Saturday, January 22, 2011

It could Have Been A little Drafty!

Hi everyone, I am finally home safe and sound.
Came home on the bus today.
I was amazed at the amount of snow we got in ten days
and how I was missed around here.
So yes I have the dog and cat fighting over me.
Hubby is watching sports and I am praying for a power outage.
Okay just for a few hours.....
big sigh!
So the story of the kilt.
There was dancing, and more dancing at the wedding.
One thing I never knew is what good dancers some of my relatives are.
And by the end of the evening, the groom,
well happy happy he was,
and suddenly he was doing the worm dance,
you know where you are on the floor like sammy the snake face down.
Well suddenly the four attendants were running towards the groom because
he obviously forgot he was not wearing underwear.
Thank goodness I am not quick on my feet so I did not see most of the happenings.
Everyone was laughing, he jumped back up and continued dancing to a different dance.
Grandma asked was he not wearing any shorts,
and to hear her say oh for heavens sake,
well that was worth money!
So that is how I learned what was under the kilt,
or at least in this one incident.
For supper tonight
I ate how I have been eating lately,
and I told hubby I  think he is cooking way too much food at a time.
I made two meals for lunches for him,
He kept asking if I was not feeling well,
and I said I am full, so I am learning to say no
in my own house.
Which if truth be known is obviously the hardest for me.
Are you like that?
When I am out I am always the last one to finish my plate,
maybe it is because I talk so much,
anyway looking forward to being back in my own environment.
Tomorrow I will be bonding
with Mr. Giddyup,
and if time permits catching up on all your lovely blogs,
It is funny how much I have missed my visits with you all.
I wish you the very Best Weekend,
and lets kick some major butt for the rest of January.
Note to self, I feel so happy and exhilerated,
and proud of the accomplishments I have made so far.
I am enjoying every moment,
no matter how tired I ever am.
until next time,


  1. Welcome back Cinner! I love the story of the groom and his kilt and your Grandma's comments. It sounds like you had a blast at the Wedding! I wish I were the last one to finish my plate of food ... with me my food is gone in a blink of an eye! I always eat as though it's my last meal (not sure why)! If I'm out with company, I have to pace myself! Keep up the good work ~ xox


    welcome home - good story about the kilt!! Happy Sunday.
    Love you girl "hey"

  3. Funny that kilt!
    Wonder if that's where the phrase "off-kilter" came from?
    Glad you are back. My Giddyup? Great name!
    Whip him into place!

  4. funny stories from the wedding, great that you are home safe and sound and also that you are still committed to fight the good fight.......and join with Mr. Giddyup. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  5. Hee, hee ! Always love a good kilt story ! I have known about the lack of undergarments since my 20's when I hung out with a few Scots but it is definitely a shock to see what's under the kilt ! Oh my goodness indeed !
    Congrats on sticking to you goals and self-love tricks so well, Inspiring One ! Giddyyup !

  6. it sounds as though you had a lovely time.
    pretty sure that it is common to be a nuddie under a kilt, as i have heard lots of tales.... about tails ;-)
    good to stop eating when we are full. have fun on giddyup

  7. I yiyi on the kilt. Hopefully the dancing doesn't end up on YouTube :-)

    Cheers, jj

  8. DYING laughing at the kilt story!! LOVE IT!

  9. Oh that Kilt story was just too much! LOL!!
    I haven't been eating as much as usual either Cinner and my husband always fixes me a plate as he would for himself so I only end up eating half. But that's a good thing!
    Love Di ♥

  10. Welcome back Cinner; LOL on the kilt story, too funny. Stay proud!

  11. Well my dear, I think you can safely say that you attended the most talked about wedding of the year. Welcome home and yes, we saved some snow for you. Glad you noticed!

  12. Tattytiara, I had so much fun people watching, it was a beautiful wedding, it is supposed to be a beautiful day heree today so I am hoping to spend some time outside. enjoy if you get a chance.

    Hi Patrick, I am just going to keep going, I am starting to notice a difference which is great,
    even in my walking, thanks for inspiring.

    I am fixing my own plates Di, as he thinks I can eat anything. how have you been feeling, wondering if you are beating the blues. big hug to you.

  13. Relyn, yeah it was quite the time. lol.

    Joanna, oh no I never thought of that, i yiyi. take care.

    Tammie Lee I did have fun, there were so many relative I had not seen in so long, had a great visit. hugs my friend.

  14. Kim, Yes shocking, even just for a moment. lol.
    I am starting to feel pretty good, so that always seems to help keep me going. hugs.

    Linda, Giddyup and I have bonded, have to admit a little stiff, but no pain no gain...take care, think of you often.

  15. Anne, off kilter, I never even thought of that, kinda makes sense, things that make you say hmmm. take care. loved yur post today. hugs.

  16. Gail, thanks I had a lovely time, weather was warmer even though it was raining. How are you doing, wondering about you lately. I will check out your blog today. I seem to have caught up on things a bit. hugs to you.

  17. Lisa, did you grow up in a large family. I have heard that if you did that you tend to eat faster I don't know if there is any truth to that...who knows. take care my friend. until next time.

  18. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. You have a lovely blog here and it is a pleasure to meet you!

  19. Nice Font and very funny story, Cinner!
    I just noticed your "Bucket List"...don't add snake dance!

  20. Kick Butt!! It's been awhile hasn't it. Good to see you around again. I love the fact that the cat and dog were fighting over you. I have two cats that fight over me too - so it made me chuckle. Cool new font on your blog.


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