Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am going to Jump.......

A heart out of drying rose petals,
it did not turn out exactly how I wanted,
but that is just fine,
I still see the beauty
in it.
Today is my best friends birthday,
We just had a long conversation,
and many laughs on the phone.
She had a baby shower the other day
for her sister in law,
and  talk about throwing a party,
She had to call Wildlife in
because she had a bear
at her front door,
that proceeded to climb a six foot fence,
then go up a tree, got down,
then sat lollygagging on her fence
picking berries.
She says only in the Canadian North.
So as we talked today,
I told her about my plans for when I turn 50,
which is still 3 years away.
and that it really pertains to this blog
because I have to get my weight to under 210.
I want to sky dive at 50,
she said yes she would go with me.
I always worried about jumping out of the plane
because of my Cataplexy,
that I might not be able to pull the cord,
Blah, Blah, Blah,
But I would be going down with someone,
and they pull the cord.
So I told my friend about this
and she agreed she would do this with me,
I told her about the weight and height restrictions.
Yah no problem!
Then she says if she jumps out and I change my mind,
she will kill me. lol.
I told her I would go first.
I am so excited about this,
now I know it is not for everyone,
and I am surprised I want to do this so badly,
but why not.
When I first got sick I had so many restrictions,
for fear of hurting myself,
Now I feel like if I don't do these things
I hurt myself more.
I don't want to look back with any regrets,
or what ifs, or why nots,
So tomorrow I will get up weigh myself,
take measurements and proceed
towards my goal.
I still can not believe she said she would do this with me.
I love you Neener,
Happy Birthday.
Do you have a best friend
you think would jump out of a plane with you?
We would do anything for each other
and that is the best feeling of all.
Have a great day.


  1. I had someone, once that I would have jumped into, or out of a plane, or fire, or a bear. Or a Mountie or whatever.
    Good that you are going to take the jump!
    Never too soon to get ready for that, my dear friend!


    Wow, great goal. Skydiving!! And I loev that your friend is going with you. And ya, I do have a friend that would do the same for me. We are blessed, Huh?

    Love you girl
    peace and hope....

  3. Wow girl..skydiving....ok...not my cup of tea..but ya know I just might for a friend...maybe...I might. K that scares me. But here is to Letting Fly with the turning 50 celebrations!! Whoot..I need to plan something for this..lets see...5 weeks left..ackkkkk.
    Hugs to you on, Sarah

  4. That is awesome girl!! Congrats on your goal!! way! I will stay on the ground...thank you very much or stay inside the plane. Ha!

  5. your friend sounds awesome and running from a bear..ok that would freak me out...and your goal to jump out of a plane and shed those pounds...I believe in you Cinner. I believe you can and will do it...

  6. I too have dreamed about a skydive Cinner! And I suppose I have a friend or two that may try it with me. I do hope and pray that you make your goal. And BTW I love your rose petal heart!
    Love Di ♥

  7. I have a great fear of heights but yes I have a couple of friends who I would jump out of a plane for if they asked......they better have a good

  8. Dear Cinner,

    I read about you on a friend's post, so I HAD to meet you. I read through your other blog, and I'm starting backwards on this one.

    You have a wonderful friend. You are also full of fire and love.

    You can do this, you and your friend. I have faith in you. Live for today, for the moment. What you said is so true!

    No regrets. I'm taking on your motto.

    Joey from Texas

  9. Joey, I am so glad you found me, I know I can do this, she actually took care of me after I ended up in the hospital with my Cataplexy. She gave up her New Year Eve plans and everything. My Dad died suddenly just over a year ago, life is too short to waste any of it. I became closer to God since that too. hugs to you my new friend. have a great weekend.

    Bernie,,,ha you make me laugh...they better have a good reason...I am thinking what is a good enough reason. have a wonderful long weekend Bernie, hugs.

  10. Diana, really, it must have been a good dream, I told my husband about this and he just about turned green. He has developed vertico over the last couple of years. I do know there will be screaming all the way down, and my friend will still be screaming after, and I will just laugh and go limp from my Cataplexy...three years to go.How are you feeling. I hope your kicking those germs to the curb. hugs have a good weekend.

