Monday, July 12, 2010

Changing Behavior!

This bunch of flowers
lasted almost three weeks in my house,
which is really amazing
as my cat has a tendency to chew all the flowers off of
tulips and daisies,
Imagine my surprise waking up and not a flower
is left on any stems and the cat is sitting on the table looking at me,
A. Acting like she should be sitting there
B. Looking at me like what are you going to do about it.
C. I can run faster than you, ha ha like your PSSST is going to scare me.
Ha Ha Kitty, no temptations for you today,
Who is laughing now!
Behaviors just like the cat need to be changed,
but it is with me.
A rhubarb/saskatoon pie came into this house by hubby.
He knows it is a weakness of mine.
So even though I was annoyed with him,
I have to admit I had two pieces over the weekend.
and this am I woke up and that is the first thing I looked for,
Yes still some left,
I grabbed the pie, I grabbed a plate,
and I remembered what I had read in Annes  post today over at Carb Tripper.
Go to another aisle.
So I did!
Breakfast, a little yogurt, blueberries and almonds.
Much healthier!
I hope you all have a day making good choices
and may you have 
Your Best Day Ever!


  1. Those flowers are beautiful! Way to go on the healthier choice!

  2. Beautiful flowers. :)
    I also liked blueberries. Very tasty fruit.

  3. Awesome, Cinner!
    Looks who is laughing now!
    Us - that's who!

  4. HI CINNER_\

    I love pie w/rhubarb and strawberries - it is my son's favorite. Amazing willpower on your breakfast choice. wow.

    I am still hurting - went to the Doc's - got two cordizone shots in my knee. OUCH!! He sid he can't find anything structural and is most likety a tendinitis - if I am not better by tomorrow he will do x-rays - I hope I feel relief tomorrow and just continue to heal from there.

    So I guess I made a good choice by going to the doctors today. :-)
    Love you

  5. Your cat got real attitude, well you had the previldge of seeing them for 3 weeks

  6. I loved reading the little blurb with the your pssst is going to scare that.

  7. Oh I love strawberry/rhubarb pie....I usually make one each summer. My mom made the best.
    Enjoyed your "cat" story....amazing how long the flowers lasted......:-) Hugs

  8. You have more will power than I did today. It was fresh peach galette, and I ate two pieces! Fortunately, I had made it myself, with far less sugar than a bakery pastry would have, and whole wheat flour in the crust. Still, a lot of calories, since I used butter too. Oh well. I worked plenty hard today and burned most of the extras off. I'll have to do more tomorrow to burn the rest.

    We try not to buy goodies anymore, though we give in to temptation now and then. Requiring ourselves to make our own has cut down our indulgent factor quite a bit.

  9. Cinner! I'm so proud of you!! for resisting. you took your deep breath and the old habit just could not overtake you, well well done!!
    and thank you for making me laugh with the story about your cat - I could 'see' her ... making all these faces ... lol

  10. It is so hard to make healthy choices!! Good for you!!

  11. I relate so much to this post Cinner because
    A. I have three cats
    B. I really wanted fried eggs and ham for breakfast but had Cheerios and a banana instead!
    Keep on keepin' on!
    Love Di ♥

  12. Diana, three cats, you must have attitude stories galore then. good for you for your breakfast. keep it up, love you too.

    Gayle, well it worked for me today, also with the hot weather I find I am not as hungry so that is good.

  13. Birdie, I always love hearing from you, the cat makes me laugh too unless she swipes at me as I go by. thanks for all your support, it means a lot.

  14. Kathryn, that sounds so good...mmmm. we usually don't get sweets in here, unless my Mom comes for a visit, then she brings a bunch of baking,,,that I find very hard. she is just a little bitty one, and all my sisters and brother all have weight issues. anyway thank you so much for the information on the delphiniums. I Love them but they sure seem to take over my yard, seem to be growing everywhere this take care and have a great day.

  15. Bernie, oh yes strawberry and rhubarb is great too. good luck with your blog changes, call if you need anything. hugs to you my friend. has it been raining there too.

  16. Sarah, glad you enjoyed it, I think sometimes the cat is on a daily mission for hope you are well. thanks for all of your visits, I think of what a strong woman you are, and how we can get through anything. hugs to you.

  17. Cheeky curves, thank you so much for stopping in, I will come and have a look at your blog. I was lucky the flowers lasted so long, take care and have a great day.

  18. Gail, yes definately glad you went to the doctors, the cortizone shots hurt don't they, I had a shot in the bottom of my heel once, it never bothered me after the shot, knock on wood, hope your knee is better. love to you, have a great day and keep feeling better. hugs.

  19. Anne, it felt good to make the right choice, I would not have if I had not read your post, so thank you chickadee. take care. I hope you have your best day ever.

  20. Chandrika, blueberries and blackberries are my favorite. I see so much fruit and foods on others blogs that I have never heard of or tried. love your blog how you get us all thinking, thank you for that, hope you are well and take care.

  21. North of 25A, thank you so much, have a great day.

  22. Tabitha, thank you so much, I had a good day, thank you for all your support darlin, it means the world to me. take care.


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