Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good News

We have had an extremely beautiful day here,
I got the best results at my doctors office,
and then my SIL and I went and sat down overlooking the city
and had a morning coffee,
It was beautiful and peaceful,
just what I needed after being a little stressed this past week.
Dylan has made his way out of the hospital,
which is pretty amazing for four days,
and now he will be going through extensive therapy
to regain the use of his hand,
he already has some feeling in two of the fingers,
so this is good.
Thanks to everyone whom has inquired about him,
and for the kind messages. they were really appreciated.
So that is all I have for today,
The sun is shining, my hubby just got home,
and we can still catch about an hour of sun.
Take care until tomorrow.


  1. Good news, good day, good life.
    Hugs and love to you, Brave One.

  2. Cinner, I'm so happy to hear that!!! I prayed for you last night and I'm really pleased to hear your results are well. Thank you for your kind message you left for me. I just want to say that your problems are not less important than anybody else. We all have our things that we have to deal with and your results were not less important than what we are dealing with. Just different ... I'm also happy to hear that Dylan's hand is getting better, as you can understand, I'm very sensitive when it comes to the mobility of hands, arms ... so it's a good news! Sorry for the very long comment first I wanted to reply by mail but I saw the name of your mail 'no reply' :-) and it turned me off as I thought it may be a message for people not to bother you via mail ... haha! and I love the picture of your dog :-) awww, I'm a dog lover :-) anyway, off I go, hope you have a wonderful day! hugs!!

  3. Hey, Cinner - glad you and yours are well...
    I got the email - thanks!
    My Mac has been slow... I had to get a glitch out of it.
    Sorry about the delay - but I'm glad you are well!


    Good news indeed!

    Love you girl
    peace and hope.....

  5. what a postive post. Your blog looks great with the autumn leaves. Have a great day Cinner...

  6. That is wonderful news about Dylan!!! And I am glad your news was good too!! Enjoy your weekend!!
    Hugging you


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