Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Color Purple.

The bees are a buzz in my yard,
It is like they showed up overnight,
most of my flowers are all blooming too.
The weather is hot, hot, for me,
I actually saw some pictures of snow on someones blog,
and yes I did for just a moment I thought oh that would feel so nice.
Like I said, just for a moment, because even though I like it,In all reality I don't want to see it until winter.
I am loving the color in my garden, mostly purples, oranges, pinks, red and I have absolutely none of my wild flowers that usually have mounds of white, as you can tell I don't even know the name of them,but I do like  
colors together.
Same with in a salad, the more color the tastier it seems to be.
I have been eating lettuce from the garden,
it always tastes so good,
I gave some to one of my neighbors,
a small little act of kindness,
Tomorrow my SIL is coming and we are going to go to the 
farmers market, new peas, new potatoes,
And I will be a happy girl.
So I hope you are enjoying your day,
and that the heat is not too hot for you.
Take care until another day.


  1. Your flowers are so pretty, do you know the name of the recipe when one puts all new vegetables in one pot (potatoes, peas, beans and carottes) after they are boiled they are drained and milk and butter is added. My mum use to make this and it was delicious, I wish I had the receipe......:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie, I don't but I will ask my Mom, I know she used to do something with like a milk gravy on it.
    hugs to you, I will see if I can find it. have a good weekend Bernie.

  3. Cinner, the flowers are wonderful. My son's favorite color - purple :-) I'm thinking of planting some in our garden as he likes it so much. Have a beautiful week end :-)

  4. Beautiful flowers Cinner! I don't know the name of several of mine! A friend gave me a lot of transplants so I just get surprised every time they bloom!
    I am also enjoying the beauty of the colors. The heat is a bit much but we can't have everything! And I sure wouldn't want that snow either! Some cooler air would be nice!
    Love Di ♥


    Purple is my favorite color. :-) So I am really loving these pictures. The flowers on my butterfly bush are purple. :-)

    Our tomatoes are coming in fast now - they are those hang upside down plants - and they are so happy in our very full and lovely flower garden.

    I hear ya about Winter - I prefer the cold but not the elements Winter can produce. This weather is very bad for me, health wise. My good leg is struggling and huritng so I am going easy. I am not going to my Mom's until Sunday - my Sis is with her and we are in touch all day. She is very weak and sore from the surgery. And so it goes.....

    Love you girl
    peace, hope, and purple!

  6. That looks like a delphinium, one of those lovely old English-garden plants that make for wonderful color and long-lasting blooms in a cut-flower bouquet as well as the garden. They give height in the garden, and add texture behind lower-growing summer plants such as dahlias.

    You can learn more about delphinium at

  7. Beautiful shots and color, Cinner ! You captured that summer purple perfectly.
    Enjoy all the treasures of this time of year !
    Hugs !

  8. Beautiful captures...what a deep purple the last one. Very nice.

    (p.s. can you please email me: thanks so much)


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