Sunday, January 9, 2011

Odds and Ends and Anxiety

Good morning all, 
If it rains cats and dogs,
does it snow polar bears and penquins?
What a dump of snow has been dropped on us the last couple of days,
so much so that yesterday morning when I let the dog out there was no steps
just a big bank of snow, the dog jumped out the door, was laying in a snow bank,
turned and looked at me, like, what the heck kind of trick was that.
Hubby had to go to the store, came back and said he helped push out 3 cars.
On the side of our house was about two feet of snow that had blown in.
Needless to say we shoveled snow together,
how romantic is that for a Saturday.
Eating habits not too bad, staying away from sauces, etc.
In this cold weather man I can turn right back into old patterns,
whereas when it is warm I just want salad.
No excuses or wining here.
Ever since I got Cataplexy I have Anxiety about going out in groups of people,
I think it is understandable because I worry about falling,
My nephew is getting married on Saturday in B.C.
My Mom, Sister and I are all flying out to the wedding,
With this Anxiety I don't like airports either.
What a commotion to convince myself to go,
Of course I want to be there,
and see Nathan and Nicole get married.
I don't know if anyone can understand this,
or goes through the same thing.......
I know once I get there I will be fine.
So I push myself and will continue to worry about this until I get there,
And on the way home I know I will say,
What a wonderful time and all that worry for nothing..
I will probably only post once more this week,
and then will post when I return.
I hope you are all doing well and sticking to your goals.
Remember you are worth it!
have your very Best Day Ever,
take care,


  1. Hi Cinner and Happy New Year! We've been dumped on here too but I think you've been hit harder with the snow. My son is getting married in Jamaica in March and I am TERRIFIED of flying. I have never flown in my life and as I've gotten older, my fear has grown and grown so I will NOT be attending my son's wedding! So yes, I understand! Have a great day!

  2. Cinner - Hi!
    I have a little anxiety too, from time to time.
    But it always goes away once I get there!
    I really have to remind myself that it's ok.
    Hope your week it great!
    Stay warm!


    I get anxious every time I go out - it is the unknown or unexpected that I find frightening. Here, I am safe and I know the lay of the land, so to speak - every venture out is a risk - a risk I find worth taking but a risk all the same. I usually say this: "It is like traveling with a toddler, 'cept I am the toddler!!!!" :-)

    I am doig well with the lo-salt and a little laxed on my exercises due to the weather - we too are snowed in. I do what I can inside. I so prefer my back deck and being outside. But whatever. We are getting more snow Tuesday night in to Wednesday. I am so glad Skipp is home those days. phew. We are planniong a romantic dinner Wednesday night - red wine, candles, and my low-fat, low salt lasagna with my home made marinara sauce. mmmmmmmm
    I so understand about the airport - I woulds need a cart to get me aro8und the terminal. Maybe you might want to consider that so you don't have to worry about a fall.
    Love you girl "hey"

  4. I too have a fear of being out in public because of my falling down. It kept me from enjoying lots of things. I wasn't as strong as you. I just let myself miss out on doing, but since the kids got here, I try alot harder to be a good example and that has made me push myself more.
    Have a great week, enjoy yourself and be well. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  5. I hope you have a wonderful trip and knowing you are with your mother and sister has to be comforting. Anxiety can be a horrible feeling, I suffered an attack once right after my husband died, could hardly breathe and I have never forgot it. Thankfully I don't have these now or for a long time.

  6. Just try to keep postive! You will do great at the airport! It's always stressful flying! Keep thinking about what a wonderful time you are going to have!

  7. Polar bears and penguins - lol. Sunny and cold in BC today. I hear we are in for snow storms this week though. Not looking forward to it though. We BC'ers and snow do not mix. Totally understand your anxiety. I have been living with (conquering) depression and anxiety since I was 22 years old. Ativan will help for the plane ride (lol). Just takes the edge off. I am not a doctor! Thanks for the remember you are worth it. We all are worth it, aren't we? ((hugs))

  8. Hi Cinner!
    Believe it or not I do know that feeling of anxiety. I don't like crowds period! I get it with the Cataplexy thing. Maybe if you just tell yourself that you REALLY DON'T have to go, it would ease the anxiety a bit. That's what I do and it works sometimes. Then if I decide to go it's usually a last minute decision so I don't keep stressing over and over about it.
    Either way good luck and happy shoveling!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Oy Cinner-- All that snow! I remember the days of no front porch or steps.

    I hope you can relax and enjoy the trip and wedding. And know there is no shame in asking for a wheelchair to get you to and from the gate. No reason whatsoever to stress about the crowds. I think you ask at the curb.

    Have an easy week and take care in that crazy weather. xo jj

  10. Sometimes when you dread going to something you wind up having a truly great time, because added to the fun of the event itself is the bonus relief that it was worth the effort!

    And yeah, I hear ya - I shoveled snow just before bed on Friday night, and then had to shovel as soon as I got up on Saturday because the dogs couldn't get out until I did! Once I'd gotten enough cleared for them to get into the yard my neighbour came over with his snowblower, and between the two of us working full tilt it was three hours before I was dug out!

    And only seven hours before I had to shovel again.

  11. I struggle with anxiety at times too. I get it from my mom. The best thing is to just do it like you are. Once you are half way through, your sense of confidence comes roaring back. It does for me.
    I do hope you enjoy your nephew's wedding.

