Saturday, November 6, 2010

Popcorn, Come Get Your Popcorn or Not.

I went to the movie Conviction,
which is definately a go see.
Hilary Swank was wonderful in it.
To believe without any doubt
can be very powerful.
I passed up on Buttered Popcorn,
a huge Pop, offered nibs,
and was asked if I wanted Nachos.
I never touched a thing,
and I was proud of myself as I sat next to my sister.
It is so great to see and feel the changes,
I have to take a few days break
for some recharging,
I will be back very soon,
Remember the harder you work at something,
the closer we get to what we want.
So lets all encourage one another.
Have Your Very Best Day Ever!


  1. You have the nicest wall paper sweetie, love them I have Conviction on my list of movies to see. The trailer looks good as well, so glad you enjoyed it.......:-) Hugs

  2. You had conviction watching the movie with the same name!
    Good on ya, Cinner!
    The "little" things aren't so little when they start to add up, eh?

  3. Yes I agree with Anne...little things do add up and before you know it..major changes have occurred. Good for you! You should feel proud.
    You are doing so well. I can't wait to feel better myself so I can get back into my routine. I miss walking so much!
    Hugging you

  4. Awesome job, passing on the less-than-healthy stuff, Cinner! I'm proud of you!! Keep up the good work ... it'll show!

  5. Such will power...and forsight, to see where you wish to be and working to get there!

  6. Keep up the good work of doing what you want and need to do for you.

  7. O.K. now I do think that you are too good to be true! I don't think that I could have passed up the popcorn Cinner. That is really something!
    Love Di ♥


    Oh wow, I am so thrilled with and for you. ANd like I said, this way of living is becoming natural - you have arrived. Don't leave me behind. k?

    Love you

  9. Gail are you kidding I am never going to leave you behind, I will walk beside you until you kick me to the curb, not everyone is my American sister. lol. maybe if you ever meet me you will think I look more like a brother. lol. we are just leaving now to my sisters. love you.

    Thanks everyone for all the support and commeents. you all made my day. hugs.

  10. Wow that was some willpower! It's hard to pass up the popcorn!! Great job!!

  11. Yea YOU!! Go Cindy!!!
    Jack and I went to a movie on Saturday.....and I wish I HAD some popcorn. There were two RUDE women sitting a couple of rows ahead of us...and they were using their cell phones to text....constantly during the movie. Why did I want popcorn? I went to the theater lobby and asked for an usher to come and "remind" the women that cell phones are not allowed to be used during the feature presentation. No one showed up (even though 'they' said 'they' would take care of it.) If I would have had popcorn, I could have thrown it at the women! OK. I feel better. Vented!!!

  12. yes, being strong and proud grows a momentum that can carry us into our dreams.

  13. Way to go my friend!!

  14. Hi I like your profile. You're a very positive person. Keep it up!

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  15. Thanks for taking us on such a personal journey.. inspirational.. good luck you are awesome

  16. Congratulations on resisting all that junk! You are a role model.

  17. Hey Cinner, So glad to hear you liked "Conviction". Now that I'm back from vacation, I hope to see it this weekend.

    And I salute you on the "no junk food viewing experience" YEAH YOU.

    xo jj

  18. You have really inspired me to watch my portion control and now I need to add the water. Congrats on passing on all that temptation. Enjoy your recharge.

  19. Ribs? At a movie? REALLY? WOW!!

    And, good for you for not blowing it with junk. Way to go!


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