Wednesday, November 24, 2010

still slowing going south, lower.

So just a quick update today,
Since September I am down 26 pounds,
you can see the results on the sidebar,
so I am pleased but wanting to pick up the pace,
water, water, water,
with Edmonton being the third coldest place on the planet yesterday,
I have to say it is hard to keep motivated 
when you just want to go into hibernation mode,
but now that I am over my cold 
going to do some major stretching and toning
still got to take measurements,
i have been fighting that one all the way,
I have to be focused or the holidays will trip me up,
but by journaling my daily intake I will be fine.
Catch up with you all later in the week.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
definately a time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for.
goodnight, until next time.


  1. Cinner - you are on your way!
    You know I'll be cheering you on.

    About the cold - stay warm,
    for goodness sakes - But really,
    A gal can get alot done inside
    on those cold Canadian winter day and nights!
    (At least they got alot done on on Due South!)

  2. You are doing so well sweetie!! With your focus, you won't have any problems during the holidays. I struggle to get enough water every day. Don't know why, just do. That is my goal!!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Congrats Cindy, your hard work is paying off! Can't wait to see your svelte self in January!

  4. I like your new blog decor and very happy to hear that you are still losing. I find that journaling what I eat is working great for me but still struggle with the water. Have a blessed and Happy thanksgiving. Dee

  5. Way to go Cindy...that's fabulous...and I'm shivering just thinking about Cold weather. ☺

  6. wow, 26 pounds is seriously impressive! I bow to you. Holidays.... hey, little slow bites, choosing health over not feeling good.... you can be the good influence in the bunch. Wishing you dreams come true.

  7. Way to go cinner, how great is that! Love knowing you are doing so well, now if I could just get moving.....:-)Hugs

  8. I am soooo proud for you, Cindy...proud for you and proud of you!!!!
    Hugs and love,

  9. Here it is Thanksgiving Day and we are all piled up watching the parade. So, I have the perfect time to drop by and visit friends. I wanted to tell you that one the things I am thankful for today is blogging and the way it has made my world so much bigger. Thank you for the friendship, the wisdom, and the inspiration I have found here. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my friend. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. You are doing so good Cinner! I have actually put on a few pounds, Yikes! It happens every winter, I start gaining a few pounds! I am so irritated! So I am going to get back on my stationary bike if my knee will hold up and at least try to get my jeans not to feel so darn tight!!! LOve Di ♥

  11. Congrats on your weight loss and have a wonderful holiday season.


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