Friday, November 12, 2010

Heres TO looking and Feeling Better!

Hi Everyone,
I got back home today from my younger sisters.
I had a wonderful time,
visited with her boys, fiance, and her best friend.
Had a very nice time.
I have to admit I was a bit discouraged because I weighed myself
and the numbers had stayed the same.
But I talked myself out of feeling blue about it because,
so many people are telling me Cindy you look so good,
What have you been doing,
Your like night and day to last time I saw you.
So it really is a wonderful feeling,
The other thing I am feeling is that I am saving my life just from walking and becoming more active.
This pass week is the first time I have not had to take Stanley with me.
for those of you who do not know whom Stanley is.
I named him because I had to take him with me.
I have to say proudly that I have retired Stanley the cane,
as I can walk better and am trying not to lean on him for support.
I really wish I could describe the feeling of knowing that my world is opening up again for me.
So long has been spent in my house, eight long, long years.
some days filled with hope, some where I had to think
This is a good as I am right now,
I had days being told I may never get any better than I was.
It is amazing how becoming dedicated every day on my treadmill
has changed my life.
I have more oompf, I am happier, I am more limber,
I am building my strength again, Clothes are fitting better,
I can lift my feet without feeling weighed down,
I no longer feel that every step takes most of my energy,
I am living every day healthier and happier,
Truly I am having my Very Best Days.
They are not perfect, but I know only with hard work will they be.
Goal now that I am back at home.
build to 15 minutes on treadmill,
increase water intake,
lo carb.
When I turned 39 I thought my life was coming to an end
as the doctors tried to figure out what I had,
Now I know it in some way has been a blessing,
as I face new challenges everyday,
and I am beating my limitations,
and one day I know there will be fewer limitations.
How do I know this,
because I am a fighter, a believer, a doer,
and never ever a quitter.
I hope you all find your inner strength,
and be in charge of your life.
Take care,
Have a wonderful weekend,
Until next time,


  1. I know what you mean about feeling weighted down with each step. I too had such a hard time moving around. Every step was an extreme hardship! Heavy!!!!! I spent 10 long years in my house and I wondered it I could ever overcome the load physically and mentally.
    But I did and I am and I feel great.
    You are doing so well! Enjoy the sunshine dearet one. Enjoy the movement...the freedom!!!

  2. I so glad you enjoyed the visit! And I am glad Stanley is retiring too. That forward looking, positive thinking, can-do attitude, will get you SUCCESS, Cinner!! Keep up the good work. I love that you have become best buddies with your treadmill. I'm inspired enough to actually think about maybe getting one too ...

    You DO sound so wonderful and were I to see you I would "see" how better and even more wonderful you are as you have arrived into a natural style of freedom and choices that promote and encourage over-all wellness. "YAY" :-)

    I am happy you have pt Stanley to the side - I need my 'stanley' and even the walker but I see them as tools that help me keep moving/walking. phew. Tomorrow is my retirement party - my work is having it at a restaurant near by. I am very excited - it is all quite bittersweet.

    Love to you
    keep on keeping on girl

  4. Gail, I hope your retirement party goes well, it will be nice for you to see everyone and they you. I know it will be hard though especially when it is not of your choosing. I don't know if you got my email or not, I have been having some trouble with the internet...I think about you every day my friend. love to you. enjoy your day tomorrow. hugs.

  5. Ann, it was so nice to see everyone, and nice for me to notice the difference already. I am glad to be home so I can get back at it. Our winters are so cold that I know if I did not have the treadmill that I would not do it in the winter. thanks for your support, you are doing so well.hugs, have a great weekend.

  6. SueAnn, thank you for being so open and honest to me about your struggle. I really am moved that you have shared so much with me. you are the one that inspired me to move as you spoke from your heart and made me realize that you had turned it here is to a renewed bounce in my step. I am grateful to have met you. You told me if I could do ten steps a day and move and just keep going and eventually things would change. so I thank you, to me you are one of earths angels. Just want you to know you really helped me to get my hope back.

  7. Welcome home Cinner. Glad you had a good trip and that Stanley is in the closet (or wherever you stashed him).
    Keep up the good work... one day at a time.
    Happy weekend, xo jj

  8. Aww Cinner! You are most welcome and I am glad you are doing so well. A special lady you are and you inspire me to keep putting one foot in front of another. When I walk, I think of you and it makes me smile. We are walking this road together. We are not alone!!!!!
    Hugging you

  9. Oh good for you! The world is too wonderful a place to housebound.

  10. Just happened to find your blog today (for the 1st time) and what a wonderful inspiring post. I feel like I know you already so now I am over here cheering you on. You go, girl!!! Congratulations on your progress.

  11. You know how proud I am of you!! You are inspiring me and others to get moving!

  12. Good luck with the treadmill and goals.

  13. Hi, Glad you had a good visit and recieved nice comliments on your new look. I think it is better to listen to others and not to our own inward voice which can be so negative. I just want to say, as I am drinking a glass of water, that after following your weight loss journey with you I am inspired and I had a good week with watching what I eat. This week I will add more water. :) Dee

  14. Dee, Oh I am so glad you had a good week. with watching what you ate. good for you. more water, you will really notice the difference, my circulation is so much better. I can tell instantly if I have not had enough. Have a great rest of the weekend. keep going your worth it.

  15. Marilyn, thank you. my other blog had my rak on it. take care.

  16. Gayle, thank you, it seems to be working, be by to visit you real soon, still playing catch up. hugs to you.

  17. MB, Thanks for visiting, AND for your words of encouragement. I stopped by your blog and became a follower. you are very talented. I love your paintings. I need to come and spend more time there. Please visit anytime.

  18. Ellen, I so agree with you, being housebound and keeping yourself busy was very hard. I am usually still with someone when I go out because of the Cataplexy, at least more doors are opening for me.
    take care. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I hope you are well.

  19. SueAnn, I smile too thinking about you. and yes we are not alone. take care. hugs my friend.

  20. Joanna, lol he is in the closet, hopefully he stays there. lol. hugs to you. have a great rest of the weekend.

  21. Cinner, Cinner, Cinner!
    It gets a little easier every day !
    Keep on, eh!?
    Good job, friend!

  22. I am so glad to here that Stanley is out of work! He's unemployed, that is awesome news! Don't get discouraged if you've reached a plateau Cinner.
    There is always more that can be done and I have a feeling that you'll be on top of things in no time!
    Glad you had a good visit! Love Di ♥

  23. It's good to read you're making so much progress. Keep up the good spirit!

  24. Yay for you!! Keep on going my friend. You are encouraging so many others by sharing your story. Sloane is down with strep throat, today. So, I'm home and grabbing the chance to catch up on neglected tasks and treats. The first thing I did when I woke up was come to the computer to start visiting my friends. So. Here I am. Hello friend.


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