Monday, May 3, 2010

It was a bit Rocky today!

So as I sit here just after midnight,
I am yawning, and listening to the rain on the window.,
knowing full well that  by morning it could have turned
to the white stuff yet once again.
Had my doctors appointment today,
The man is so thorough,
He listens, he asks questions. he books his patients
every ten minutes and I was in with him for over an hour.
but I think we made some progress, 
a bit more testing needs to be done.
As far as how I was feeling last week,
yes it is a bug going around.
And I thought to myself,
I figured so..
My doctor always asks me,
How are you today,
good  I say,
and then I think to myself,
if I was good I would not be here to see you.
Anyway we saw a couple people in the mall that we knew,
so it was nice to see them,
after that home to sleep.
I will go over my next plan of attack,
or plan of loving me in the next few days.
I hope you all had a fabulous day.
living and doing your best.
I would love to hear.
Sorry I have not answered my comments,
I have read everyone and hope to be much
better about this as I get over this bug,
which is really a virus,
so it has to run its course.
Take care to all
Be well.


  1. Some viruses are slow at finishing their run. Hope you're feeling better soon, Cinner!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well Cinner. I sometimes don't feel well and have a hard time knowing if it's a bug or that I'm just not feeling well! Or allergies! At any rate I hope you start feeling better soon!
    Love Di ♥


    I just love you, that's all I got, "I love YOU

  4. I saw you on Diana's comments and thought I would stop over and say hello. I like your profile description of who you are...I can see those quality's in your writing. I am not sure why, but you remind me of someone I know although I am sure our paths have never crossed. I am signing on as a follower and will be back to visit often. Dee

  5. I'm so soory you aren't feeling well. I'm glad you have a plan to start loving on yourself. I'll be headed to the doctor soon myself. My foot keeps swelling up.

  6. Cinner, please know that we think of and check on you often. Take care. Rest up and enjoy the rain. *I love the sound on a tin roof*.

  7. Shelley, oh I love the sound no rain, lordy how the snow fell. so now it is the sound of the shovel on the thanks for visiting.

    Tabitha, sorry to hear about your foot, mine swell with the heat. Thank you for inspiring me, I had a dream where I was so happy I was running...just this afternoon...It felt like a message. I know you understand. hugs to you.

    Dee, so glad to meet you. It is funny how sometimes you feel or wonder do I, did I, ....
    I have asked people do I know you from somewhere. I worked in retail for 25 years, so if you ever visited Alberta or Saskatchewan, maybe our paths have crossed. Thanks for becoming a follower, I will check to see your blog as soon as I can. I hope you had a great day, take care.

    Gail, okay well thats all I got for you is love...what else do we need. hugs.

    Diana, oh I know that feeling, I had a list at the doctors. I swear he must think I am a hypocondriac. Allergies are a funny thing, have you specific ones or different times of year when you are worse than others. Two days on a new pill and I have no pain in my hands or feet...Prayers for health filled days ahead. take care. love c

    Wanda thank you so much for the nice wishes...Some of the viruses do seem to take a while. I don't get them often but when I do, whooo hoooo. LOL. take care. hugs.


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