  12. I can identify with worrying. For me, though, it's not the big things but the little things I let occupy my mind.

    Like you said, you'll be glad you went once you're back home.... so enJOY your time with family on this special occasion. It will build memories for you and for your nephew and his wife.

    Take care!

  13. Roban, all packed and ready to go in the morning. it is supposed to be minus 30 so will be a good time to get outta town. lol. thanks for your kind words. have a great week.

    Shell, I know I will enjoy it, As soon as I am on the plane, I will be fine...I can't believe the anxiety which is just silly...but your right that confidence thing will just be fine.
    I had a talk with my doctor and I told him nobody would ever know I have this anxiety. I find I open up here more...which is a good thing. thanks for all your kindness Shell. take care and have a great week. hugs.

  14. Tattytiara, I just can not believe all the snow...I really feel sorry for the elderly having to be out there shoveling. omg, On the news they have been ticketing people that have brought in their quads with a blade on the front because it is illegal to operate on the sidewalks in the city....can you believe that, they are trying to be kind and help out others and are getting fined....makes me shake my head....sorry I just went on a rant... It must be warmer where I am going...take care. hugs, don't overdo that shoveling.

  15. Joanna, thank you for your kindness. Last time I went on a plane I did use a wheelchair, so I will be again. My anxiety seems to have lessened a poor younger sister. She knows me too well to not go, besides I want to be there and see the kids get married, so picture me kicking myself in the glass. I have been doing it all week. a great form of exercise. lol. Hope you are well and that you have a great week. check on you soon. hugs.

  16. Diana, spontanaiety, that is what I like the best, then I have no time to think about this at all. I must be crazy because skydiving at 50 does not scare me, maybe thats because it is still 3 years away. thanks Diana, it is kind of you to share your thoughts with me. I guess I am not the only one that I just better suck it up princess....not my words, but someone that loves me. ha. hope you are feeling better and that the blues have gone away. hugs to you. be well.

  17. Darla, thank you for sharing, maybe I should look into ativan, I have heard of it, but I try not to take too much besides my cataplexy meds...honestly I am surprised you don't hear me shaking and rattling from here to B.C. My anxiety has lessened a bit so fingers and toes crossed, all shall be good. I will report in when I get back. And always remember we are worth it, and if we continue to be proactive, then it is all good. hugs to you.

  18. Gayle, thanks, I am and it is coming up so quick too, next week I will be typing,,,I don't know whys I was worried. Hope you are well and that the New Year has been off to a good start for you. hugs.

  19. Bernie, that just broke my heart, I am glad you have not had any others. wjat is that saying we have nothing to fear but fear itself....of course when we are having it, it can be something...I found out my Mom has a little bit of this. So I said to her the other day, Mom I am really trying to be supportive, but we have to stop talking about it, or we will both be stuck in a snow bank. we had a good laugh. I actually am starting to get excited. I am taking the Red Arrow to Calgary tomorrow. Then we leave on Friday on the plane, Mom will be on it when my sister and I get on it...I can just imagine the noise and the laughing that is going to be done....anyway I hope you are not snowed in, I figure it may just be best to stay in. we went out yesterday, still cars stuck all over on the side streets....hugs Bernie, be well.

  20. Linda, you have given me too much credit. I let myself out of doing alot of things, but as you push yourself because of the kids, I push myself because I have been so isolated with this illness. Somedays it is not a battle. Here is hoping that you and I have more better days than bad. I hope you have been feeling well. we have been so snowed in. I am so glad you come and visit me here in my little place. Give those kids a hug all the way from a polarbear in Canada. Ry might like that. hugs to you.

  21. Gail, hey girlfriend, I so understand this...Your lasagna sounds great. I am glad you do the romantic thing inside. Wain and I started having date night here too. Although I have to admit I need to become a better cook. I hope that weather changes and that the snow stops for you. I should have better weather where I am going, although probably raining... I will touch base with you as soon as I get back...will try to sneak some time in at my sisters on her puter. hugs to you. I hope you are feeling good. I will be thinking of you Wednesday. lots of love.

  22. Anne, I know you deal with it too Anne. I seem to be a bit better the last couple of days and I know I am doing the right thing by pushing myself. I will visit you as soon as I get back. I hope you are over the flu and feeling better. hugs to you. hey..

  23. Lisa, oh that would be a hard one. You must be quite disapointed. Maybe you will be able to change your mind yet...only you know what you can or can not do. I have a cousin that has the same fear of flying. She has a horrible time with it. They go to Hawaii quite a bit. She always says she never remembers a thing on the plane, but she always comes back safe and sound.
    I hope you are fine, thank you so much for your visit, I hope the weather is good where you are. It seems so up and down all over the place. I will check in when I get back. hugs to you.

  24. Hi Cindy..I have this image of the pup running out and plopping into the steps. ☺ About airports...going away...I have that too. We're leaving on a trip end of the month and I panic and worry about it...but once there or coming home...I'm glad I went. Stay're a fighter...and an inspiration.

  25. Thank you for braving your anxieties and coming to visit us! Nate and I are both so excited that you'll be at our wedding (and our dogs would love to visit you again too). Have a safe trip and we'll see you Saturday!


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