Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great Job, A Star.

Here is a star for all of us whom are trying our best,
to live healthier lifestyles.
for making better choices,
and for not beating yourself up when you don't!
Does anyone know what the name of this flower is.
At 6 am I am going to exercise to the show Shimmy.
Katie J got me on this kick.
So I thank her for it.
My husband told me I don't quite have the moves down.
and I said sarcastically, Really are you sure!
Then I said, can you show me how?
He quickly went off to ball practise.
Bless his heart.
I hope you all have one of your Best Days Ever!
take care,


  1. the flower looks pretty but I have no idea what that is ... have a good work out :-) who cares about the moves ... just go, have fun and feel good about yourself :-)

  2. I don't know that pretty star flower, but have seen it somewhere. Oh, yes I saw it here. Good luck with the exercising.

  3. It looks like nicotiana but I've usually only seen it in white or a lighter pink.

  4. Get your Shimmy on!

    I don't know what that beautiful flower is.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting. I moved to WordPress and my feed is not updating for most folks and I spent far too much time trying to fix it. I give up and am working on catching up on my reading.

  5. Go you Cinner! Glad I could inspire you. I don't know what the flower is but it almost looks like the flower on a squash that is about to grow.

  6. You are so funny, honestly cinner I am sure you have missed your calling - you should be doing stand up comedy......Big Hugs :-)

  7. i believe the flower is nasturtium. it's edible.
    i think. better check into that before you toss them in your salad. :)

    thanks for your continued prayers dear one.

  8. Not to sure about the flower Cinner, although it is very familiar! Thanks for the star, I'm still trying. Maybe I should try a shimmy!
    Love Di ♥

  9. You go, girl, Shimmy in your own way ! ;) Here's to doing lots of little things that feel good. Cheers !

  10. I love the show Shimmy. I have it and been doing it for now almost a month. It has really helped me, I can see the improvement in my body.
    Enjoy it, my friend.

  11. Beautiful flower Cinner, whatever it is. Glad you are up to working out and feeling good!

    I'm back from vacation and off to catch up on your posts. I missed you!

    Cheers, jj


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