Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can You Eat Them or Not.

I have mushrooms growing rampant in my front yard,
never had this here before, I got outside today to take some pictures.

These are actually pretty huge,

and this is what they look like underneath,

so I say to myself, I wonder if these are edible,
or if they are poisonous, or is there even such a thing,
I know they are not magic, because I have been making wishes all day,
and nothing has happened.
I would not want any mind altering drugs,
I just want some mushrooms to go with a salad,
Does anyone know how to tell good ones from bad ones,
or do you recommend I just go off to a store and buy some there.
Right now I am trying to increase my energy, it is a slow haul,
but I feel progress being made.
I have a new goal in mind,
will tell you in a few days.
hope you are all well, feeling good, staying on track,
and living the best life we can.
take care my friends.
Back soon.


  1. I had those same kind of mushrooms growing in my yard. I decided not to tempt fate. So I just enjoyed looking at them. I am feeling good and so far, staying on track. My allergies have been playing havoc but I push forward!! Glad you are too. Getting older is not for wimps that is for sure.
    Love you my friend

  2. Well don't eat them unless you can find out for sure that they are edible. Lots of mushrooms are just fine but unfortunately the ones that are not can be very dangerous ....... Take care xx


    Buy the mushrooms for your salad at the store, k? phew. :-)

    And, please give me your 'formula' for increasing energy, k? phew.

    Love you girl
    peace and hope.....

  4. I have no idea how to tell the good from the bad. My in-laws do and pick them all the time. I just get them at the store!! Hope you are doing well Cinner. Love Di ♥

  5. Hi sweetie, I have missed you. Since being at my nephew's I am so far behind with my blogging. Don't eat those mushrooms, they do look good but unless you know for sure they are healthy why take a chance.....big hugs my friend...:-)

  6. Yeah I agree with everyone here..DO NOT eat those mushrooms...last time I ate a mushroom off the ground I woke up Married in Tijuana...damn Mushrooms... ya just NEVER know !! lmao

  7. Hey Cinner, Just back from vacation and catching up on your posts. So sorry to hear about Dylan. I hope he's on the mend.

    I have no idea about mushrooms but never pick them myself. I only get them at the market. But I do love 'em!

    Keep up the good work and feel good. xo jj

  8. Joanna, thank you, he is on the mend, I believe it will be a long haul, a young fellow a few days later was not so luck. hope you had a great vacation. It seems I won't be picking a thing.

    King of New York Hacks, thanks for that great advise, I don't want to wake up in Tijuana, let alone be married again.. lol. thank you so much for a visit, I will pop by for a visit. smiles.

    Bernie, I am so forgetful, thats right, I was starting to get really worried about you. hope you had a wonderful visit. and that things went well and all is getting easier. glad you are back.

  9. Diana, I have decided against picking them, all I know is they look nothing like what I see in the stores. Hope you start to feel better soon. hugs, be well.

  10. Gail, yes I will get them at the store, as for my energy, I have been taking vitamin D as we have not had much for sunshine, and I seem to be sleeping incredibly well. trying to eat healthier. I always do better when it is not so hot. been cool here, supposed to be nice tomorrow. I hope you start to feel better soon. big hug to you my friend.

  11. SueAnn, I could not have said that any better,,,getting old is not for wimps...there is so much truth in that...sorry about your allergies, are they worse in the spring and fall. be by to visit you. take care. no mushrooms were picked

    Angela, yes I better not tempt fate. other than flowers they are the only things that grew this summer, my beans not a one, no sunflowers, just mushrooms everywhere. ha. lol. hope you are well.

  12. I've wondered the same thing. We had a big patch of them in our back yard last year. I picked them and put them in a bucket, and then chickened out. I was afraid of killing my husband.

    I wonder why they grow in our yards. I'm going to look it up.


  13. Found it!

    Always assume a mushroom is poisonous. It takes biologists many years of studying mushrooms to differentiate poisonous from nonpoisonous and then there is doubt with some.


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