Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Posture, Shoulders Back, Stomach In!

How are you all doing? Things are good here in Alberta.
Of course it is snowing, but the light and fluffy kind.
Tomorrow should not be too bad of a day for shoveling.
I guess it depends whom is holding the shovel.
I am working on better posture.
My mother would always say shoulders back,
back then I think I was just trying to hide the girls,
I can hear her....one day you will regret this.
Now I hear myself saying it to my nephew.
No slouching.
So I have been walking around here with my shoulders back
and I have to say it hurts walking like this.
And I think I have not bad posture.
But I sure can notice this.
Not only that but for some reason I feel healthier with me doing this,
it should help with my lower back problems as well.
I have been doing great with the eating. always helps having the right food ready.
Me and Mr. GiddyUp are bonding,  I am up to eight minutes at a time.
And one day I did that three times a day.
The next day I was really feeling it so sticking to eight minutes for this week,
then 10 next week.
drinking lots of water,
Yesterday hubby came home with a box of Tim Hortons Tim Bits.
Round doughnuts.
I stopped him at the door and I said, OUT, OUT, GET OUT.
He put them in the truck, came back to the house, I met him at the door.
We were both laughing, I told him he can do just about anything he wants,
but don't bring me any crap....He said it was just a treat for doing so good.
I said I did not need a treat, that I just need him not to bring it into the house.
He phoned tonight to see if I wanted him to pick anything up ?
Picture a dazed deer in the headlight look...
Lord give me strength.
I laughingly said No, I don't need anything and then I asked him to remember
whether he wanted in the house or not and how badly he wanted to watch the hockey game.
If he shows up with pizza, I am sending him to the neighbors.
Are'nt you glad you don't live on my street.
hope your all having a great week.
Until next time,
please know any of my comments about my hubby
are said in jest and that I really truly love him.
He is not too worried about being let in the house.
Maybe it is because he knows he could get to the back door quicker than I.
Be well and be good to yourself.


  1. I love Timmy's and want one right now!
    Good to kick the Tim Bits to the curb.

  2. Love that! I make my husband keep his 'treats' in his garage; and he isn't allowed to tell me where :-)

  3. Oh Cindy!! You make me smile sooo much...
    Go girl!! Keep Tim Bits out (good for you...I don't know that I would have had that strength...but you give me much as I read your blog)...and I am glad that Mr. Giddyup and you are up to 8 minutes at the time. You will be soooo amazed...as I know you already are at the progress you will make....just one minute at the time...one glass of water at the time...and the neighbors enjoying the pizza and the donuts that are forbidden to cross your threshhold!!! I am your cheerleader from down here where there is NO snow...not even the powdered kind....and wishing you would share some with me.
    Love and hugs, Cindy.

  4. Doughnuts?? Oh my! Whenever I get food gifts, I give them to my honey to take to his office. It will be devoured in minutes! Better them than me!!!!
    I do allow myself pizza though...a couple of times a month. I love my pizza!!
    8 minutes a day is a great goal! I am so proud of you.
    I started with 2 minutes a day and worked myself up every week. So keep on going girl...you are doing great!

  5. Out, out, get out...just practicing if I ever have to use it. WTG. Be strong. And it's supposed to snow in BC so perhaps a lot of funny footage on tv as we cannot drive in the snow.

    Oh my, posture. Skipp is always saying tome, in a fun voice imitating a "drill sargeant, "attention!!!!! when he sees me walking leaned over. I am SO aware of how I lean - and straighten up - it is hard though when I/we are laughing. :-) I am working on less and less salt - I stopped adding salt to food now I am reading labels for content - salt is in everything. I love your husband stories - you are a hoot, and so is he!!
    Love you girl "hey"

  7. Hi Cinner!!
    I'm your newest follower! I want to thank you so much for your birthday wishes!!!

  8. Nice bright flowers around here - keeping the winter blues away for me...
    You could always suggest to hubby that a lovely sunflower, well bundled up against the cold would be a better treat than timbits...
    You go girlie !

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Cinner! I'm sorry I don't get here more often, and I really have been such a slacker with blogging lately, plus my blog is really acting up! I posted on Umma's World and the whole post just disappeared and I still can't access some blogs at all!

    Thanks for your good wishes for the New Year! I wish you many Blessings too!

    My Mom used to say that about the posture too! I have terrible posture and my Aunts and my grandmother were all hunched so I better BEWARE! And I know you are right that you feel healthier if you stand up/sit up straight, it forces you to use muscles you don't ordinarily use.

    I have to try and do something with myself too, but I have been SO LAZY these past few weeks. I guess being snowed in doesn't help.

