Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Saga of Mr. Musta

Hello to all,
I woke this morning and whoo hoooo I am feeling much better,
still coughing but coming along just fine.
No fever, no kleenex so far, not even a craving ffor Chiken Noodle Soup.
So I have good news and bad news.
I found the manual for Mr. Musta (Treadmill)
I had received it about two weeks later in the mail
after I had bought the treadmill off of kijiji.
But I had been using it and everything was working fine.
I was loving it and feeling just thrilled about how I was feeling on it,
and from working out.
so since I have been home sick with a cold for almost a week,
I have done nothing and had spent over two days looking for the manual.
Good news is the manual has been found in my office,
which I have to say has had a major cleanup.
But check this out.
In big bold writing.
This may result with the computer malfunctioning.
So I am comfirming that yes it will happen,
I have also been online to see if  I can find someone to fix it.
So far no luck.
Also I have found out that there is no warranty.
So although I don't swear.
I have to say Shite, Shite, Shite.
So because I have not been doing any exercise,
I think the Good Lord above has decided to dump a whole lot of snow...
I don't think he was thinking
Cinner broke her treadmill, so here is a foot of snow,
but somehow the timing looks a little suspicious to me.
So I have decided I will shovel the snow,
I will  not give up quite yet on Mr. Musta
and I am absolutely not using it to  hang my clothes on....
no, no, no
I will use the arms to do chinups,
okay might have to be chin downs,
maybe a balancing bar to do stretching and bending,
you get the idea I am not giving up yet.
I told hubby last night,
that walking on Mr. Musta
was going to change my life by Spring,
and he said, No, he already changed your life
by giving you back your Get Up and Go Attitude.
I thought about this and he is right.
If because Mr. Musta broke,
does not mean I am.
I will shovel snow, and shovel snow, and well
I live in Canada so I know there will
be more and more of it..
More good news,
my house is 100 years old in the spring.
and  if the wiring wrecked my treadmill.
I can only be thankful that my house did not burn down.
So there is always a bright side to things
Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued,
is always just beyond your grasp,
but which, if you sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.
by. Nathaniel Hawthorne
Thank you so much for your kind wishes and comments
while I was sick, they really made me feel better.
Remember anything is possible.
I hope you embrace your day
and have
Your Best Day Ever.


  1. Well I guess we can say "When it rains, it snows!".
    I can't picture you giving up Cinner. Perhaps Mr. Musta can be fixed. I wish you lots of luck with him! Don't over do shoveling! Love Di ♥


    I can feel your positive attitude in full force. Mr Musta or not YOU are on a roll - or with a shovel - or.......:-)

    Love you girl "hey"

  3. Until Mr. Musta is fixed, just walk in place, stretch and bend or go up and down stairs over and over...but do it safely!

  4. Cinner - sorry to hear that you too were sick, happy that you are better!

    xo Erin

  5. I am happy you are finding the bright side to this and are also getting well. I was at the market today and the check out lady kept complaining and I stood there and would counter, but aren't you happy you have a job and that this is good. So she would find something else to complain about. I just left saying have a good day. I am so happy you could have a good day even with difficulties. Thanks so much!

  6. You really have a great personality! Always looking on the bright side! Hope you can get your tredmill fixed soon! Be careful if you do shovel snow!

  7. Oh, I hope Mr. Musta fan be fix or gasp, replaced by a new Mr. to get you moving again. You seemed to love it so much. I think that the investment (maybe that is all you and the Hubby need for Christmas ?) in your wellbeing is so worth it ! And on a selfish note, hearing about how far you have come because of getting moving has inspired me so much !!!
    Good luck to you and your men !
    Hugs !

  8. you find the silver lining in so many places....

    i hope that you are feeling 100% back to normal VERY soon and find ways to get fit again.
    i was in that same boat as well.

    these setbacks won't keep us down if we keep our focus!!!

    have a great weekend~

  9. Mean Mister Mustard..... from the Beatles....
    Now Mr Musta!
    Well, Cinner,there's plenty of snow for shoveling!
    It's better than shoveling shite, eh?

  10. Oh dear!! Poor Mr. Musta!! That really sucks! Snow shoveling is a good exercise but still...walking is superior! I will say Shite with you!! Ha!
    Glad you are feeling better hun!! Just don't over do!

  11. Wait...did you say you got snow!!! Yikes. I am so not ready for that yet. You're attitude is the best Cindy...and if it's b/c with or without Mr. Musta. Keep it're an inspiration!!!

  12. No extension cord. Uh-oh-- I better go check mine. Who knew.
    I have my fingers crossed for you Cinner that it's an easy fix.
    xoxo jj

  13. I'm glad to learn you are feeling better, and so sorry to learn that your treadmill is sick. Is it only the computer portion that no longer works? Does the mechanical aspect still work? Is the company unwilling to be of any use in helping you get it repaired? Since they shipped the manual after the fact, seems to me they should be more than willing to be helpful, given you had no way of knowing not to use an extension cord.

    Plus, imagine the good publicity they could get from a successful user--the ongoing story on your blog about how helpful Mr. Musta has been to you in regaining your health and vigor. Who knows where that story might go and how many readers might buy the same brand, if they hear the company was helpful in fixing the problem? Or how many readers were thinking about buying their own Mr. Musta and decided it broke far too easily, and with no warranty to boot, so chose another brand.


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