Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'll Have Another!

Are you drinking enough,
and I don't mean wine,
although occasionally I like a red wine,
but I am talking water.
I am battling with water a couple of ways this week.
I am having a hard time drinking my full eight glasses,
I have a hernia and have been drinking lots of ginger ale,
seems to be the only thing that gives me any relief.
I see a surgeon on Feb. first,
I have a few other stomach problems
so I am anxious to get that consultation over with..
As for my other water problems,
we have had so much snow,
freezes, thaws, rains, snows,
and is starting to collapse a bunch of roofs mostly on large flat buildings so far,
Yesterday I noticed a discoloration on my one wall,
it was dry but definately a leak,
running down the one wall,
maybe I am supposed to be happy
and think I have started Spring cleaning early, lol.
so I think the ventilation in the attic must be frozen,
Hubby will be getting up there on the weekend.
Rained yesterday, streets and sidewalks were like skating rinks.
Two weeks ago it was minus 38, yesterday plus 7
which is usually unheard of for this time of year.
I keep walking on my treadmill,
making healthy choices.
One Day at a Time.
Have a great day,
Do something fun, Act Like a Kid,
Enjoy Your Day

picture courtesy of Marie's Freebies.


  1. I love me some Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale!
    Drink it every day.
    Cute picture!
    Love your day, Cinner!

  2. Hi Cinner ... I ALWAYS struggle with my water intake. I'm just not a fan although I'm fully aware of the benefits. Yikes, that's awful about your possible leak. We discovered one last year in our main level powder room, on the ceiling. We have no idea how long it had been there but we haven't noticed it geting any worse since. I'll keep my fingers crossed it's nothing serious. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK on the treadmill! That's awesome that you keep on walking!

    Ginger ale for a hernia?? Huh. Who knew? :-)
    We have tons of snow here - it looks like a wall of snow around us, a BIG igloo -
    I love your spirit.
    Love Gail

  4. Hi Cinner!
    I use to loathe water, but now I guzzle it down with no problem. Adding Crystal light or sugar free hawaiin punch helps! It's only 10 calories per packet compared to a can of soda. have a very blessed weekend!

  5. There are times when I have no problem with water intake and then it's like I hit a brick wall and wow, I can sure tell the difference in my ankles and knees. I love Gingerale as well, ginger is always good for the tummy and for your spirits as well.
    XOXO The Olde Bagg, Linda

  6. I wish you luck with your consultation Cinner. I had stomach problems too and had an endoscopy a few months ago. They found nothing, which is good but I still had the problems. Turned out I guess, that it was irritable bowel. I take a stomach pill called Aciphex. I've tried them all. This one works well but is expensive. Worth it though. I hope whatever it is for you turns out to be something easy!!
    Good for you with staying on track. I love Ginger Ale and had to drink it too when my stomach was bad. Love Di ♥

  7. one day at a time and healthy choices is great advice...I am finally drinking water and actually beginning to like it. I just need to add more. I hope all goes well with your consultation and they can find a solution to your tummy problems. Dee

  8. Hope you get rid of that hernia soon. My sister-in-law just had an operation and she's good as new. Good advice, Cinner on acting like a kid and doing something fun. Sometimes I forget to do that.

  9. Hi Cinner,
    Wow, I don't know how you can drink all that water...I'm on low carb and can't do the water thing...I drink Diet Dr. Pepper, but just can't bring myself to drink all that water...

    I hope you have luck with all this--but, take it easy!

  10. Hi Cinner, I shall be thinking of you this week! Water - requires ice cubes at least for me to drink loads it does. Snow? Oh yes, us too 20 cms yesterday alone. The sky is beautiful this am though. Do take care of you.

  11. I fight with getting enough water too!
    Treadmill here too. It has been too cold for outside walking!!

  12. Water...I don't drink enough but gimme me coffee...:( love love love that picture. AS for the hernia...feel better....and the leak..yikes.. Life...there's always something to take care of huh. Your attitude though is the best and inspires me to live easy...Take gentle care

  13. Adorable picture! Yes, I do get my 8 glasses of water a day but still cannot resist my ginger ale and sprite!

    Sorry to hear about your leak. Hang in 52 days it will be spring. ;-)

  14. I think it's really difficult to get all of that water in - you spend your entire day in the potty! Sorry to hear about your hernia and the weather, hopefully it will all be over soon.

  15. Well, I'll admit if I had to drink plain water... it'd never happen! I always put something in our crummy tasting water, even if only a tiny bit. I like to add at tiny touch of stevia and a TrueLemon packet (or TrueOrange or TrueLime). They really taste like fresh.

    Or I make weak green teas, lightly sweetened with stevia. Anything so it's not plain water. :-) Makes all the difference between forcing it down, and it being a nice drink to sip all throughout the day.


    PS: the kilt story was hilarious, especially Grandma's reaction. :-D

  16. My boyfriend spent a good four hours working on my roof (I'm afraid of heights, and spent four hours shoveling out his corrals instead), and my neighbour had a guy up on his with a propane torch. Not a good year for roofs indeed!

  17. I do love ginger ale! Best wishes with your stomach issues.

    I do not love problmems with weather related damage... hope your hubby finds things to not be too bad off.

    Have a great week.

  18. Oh Cinner, I hope it's a tiny leak and easy to fix.

    Sorry about the hernia-- Glad your doc appt is just around the corner. Hang in there.

    xo jj


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