Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sites to See

This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Canada,
It was taken at the Bouchart Gardens last year,
and I just had to share it again.peaceful, tranquil, soothing 
I Love the sound of running water,
and all these water lilies that were not yet blooming,
I could picture myself sitting having a picnic lunch,
and reading a good book or sitting painting,
or just lost in the surroundings.

Check this out, 
Too bad we can not go swimming in it,
maybe there is a way down to the bottom and we could sit on the rocks
and dangle our feet in the water,
and then go for the best Ice Tea  ever.
Today may you smile until your face hurts,
may you dance in the rain,
and fly a kite in the wind,
and most of all sing.
Have a great day.
I will be in my yard painting
my benches a bright bright hot pink.
if I have the energy.
I hope you have your 
Best Day Ever!


  1. I think BC is one of the most beautiful provinces we have cinner.
    Hot pink benches I know I will like them.........big hugs

  2. wow Cinner, these pictures are just what I needed to see this morning :-) they are beautiful beyond words ... some days I so badly miss Canada, I really did love it there ... sigh ... hugs!

  3. Thanks for the gorgeous trip, Cinner ! Wow ! These shots looks like something out of a dream...
    Bright pink ? How fun ! Happy painting !


    you know how much I love surrounding my feet with sensations and that waterfall base looks wonderful for me to soak in right a long side of you. :-) The pictures are so comforting and inviting. I am managing this healing process - adjusting to limits and celebrating freedoms - it is a challenge at times -
    enjoy your day girl and I love you
    peace and hope.....

  5. Oh you will have to show your benches when you are done!! They sound like they will be so bright and happy! And those garden shots are amazing!! I can just imagine how it looks when the water lilies bloom...ahh shades of Monet!!
    Have a wonderful day

  6. Hi! Sorry I hadn't been around lately. I've been pretty busy with my family's mission. Anyway, your photos are beautiful and I pray you have a fabulous weekend!!

  7. Great photos, Cinner...we may want to see thsoe hot pink benches!

  8. Such a pretty place, makes me wish I were there! It is 105 degrees with the heat index today. It is just horrible. I hope that it is nicer there for you Cinner. Hot pink sounds great, I like florescent green!!! Love Di ♥

  9. Amazing photos! What a lovely place to be.

  10. Wow, great photos! I was there a long time ago and agree is breathtaking!


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