20. Sarah, love you my inspiration, I got some strength from you. hugs.

  21. Thanks Loretta, there were a lot of wrong choices on my part. I am a much different person now than when I was younger, but every mistake somehow led me to where I am now. I am a big believer in things happen for a reason. will visit everyone tomorrow.
    thanks for commenting. I am glad our paths have crossed. hugs.

  22. Mina, like people find one another. I have my not so amazing days too. hugs.

  23. Patrick, thanks so much for the beautiful comment,. that really meant a lot to me. I am so honored you found the post in your top three. When I was diagnosed with Cataplexy, I had been rushed to the hospital a few times. The first time I thought I was going to die. that scared me, once they figured everything out, I was just so happy to have a second chance that every day had be the best I could make it. You are doing awesome. I am very grateful I found your blog. take care. thanks again.

  24. Shell, thanks hon, I always knew I was a strong person, once you get over being scared you can face your future. I do admit if I miss my sleep I can have a bad attitude, they are alkways gone after I rest though. be well my friend. and thank you.

  25. Joanna, I am not amazing, I just realized what worked for me so I could be a productive member of society....I did have days where I asked myself, what kind of joke is this.....but some one knows more than me. I believe I am more grounded now.
    be by to visit tomorrow. hugs.

  26. Dawn I worked in management all my life and the happier I was so too were the employees. Thanks so for the comment, there are a lot more chapters to my story...but I found my fit and I am content. hugs to you

  27. Kim thank you, I can feel the hug all across the way. thanks for your kind comment. my path has not been straight, but at the end I will be able to say I really lived. lol.
    be well.

  28. Abbe your the darling, and the I picked up alot of amazing from you, hey!

  29. Diana, I am sorry to hear that things have not been going great for a while. I hope you are feeling well.
    I don't wake up with a great attitude every day, but I do try to turn it around. And that is all we can do, you are not alone my friend. don't ever forget that. hugs to you.

  30. Cindy I think everyone wishes for the best in life. I beleve maybe I have it already. Sometimes when we get what we think we wanted, it is not so.all I know the grass on my side of the fence is just as green as anyone it is burried in snow. lol. thanks for the kind comment. hugs.

  31. Darla experience and age...I agree with you. it really is a wonderful place to be at in life. hugs to you.
    glad our paths have crossed. until next time.

  32. Maria, when my hubby came home last night I told him I had someones picture I wanted to show. I showed him yours and he said, she looks just like my younger sister, I see a picture of my Mom when I look at you.
    I look like my sister too, so I think you have found two twins. ....just saying. I have no trouble getting to your blog and will be there as often as I can. thanks for being part of my little world. hugs.

  33. Lisa, Amen and always your kind words make for a better day. hugs.

  34. Kim, thank you for your comment wow, you know I knew that you love life, you can tell it in your posts. your love shows through. I married my second husband eleven years ago and he has been a real trooper. he is there no matter what and that sure helps. I did go trough a bout of depression when I could no longer work. I felt like I was broken, Now I think I was broken when I worked so hard, thats another post. be well, hope you are feeling better. hugs and thanks Kim.

  35. Wanda, a ray of sunshine, I wish it were in the sky....then I would be dancing for joy. thanks for your kind words. hugs.

  36. SueAnn, that is the most beautiful statement you can make about yourself. I am so very proud you went on that to you. your profile pic looks great by the way.
    has your snow melted. take care.

  37. ANNE, i spelled your name must be too dark in here. I was wondering whom Abbe was. ding, ding, off to bed I go. hugs.

  38. Cinner, good morning; I gave you some link love today here,

    Have a Great Day

  39. I am a very positive thinker, I am very happy, and yet I have trouble knowing my worth due to the harsh judgments of others. This is not a sob story! Just, this made me cry. Thank you!

  40. I just found your blog from Patrick, Wow!!! how funny that you and Sean both talked today about chaning from the inside, out!! Just what I must have been needing! I love what I read :)

  41. What a beautiful post! I just popped over from Patrick's blog at Responsibility199, and I'm glad I did!

  42. Carla, I am so glad you came and popped over, I will come have a visit over the weekend. home alone so will be able to spend time. be well.

  43. Karla, thanks so much for coming over, I don't know Sean, but it is amazing how some days we all are talking about like things. Thanks so much for making my day. I will be checking out all the new folk that have popped in, I feel truly blessed.
    Have a great week. c

  44. Hi Pauline, Oh the harsh judgements of others. It can be brutal. I am going to do a post on this soon. I know it is easy to say but there opinions do not matter, if someone is judging or rude, then they need a course on being polite, and having manners. are they people you associate with. I have had many rude things said about me. I think with age came the sudden realization that I don't care what they think....sure I can still be cut to the core. Don't let any nonscence wreck your days. you will be surprised one day you will not notice any more, it won't be worth your time. right now, you are the only one that matters. I am just going from experience....For me these judgements go back a long long ways...some days they still stop me in my tracks, but they have no power, kick them to the curb. glad our paths have crossed. take care, I am just saying what has worked for me most days. hugs.

  45. And you just made me cry again. In a good way! I'm such a sap...


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