Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adrian, Yo Adrian........

So I thought you might be wondering
how my new form of exercise is working out for me.
Iya Carumba
I was unable to do the neighbors sidewalks,
When I got out there,
Oh my land, with the brisk winter chill slapping at my face,
the minus twenty something made it impossible to be out for long,
The recent back injury also caught up with me after the first
dozen scoops of snow,
I continued on stubbornly determined to get the job finished.
I am just that kind of girl.
Alas the job was done and so was I,
truth be told.
So instead of making snow angels,
I in my huge winter boots, eyes peeking through my scarf,
my legs frozen solid like two wooden pegs,
it was enough to triumphantly slam the shovel into the snow bank,
I walked (ran) the 3 (300) steps into my front porch.
conquering the outdoor wilderness of Canada,
feeling like Rocky Balboa
after he made it to the top of the stairs in the movie,
yes there was music playing,
Bob Marley was singing something about Don't Cry,
so I did not, I pulled up my boot straps, oh I meant my bra straps,
took off the cumbersome jackets, boots, scarfs, mits,
and uttered a few obscenties at Mr. Musta
whom was sitting quietly in the corner not even moving.
My breath was caught not by me,
I was not moving too quickly either,
and as the warmth of the room thawed my bones,
I rejoiced at a job well done.
And how goes your workout?
Happy Thanksgiving,
I am thankful 
that I am able
to move
and to 
I hope 
you have 
Your Best Day Ever


  1. HI CINNR-

    I could just see you, like "Nanook" of The North"!!!! You are brave to go out in the cold and shovel. Wow. And that picture? I love it!! And by th way, "I Love You...'

  2. YOu are good, Girl ! Just the thought of that kind of snow makes me want to run for cover, or covers...I know it is coming...Today, my work out was helping the Hubby rake and carry all the bags of leaves to the curb. Not quite as heavy as snow, thank God !
    Brava to you. Take care of your tender muscles, now !
    Hugs !

  3. woooooweeeee, go for you girl. How very special for you. Poor mr. musta is lonely but you're doing okey dokey with out him...shhhhh don't let on.
    The new look on your blog is fabu....very fabu, very, very fabu.
    The Olde Bagg, Linda

  4. Another great new look here sweetie. This cold is something else isn't it, they have been around twice today and shovelled my walkway and I am multitasking watching the fire, football games, birds eating from my feeder and baking a ham......stay warm...Hugs

  5. I do love playing and shoveling in the snow but it is hard work anymore! It does feel oh so good to be back inside! I'm glad you made it Cinner and I hope that your back isn't sore. Love Di ♥

  6. Ha Ha Cinner love this and good for you that must have been incredibly hard to do in such freezing weather good girl. You inspire me you know. love lots Kim

  7. Cindy....Your winter wonderland post made me smile....really grandly!!!!! You are "blogger extrodinaire"......Beautiful blog post....and beautiful background. Keep warm. I am simply amazed at the cold temperatures in Canada. I was reading Bernie's post ...and she posted collllld temperatures just like you did....Brrrrrr.
    But....I do admit, I am jealous of the snow and the cold temps that you have.....I can only wish!!
    Love to you, Cindy.

  8. Oh man, I feel your pain-- I've shoveled my share of snow and always hated it when it was gawd awful cold through it. Oy.
    Stay warm and congrats on getting the job done.
    xo jj

  9. I, on the other hand, have no snow to shovel...hoorah!!!! I wondered how you would manage and you did it!!! Wow! I am impressed! My work out has been going well...back to walking after my illness passed...thankfully! I thought it would never end!!!!
    Hugs to you dear one

  10. SueAnn, I so agree with you, I awoke this morning and I am feeling so much better, so we both should have a joyous week. hugs.

    Joanna, thanks, I had good intentions to do the neighbors but lordy, I am glad it is done, it is supposed to be minus thirty with the windshield, so guess whos not going anywhere today. yep me. lol. have a good day.

  11. Jackie, trust me that jealous feeling for one day would last the day, then you would be packing us all to move home with you.....just thought I would put that out there. lol. I think I am addicted to changing my backgrounds. I love this one I found today, I think more me. Are you blogging again, let me know, I miss reading yours. hugs.

  12. Diana, yes I think I am going to have to find a young lad to do this for me. am keeping that in mind. once it warms up just a little it won't be bad. with the windshield minus thirty.....tell that to your Thanksgiving turkey. lol. have fun with your daughter arriving Tuesday, I am so happy for you. hugs.

  13. I love how you multi task, my husband believes you are dream girl, any woman that has two tvs on to watch sports is queen in his eyes. So you have been nicknamed Queen Bernie, you rule and he wants me to hang out with you so it rubs off more on me. ha ha. lol. I suppose he will want me to cook him a ham too. hugs Bernie. have a good week.

  14. Linda, glad you liked that look, I thought it was hard to read so I changed it. love this one, I have a secret....come closer, can you hear me, I am addicted to backgrounds, shhh, don't tell anyone. hugs.

  15. Good for you Kim, I am doing fine, feeling better, and I am going to create today, not coming out until it warms just a bit for me. walking on the spot until Musta gets fixed. take care.

  16. Gail, I love you too, Nanook of the North, yes that could be me. oh for sure. I do love the cold, really just not for long periods of time. lol, have a fabulous week. I am still thinking about your letters. hugs.

  17. Yo Cinner: I really must look in on you more frequently!! Though, while hearing about the game,I did think of you (and I am not even a sports fan, only because the Argos almost had a chance was I paying the slightest attention.) But lordy, it sounds miserable out your way.
    Today is Snow Tire Day for me. It is raining.

  18. Yay for perseverance. but oh that snow! I'm thankful I don't have snow here. Just really hot humid summers.

  19. Congratulations! What a job! I'm sure you're aware that shoveling snow taxes the heart tremendously, especially if one hasn't done some warm-up exercise first and cool-down exercise afterward. Do enjoy it, and do take care!

  20. Loved your post are a funny lady...don't enjoy that snow shoveling too much...Bernie says Canada has a long winter and lots of snow! You may wish you never started! :)

  21. Wanda, Bernie and I live so close together, she says she is not coming out of her house until Friday.....Believe it or not minus 20 with the sun will feel like a nice warm day...and I am not kidding. especially when there is nos wind. have a great day,hugs

    Kathryn, lots of times on the news they tell us to be real careful, I do warm up and cool down...I never go at it real hard because I know you have to be so careful. thanks for visiting, I hope you are well in your part of the world. hugs.

    Ellen, I really do not do well in hot humid environments. I am sure someone wants to hit me with a frying pan now...I don't mind the snow, just a bit warmer would be nice. it will come. have a great day, thanks for the visit. hugs.

    Violet Sky, they have the Grey Cup this weekend. those poor players having to play in that snow in Calgary. I think it will warm up a bit. will have to see. take care. hugs.

  22. Oh the snow! Cinner
    you are so poetic. I could envision this moment as I read through the post. Good ole Bob Marley...Tears would have flowed for me seeing all that snow! I'm from Buffalo, land of the snow and cold so oh how I don't miss that pretty white stuff at all! loved your ode to snow workout post...hugs!

  23. yeah, sorry about Calgary's loss. at least both Mtl and Sask are used to bitter cold weather!

  24. WOW Cinner, I can't even imagine being in such cold weather...let alone living in it! Happy Holiday season to you too...stay warm! Janet

  25. Cinner, you look it the best shape ;-) ... still autumn here but maybe, just maybe we will get a few snowflakes this week end ... you see having been away from the big snow of Canada, I just still hold on the romantic idea of snow :-)) big hugs and stay warm!


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