Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sometimes It gets a little Messy....

Hello Everyone,
I have returned at last.
I had an unexpected trip to stay with my younger sister, she
had a few days stay in the hospital,
she is fine now and I as the big sister could boss her around
making sure she was taking care of herself.
Why is it when you get sick and you start feeling just a bit better that you think okay 
I can do everything right now....
No, No, No!
Baby steps, that and iron Sis, don't forget!
Over the next few days I am organizing my house and getting my rests as much as I can.
My yard looks overgrown, but with all the rain I think it will be a few days before I get out there.
As for an update on my lifestyle change
I am kicking it into high gear .
My goal is to walk more and more,
Why I put off things that I know are best for me is beyond me,
maybe I am thinking more clearly with all the fresh air in the country.
That was true bliss for sure,
Yesterday I picked up my new glasses, and I was amazed at how much better I can see,
and my how things are much brighter and clearer, and yes I can read again.
It had been eight years since my last new pair, so indeed it was time.
My husband has made sure that there is a lot of good food in the house
so that I can make proper choices.
No problem there, if only I could get to my kitchen....
A friend of ours moved while I was gone,
and she gave us a  bunch of furniture,
so it was sitting all over my house and I did really good about not stressing about it.
Hopefully by next week everything will be in it's place.
I have thought of you all and over the next few days hope to stop by and visit your blogs.
I hope you all have Your Very Best Day!


  1. Whoot...sounds like you are on your way to feeling great hon!! I love to walk..just makes me feel wonderful!
    Your little sister is blessed with a big sis like you!!
    Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  2. I'm glad to hear that your sister is okay. Welcome back!

  3. Glad you are back and all is well....

  4. Welcome back Cinner! I am a procrastinator too. Just get it on the list and it will get done eventually right?

  5. Hello there Cinner! I am so like yourself, i know what is good for me, but I seldom do it! I think we can all be a wee bit like that sometimes. glad to hear your sister is feeling better. I am a big sister too, and I can not help but boss my sister around! Have some lovely gentle walks and enjoy the sights with your new glasses! ((hugs!!))


    I missed you SO much. You sound wonderful.

    I love you
    peace and hope

  7. Welcome home, Cindy! I'm glad that your sister is beter..and so happy that she had you to be with her.
    Continue to take those small steps...they lead to the same place that giant steps lead...
    I send you encouragment....and wanted you to know that I haven't had a Coca Cola in almost a month. I drink water, water, water.....and it tastes better than Coke, now!
    Again, welcome home to you, my friend.

  8. how wonderful that your husband is supporting you with good food in the house. Yes, walk and fresh air do us wonders and the more we do it the more momentum we have to keep doing it, because it just feels so good. I am glad your sister is ok, how wonderful that she had with her!

  9. Sorry to hear about your Sis. I hope she has an easy and complete recovery.

    Glad yo hear you're making plans for yourself and feeling motivated.

    Welcome home!

  10. Joanna, thank you, she is doing fine. it was quite awful seeing her so pale, and it was a year to the day that my father had died, so brought back lots of memories. I am feeling motivated.

    Tammie Lee, I think sometimes when your sick you just need your sister. I love walking and fresh air, I should be doing it where you take all your beautiful photos. It is 350 am and you should hear the robins chirping, It is still dark, I hope it is an indication of a warm day ahead. take care and thanks so much for visiting. hugs.

    Jackie, I am doing the happy dance for you, water water, I am so proud of you. I very seldom have any pop now unless it is a gingerale. small steps. one foot in front of the other. She is better, but I swear she needs a new doctor...could I tell you a story, if you can believe it he told her to relax and smoke a joint, I know he was trying to calm her down, but how professional is that. She was in emergency the very same day and was in for three days. thank goodness God was with her because she pulled through. hugs to you, hope you are well. royal blue is your color. I think of that everytime I see your profile. take care my friend, know your loved.

  11. Gail, I have missed you too my friend. YOU and Your Mom have been in my thoughts and prayers Gail. I hope she is not in any pain, and that you can still enjoy the time you have together.I know sometimes you just want to scream and shout Why? your faith is strong, your heart is loving, and God is with you. May it make it somehow easier knowing you have so many people who love you around at this time.Email me anytime if you want to vent. big heartfelt hug to you. I hope healthwise you are feeling okay and not too run down. I hope you can enjoy the days off with Skipp. big hugs and much love sent your way.

  12. Claire I am going to take a picture of me in my new glasses. I just love a bossy sister....good for you...they need it sometime lol. take care my friend, thank you for the well wishes for my sister.

    Katie J, oh procrastination,,,I never used to be like this....but yes it is on my list, or soon will that was my attempt at humor at 4 am. the robins are going crazy outside, it is dark and cold...what do they say early bird catches the worm...have a great day.

    Anne, all is good, are you over your cold yet and have more energy. think of you often, always glad to see what you do next. might have to go to the track today....kidding.take care.

    Thank you Unknown Mami, she is doing very well, always a scare when one ends up in the hospital. I hope you are doing well, will be by to visit you soon. Always anxious to see what you have been up to. take care. hugs.

    Sarah, My sister and I are pretty close, not that I could really do much other than be there, I even made homemade soup one day, her fiance and boys were there too...but she just wanted me around and I was glad to be there. She does not like to sit still, so I had to give her some sisterly sit your ass down, your not going anywhere or doing anything. we took her computer away for three days too, so all she could do was rest...and she did. glad to get home for sure,
    Wondering how your eclass is going, I am sure all are enjoying it. I am sorry I have missed out,,,but maybe next time. Be well, big hug.

  13. you sound so strong and postiive...I love walking...mostly hiking. It feels so good so I totally support your walking. have fun

  14. I am so glad that your sister is on the mend Cinner! And I am the same way, when I start to feel better I try doing everything again! It's hard to sit and do nothing! I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well. Welcome home!
    Love Di ♥

  15. Hi Diana, thanks Diana, it is hard to sit around, but you know somedays I have to or I will be exhausted for a week after. How have you been feeling. I hope you are well. take care. love to you.

    Sarah, I hope someday to be able to walk far enough that I can call it a hike. It does feel good. I do wish I lived in the country, but we do have lots of parks here so I can't complain. I will stop by for a visit soon. I have not forgotten about you. take care and be well. hugs.


    Happy June!


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