  11. Sarah, thanks, she told me about the bear sitting up on her fence eating berries. I forgot to ask her today if she had taken a picture. she will say this I bet, the last thing I was thinking about was not about you getting a picture you lunatic...that would be her exact words. ha, thanks for believing in me, you are a dear, how are you doing, I will be by to see you very soon.

  12. SueAnn, I might have my face stuck to the door as she is pushing me I hope I will be okay, have always wanted to do this since I was nineteen. then I got sick and it was like well that idea is out the door...but I can do anything I want..why not...I like the idea of a bucket list, but I really need to get serious about it.
    have a great weekend. I keep looking everyday to see what your doing next, glad you are taking a break. take care. hugs.

  13. Sarah, do you have any idea what you are going to do for your 5oth. 5 weeks, now I just need to know the date. have a great weekend. enjoy your time with the family. hugs.

  14. Gail, yes we are, one great great friend is the best thing in the world. Just knowing that there is that person you can count on. and sometimes they live in another country. think of you everyday. hope you have a nice weekend, maybe some time with your Mom and your sister. hugs.
    love you hey.

  15. Anne have you jumped out of planes. Glad you had someone like that you knew you could do that for.
    have a great weekend. hubby is on holidays starting Saturday, so I may not be around quite as much for a bit. talk to you on the flipside. hugs.

  16. You are blessed with a faithful friend. I think you should follow your is short.It will also make for a great blog. :)

  17. OMG skydiving are you serious i am absolutely terrified of heights so no way would I do it my twins on the other hand sky dived from a helicopter over the alps in Switzerland last year and it was just snowing up there they have DVD's of it and I shake watching that. They will be in Vegas in October for their 21st's staying in the penthouse at the Bellagio Hotel, (yep can you belive them ha ha) and they are skydiving over the desert whose children are these really !!!!!!!
    You GO GIRL I am so pleased for you. I am 50 in January arghh!!!!! where did the last 50 go too quick I think.

  18. Oh Cinner. I love you but I could never, ever, jump out of a plane. I get dizzy just thinking about it :-) But I know what you mean about a deep friendship-- that's really special.

    Happy long weekend, jj

  19. Cinner I love your Blog's look! I love it. Wow and a Jump too - I wish I were so brave. I fear standing on a chair.

  20. Happy birthday to your best friend!!...and I love your heart made of rose petals, Cindy. Very pretty.

  21. Jackie, so nice to see you, the petals I put in a bowl and was drying them out, I guess I forgot to stir them, I had to throw them out....I usually save them for a friend that works with flowers and old window frames. hope you are well, been wondering what you had been up to over the summer.
    hugs and love to you.

    Shellley...funny thing I have not stood on a ladder or on a chair for seven years because of my Cataplexy, but knowing I am attached to someone I will be okay. ....I think....beside I am psyching myself up for 3 years, cause I only turn 47 on the 25th of this month. I have no plans for this one..thanks for the kind comments about the blog, my blog header were pictures taken last year...soon the trees will look like that here. they are definately starting to fall. Smiles. enjoy the rest of your weekend. hope the weather was okay. hugs.

  22. Joanna, deep friendships are very special, I have very few people that I trust completely...I need to work on when I have ones that I do they mean the world to me.....I better not change my mind or she will kick my butt now that I have her psyched for it. of course she may chicken out.....ok I put that part in in case she reads this, she will reply to that, and say hey lady don't even go there with me.......hugs to you. glad you came by for a visit, are your holidays done.

  23. Kim, wow your children are adventurers, good they do these things when they are young....sounds like you had an adventure of your own having twins, I always wondered how mothers do it with more than one baby. that is more of a feat that jumping out of a plane....besides I turn 47 the end of the month, your girls will probably skydived 3 or 4 more times by then. It will probably take me 3 years to get myself psyched up for this....I went skiing once and got scared of I will start putting this in my prayers too. have a great rest of the weekend. Hope hubby had a happy fathers day and Paul too. hugs.

  24. Dee, hopefully I can get a picture, I will be the one screaming and all you can see is a mouth, and hopefully I will do fine. I want to do this because with my Cataplexy there was so much I could not do, that I have decided it is not going to keep me down....and voila the idea. hope you have been well, it was nice to see you visiting here. I hope you are well , take care.

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