Friday, June 11, 2010

have a wonderful weekend.

Here is too you all having a Wonderful Weekend.
Our rain has stopped and it is supposed to be a Red Hot Weekend,
Which puts a smile on this face, oh yes it does.!
I started my morning with a fresh hot cup of coffee,
a fresh bowl of fruit with a bit of french vanilla yogurt,
2 bottles of water poured into a chilled glass with some lemon slices
and strawberry slices as per my friend JJ.
And I started my day off with a Sammy Kershaw song
She don't know shes beautiful,
and I danced.
I hope you feel it in your heart to get up and dance
and Have Your Very Best Day Ever!


  1. Have a great weekend Cinner! :o)

  2. Hi Cinner

    wondeful way to strat the day. I felt light and happy and nourished reading about your morning. Mine was neutral - which is good given the realities swirling around me. I love you a lot.
    peace and hope.....

  3. Everyone in Canada dances all the time, I've heard.
    Have a great weekend, Cinner!

  4. I loved that photo so I made it my desktop at work Cinner. Thank you sweetie and you have a good weekend too!

  5. Hi Again Cinner

    thanks SO much for the call - I love your voice and your words - and thanks too for "the dance" - great song - I danced with you.

    Love you my friend "hey"
    peace and hope

  6. Darling girl, how could you not dance to this song. Happy, happy dance. I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

  7. The way you began your days sounds heavenly!! Enjoy your weekend! I love the song!!

  8. Tabitha have a great weekend.

    Linda, I do love it and I got to see him in concert when I was at my Mom's. that is a whole other story for another day. take care, be well.

    Gail, I just wanted to make your day and give you a little pick me up.Sometimes a call from a friend can make the day just a little easier. hugs to you.

    Anne, that is because we are usually trying to stay have a great weekend, I hope you are completely over your cold. take care.

    Cambridge Lady, you too...I hope you are well, I have to come by and catch up on your blog. be well my friend.

    Katie J. The photo I took of my sisters flower when I was there, I do love the flower,
    Although I love the hydrenga in the video too.
    enjoy. have a great weekend.

  9. Have a great weekend sweetie, it is stil cloudy and cool in Morinville....I keep waiting for the sunshine......:-) Hugs

  10. A great way to greet the day.:)

  11. Isn't it amazing that the small things in life can give us such pleasure....water in a fine coffee...fresh fruit....not knowing that one is beautiful...and being told so! :))
    You are beautiful, Cindy.
    Love you, my friend.

  12. Flower pic is really very beautiful. :)
    Nicest way to say have a great weekend! :)

    Best wishes. :)

  13. Oh I love that song Cinner, I have the CD! I have been able to dance a bit since I got shots in my knees. They feel pretty good for now!
    I wish you a beautiful and happy weekend too!
    Love Di ♥

  14. Starting your day off dancing is perfection! So glad you're feeling good and drinking lots of water :-)
    Happy weekend,
    xo jj

  15. have a great 'hot' weekend...right now...we got your rain..☺

  16. After looking at your nice post, I feel like dancing.

  17. Ann, thanks for stopping by, I love dancing. take care.

    Sarah, it was a beautiful day here today, hopefully you did not get too much rain. whatever you do I hope you enjoy.

    Joanna, yes I have had a very good week, lots of water, it was beautiful today, so I managed to spend some time in the sun which always makes me feel better. I think I have that SAD. Hope you are well. think of you often, hugs.

    Diana, is it cortizone shots you had, I am glad to hear that you are doing better. I hope you are well and dance as much as you can my friend.
    If I am feeling blue, I put the music on and as long as it is fast it cheers me slow sad stuff for havve a great weekend.

    Chandrika, thanks the flower was from my sisters yard. It was beautiful. I don't have much that have bloomed yet. we seem to be a little later here. Glad you dropped by, I love how you get us interacting on your blog. all the best.

    Bernie, I hope by the time you read this that the sun has shone for you. It was so gorgeous today, I even got a bit of a sunburn....of course I am so fair that it does not take much. hugs to you.


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