    I have not posted on two blogs since the summer now, I've been thinking about getting back into it (one is a prayer blog and that one I really should be doing, the Stick Close To Home was just more for home projects and tablescapes), but I haven't even been good about my personal/journal blog, I was away for months and months, then started up in the Fall again.
    I have a few projects to do around the house so I may be absent again on and off.

    Thank you for always being so kind to me.
    All the best to you, Eileen

  10. Your husband sounds so sweet! He knows not what he does! But was trying! Gotta love a guy like that! I am so glad that you are doing so well Cinner and admire your strength! Love Di ♥

  11. Your husband sounds very sweet! Maybe you could suggest a different treat for him to bring you: fresh flowers, a house plant, scented candle...book, magazine. Just a thought.. :)

    Sounds like you're doing all the right things. that's great!!! :)

  12. Tim Bits! I am still working off the zillions I ate in the 90s when I spent many a moon in Toronto.

  13. Patrick, I am sure I owe their Ice Cappucinos at least 40 pounds of weight gain over the years. I still crave them but am not giving in. take care.

    Big Pissy, oh I tell him, he is usually good for the flowers...but yes, there was no escapades last night. lol. thanks for your support, it means alot. hugs.

    Diana, you know he is a sweet guy, thank you so for your kind words, I did too much yesterday and now my back is killing me today. oh if I could only learn to pace myself...ha, I don't seem to be good at that. someday. hugs to you, feel better my friend.

  14. Eileen, I am so glad you stopped by, there just is never enough time in the day to make the rounds so to speak....Being snowed in, oh I am so looking forward to Spring...I always feel once we get through Jan and Feb then the good weather is not too far away. we has snow once here in July....I don't want to even think of that. Big hug to you Eileen, be well.

  15. Kim I know the bright flowers here are early....can you tell I am wishing for Spring to come....and yes he usually does pretty good with the flowers. Maybe I need a silly day with him to tell him how important this is for me. hugs to you, be by to visit soon.

  16. Cindy welcome, I hope you had a great birthday. looking forward to getting to know you better. hugs.

  17. Gail, oh I can just see you and Skipp....I have not had the drill sargent voice yet. lol. My Grandmother was 6 feet tall, very stoic. when she passed on she was about 5 feet two, she was 93. I think they need to make those walkers and things taller so one is not leaning as much, just a thought....there is salt in almost everything, I need to watch it closer...I don't cook with salt, but amazed when I look at labels...keep doing what your doing hon, sounds like you are doing all the right things. I so hope you can walk in your pond in your barefeet with Skipp. I remember your post and how happy that makes you. love ya girl hey. very much. hugs.

  18. Darla, I lived in Vancouver for a short time years ago, the whole city comes to a halt when it snows there....even here we still have our crazy speed freaks that end up in the ditch. take care, thanks for popping in. hugs.

  19. SueAnn, you just keep me inspired. Wain is taking some of my Moms baking to work today. thank goodness. It is almost gone...but if I don't see it I am okay. I walked 10 minutes yesterday, so was thrilled...I think I need to increase the speed before I increase the time, what do you think? hugs to you. You are such a wonderful support to me...I think you have a bit of an angel inside you. your an angel to me anyway. hugs.

  20. Jackie, no snow, I am packing my bags and on my way. lol. actually I enjoy the snow when it is not too cold. You would look if I could send you some in a box. On the news last night they were talking about some new sport that will be done here. snowball fighting challenges. looks like fun although the snowballs looked a little hard.
    will watch and see what comes of that. you can be my cheerleader anytime. love and hugs to you too. hope you are well. take care.

  21. Teresa, good for you, we do have a shed, he would have to dig the snow to get there, he does put things up high and out of my sight then I am okay....but if I can see anything...lordy...I am the one with the broom handle trying to knock things off the shelves....do you think I need help. lol. keep up the good work. we can all learn from each other....hugs.

  22. Anne, I will never mention Tims again. lol. they have been kicked to the curb with a few other things. he is getting better though. all the best, hope you have a great day. hugs.

  23. Hi Cinner,
    I love this doughnut story! Especially because I've been on a diet for 4 months...I'm still on it!!! I hope I'm done by May...but, things are going slow...I'm doing the low carb thing...that works best for me.

    Someone sent me a letter about how I should try to get my art into a magazine and I read what the magazine does and they are awesome and if they do a story, they would come and photograph me at home...boy, that sure made me stick to my diet...lol Maybe that's the incentive I need to stick with this. If I have an outside goal, it always makes it easier for me. Let's hope it works!!!

  24. Donuts can be very tempting. Good for you Cinner.
    Keep feeling good. xo jj

  25. Happy new year, my friend. May it bring you everything you dream of.

  26. love this post...absolutely love it...you know why? cause it shouts of Cindy taking care of Cindy. You go girl...you deserve it and that fight in you....wow.

  27. Oh you are a strong woman. Rock n' roll, Cin!


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