Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life Is Good

This was passed to me by my good friend
Her blog is listed on my sidebar.
I can not get the link to work tonight.
I know I have done this before, but I think there may be a few more questions and I know I change my 
opinions depending on my mood so here goes.
  1. If you could change one thing in your past what would it be.I wish I would have had more confidence to go after my dream. I had applied to get into one art school and was not accepted. I quit trying. So if I had the confidence I have now I could have done it....never too late to live my dream is it.
  2.  What would you do if you won a lottery. I would pay off all my bills, help some family members, have my husband retire, travel for a bit, and do a lot of charity work. AND I  would change my phone number.
  3. What was your favorite band when you were a teenager. Cheap Trick, Nick Gilder. ??????what was with me.
  4. If I was a car what kind would I be and why.  Probably be a Hopped up Buick Century, black with Mags, red and white leather interior. Why  because it is fast, strong, built to last, and I had one at one time. It made me feel young and alive and in charge....what was with me....??????
  5. If you could sit with three people that have passed who would it be and why. I would love to sit with my Dad and just talk and tell him that I really wish we could have said goodbye. Secondly would be my Grandma, she was so sweet, but she did not know me when she passed on. My girlfriend Sharla who was killed tragically in a car accident almost twenty two years ago. We were room mates for awhile, we really had a lot of fun together, Her Mom wrote me a letter telling me how much Sharla thought of me, and she told me I should draw and pursue that. It meant a lot to me.
  6. Favorite flavor of ice has to be Heavenly Hash, or Rollo. If you ever get to Saskatoon you must go to a place called Homesteaders....they have the best ice cream. I have not lived there for twenty years, but I could go on a road trip......maybe not I am on a life change.
  7. Beer, Wine, or Liquor.....well I can not drink with my medications, I am a really cheap date, half a bee with clamato juice on a hot day in the summertime.....oh yeah party on.
  8. where would you go to vacation if money were no object....first of all I would want to see Eastern Canada, I have only seen western Canada. Ireland, Austrailia, so many places in the States.
  9. What is one thing that makes you steaming mad. I very rarely get steaming mad.....sick benefits and insurance companies, yes that can get me worked up. It is outrageous some of the things they try to wear someone down, I am not just speaking for myself, deny, deny, deny....I hope no one ever has to deal with them.
  10. Why did you start blogging....I got a friend  to show me how, it gave me something new to do. I liked the interaction with people . I wanted to make more people aware of Sleeping Disorders and one of the Side Effects of Narcolepsy called Cataplecy.  and then I started a weight loss blog, what a supportive bunch of individuals. they inspire me everyday. I am not on twitter, I am on Facebook, but Nobody knows about my blogs as these are mine that I don't want to share with some of my family and friends.....because I get into subjects way deeper, and explore through my heart. It is a growing process for me.
    ..............if any of you want to answer these questions please go ahead and do. I am always glad to learn more about any of you. I am off to the farm, our trip was delayed a couple of days, so will touch base as soon as I get back. as far as my eating goes, not bad, having trouble walking, having to use my cane and I had a serious cataplexy spell the other day when I was trying to get a bee out of my house.That is another post for another day. After an hour I was okay. so take care. I hope you are all well and that you laugh until you cry, those big belly laughs, remember laugh and the world laughs with you. be back and visit with you soon.


  1. Hey Cinner: Thanks for answering the questions. It was fun getting to know more about you. Have a good visit at the farm and we'll visit when you get back here on blogville. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. I think Blogger is having issues that's why you can't get the link to work. I always enjoy reading about you.

    I just love the picture on you header!

  3. I always love hearing about the lives of others. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your farm visit and stop by to say hi when you get back. Dee

  4. I love reading people's get to learn about them. I enjoyed yours, Cinner. The three people that passed..really got to me.. I wish sometimes we really get a second chance to say goodbye. It would be beautiful.

  5. hi cinner,
    nice to meet you!! what great questions... and good answers lol... you are never to old to take some classes in art at a local community college if you wanted i say go ahead and do it, just do it for yourself! stop by anytime!
    shelley :)

  6. Changing your phone number is a VERY smart idea if you win the big bucks Cinner :-) I'm afraid if it was me, I wouldn't have thought of that soon enough!

    Wonderful post and again I learned new things about you. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your kind comment about my late friend, Mrs. Smith. I really appreciate it.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend,

  7. I'v e been sick with a cold (I never get colds) but finally have time to read up on my people!
    Hope you are having a great week!


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