Monday, August 23, 2010

Hands of Time always Bringing something!

Well our day started out great,
lunch with my MIL 83, Aunt and Uncle 90.
They are all doing very well and such inspirations.
Uncle 90 was telling me about his garden,
and we were sharing little tips for next year.
He is lots of fun, but very very quiet.
My hubby waited on all  of us,
being such a great nephew.
It was a lovely visit,
Then we got back home,
I had a phone call from my Mom,
to find out that my brothers stepson
had been in a quadding accident,
and has done serious damage to his hand.
The impact of the crash severed his hand,
but they have operated today,
and believe they may have to go back in to do another surgery.
The young lad is only 17 years old.
So far he has a little feeling in his pinky finger.
I think he is really lucky to be alive.
Things like this scare the heck out of me,
A reminder that we never ever know what is around the corner.
I have a feeling he will have a long recovery.
Children are resilliant and I hope he bounces back real quick.
4 hours he waited yesterday and then was rushed to a bigger hospital,
where he will be awhile.
so after I got off the phone,
can anyone guess what I wanted to do,
I opened the fridge, looked,
shut the door,
and went outside to work in my yard.
It is so automatic to fall into bad habits and old ways.
I wanted to ease my emotions by eating something.
It did not matter what.
I felt better after I was outside and could carry on about my day.
SO I  was pleased with my progress.
I hope you all have a great day,
and wherever you are playing,
please remember to play it safe,
to be careful, but still have fun.
Take care.


  1. I hope the surgeries go well for the boy! Only 17 and already the hardships of life are sitting at his doorstep. Sigh! I will pray for his recovery and regained use of his hand!
    I hear you about eating through the problem, what ever it is. That is a habit hard to good for you!! Congrats! You are doing so well!!
    Enjoy your day!

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  3. Cute pic Cindy! And poor Dylan, I hope his surgery goes well. Take care.

  4. Hi Cinner, I'm glad you had a great time with your uncle and aunt, it's amazing such a age! wow.
    I'm very sorry to hear about that accident! I hope that the surgery will help!! happy days to you, hugs!

  5. Hope the surgeries go well for Dylan. It is so hard to wait, with anxiety rushing around inside us. I'm glad and proud of you for getting a handle on the feelings. I am like you. I look for comfort in the wrong places.
    Yay for your good visit. Those moments are precious. The Olde Bagg

  6. Poor kid - hope he's alright. And well done you :o)

  7. I had to go look up quadding...ackkkkkk how horrid hon!! I hope all goes well for him. I had a dear friend who has something like that happen. Sending prayers and healing!!!
    Sounds like your time with relatives went well..I so miss that..mine are all gone except my sisters..who are far away from me. I miss lunches like that! But..I have started to have them with my older daughters..which is heavenly!!
    Congrats on the regroup..whoot..I am right there with ya hon!!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  8. A good news bad news post Cindy, so sorry about the quad accident....I am glad he is not more seriously hurt but it still is hard to lose the use of a hand. Good to hear about the luncheon with the older people, I am sure they would of enjoyed your company very much. Hope today is all good for you......:-) Hugs

  9. Cinner, is Quadding what we in the states call Four Wheeling?

    I'm proud of you for shutting the door and opening the door to your yard. You're so right, habits are hard to change. But, I think we can do it!
    Hugs Dear Friend!

  10. Holly and Everyone, yes Quadding is Four Wheeling, maybe I am like a hillbilly Canadian, I have only known it as quadding...but yes it is the same. Thanks everyone for the kind wishes, I have not heard anything yet today, but will keep everyone updated. The day has turned into a lovely summer day. Can't believe it is back. I sat outside for two hours in the sun and feel alive and much healthier. Have a great day everyone.


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  13. I hope he recovers the use of his hand quickly. Like you said, children are resilient. Kudos to you for rechanneling your feelings into action instead of eating.

  14. Oh, Cinner, I too am sending healing wishes for your brother's son. You are right about kids - they tend to bounce back so much quicker than us adults. Love and prayers for all of you.
    And big bravas for you, Cinner, not only for choosing the outdoors over the contents on the fridge but for realizing all of this and for celebrating it ! Brava, brava, brava !


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