Monday, January 3, 2011

I See the Moon, Suspected Hot Flash Sightings, Control and Laughter

Here are some of the pictures of the orange moon that we saw when we went home for 
Christmas. The top right picture to me was really one of those ah ha moments in life.
I believe that a bright orange moon has to be good luck,
and the fact that we got to see it, that was a blessing.
As I stated before I just don't have the greatest quality camera.
But the pictures that I have in my mind are as vivid
as when I saw the moon the night we drove home.
It definitely provided great weather and great light for traveling.
I received a book for Christmas called Cooking With Hot Flashes.
I thought this was pretty brave of my Sister in Law,
But we had a good laugh about it,
I was thinking a few more years, a few more years.
And if she meant cooking in the kitchen,
well I am known for being Creative in the kitchen,
and not always in a positive way.
so I can not imagine having A hot flash will include my Baking Skills any.
I am sure I will have my own stories one day to tell.
What I was reminded from the book ,
how much our attitude plays a role in our lives.
We can control what our day will be,
whether your going to embrace it and have your best day,
or we can add stress to our lives that is not beneficial at all.
I believe also that positivity can do a lot of healing
both mentally and physically,
negativity can bring you down and put you in the pits of despair.
I choose not to be there.
I controlled my choices today,
I laughed and smiled even when my body was stiff and sore.
I controlled increasing my time on the treadmill.
I controlled negativity about my weight by being kind to myself,
knowing that I am beautiful anyway,
knowing that sometime I still got my Mojo going on.
sometime I feel like a Sexy Mama,
facing the facts that healthy to me will give more energy,
with more energy brings more living, more possibilities,
more doors that can open.
Set your goals, attitude, believe and achieve.
Have a fabulous day.
How are you doing so far in the New Year?
Above everything, remember you have to find what works for you.
Live, love and laugh,
and laugh a lot.
It is the very best medicine.
Lets find our healthy.
Have your Best Day Ever!


  1. It is all about attitude and I plan on starting each day with excitement and enthusiasm!! I will live, love and laugh and I thank you for the encouragement and the reminder that life is short and unpredictable. Best to keep that smile and "can do" attitude.
    Hugging you

  2. Sounds like a great book. We all need those little attitude readjustments now and then. They really do work wonders!

    have a great day!

  3. I loved your pretty moon Cinner, I did get to see it too! Sounds like a good book that you received.
    I'm just having a hard time believing that it's the 3rd already! Happy New Year, Love Di ♥

  4. HI CiNNER-

    The orange moon pictures are intense ....

    I am on the other side of menopause - I didn't have too many symptoms - very mild, and it is known that women, with fuller figures have less symptoms because estrogen is stored in fat cells so it slowly releases over time to lessen the impact of menopause. So this is one situation where some fat is a good thing :-)
    Love you girl and come visit at my blog when you have a moment

  5. Choices...yes, we can. Yes we have them. Isn't it a great thing? I hear you on the hot flashes. Mine aren't too bad, but rather annoying. I just laugh and joke about them though - what else can I do? Oh, besides carrying a face cloth in my purse...just in case.

  6. Go go Cinner!
    I had a hot flash one.
    Then no more!

  7. Those hot flashes are a real treat...thankfully in my old age they have ceased but my thermostat still is not normal. I look forward to following you this year wuth your wight loss and hope I will be able to get myself on track. Happy New year. Dee

  8. You are so right, it's our choice about attitude.
    I laughed so hard at your stories about your hubby and trying to bring in donuts. Sounded like MY hubby from last year. Well, he survived, barely, and is even finally trying to lose a few himself now. Just keep reminding him... we'll get them trained, yet! ;-)



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