Monday, May 17, 2010

In or Out.....Tooth or Cat.

Here is my cat where she spent most of her weekend,
neither inside or outside,
just on the ledge,
waiting for some
excitement to encourage her onward.
Today I have an abscess that was to be pulled out,
but they can not get me in until tomorrow afternoon,
The good news is I have not been eating much,
The bad news is having this over the weekend,
especially with the weather being so gorgeous.
I will not be around for a few days,
Take care and be well,
Thinking about you all.


  1. Feel better soon!

  2. If it gets unbearable go to emergency, they have a dentist on call who can help you.
    Hope you will feel better soon.....:-)Hugs

  3. Oh Cinner I hope you can get over this quickly! Tooth pain is awful.
    I absolutely LOVE that photo of your cat! It is so cute! Love Di ♥

  4. Tabitha, thanks.

    Bernie, thanks I got an appointment for 330 tomorrow. some of the swelling is gone so hopefully that can deal with it. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope you are enjoying the weather. I don't do well in anything over 25, I am not

    Diana, you know it really is, it started with an ear infection, eye, throat and now my teeth, I think it all stems from my back molar, but I did not realize it. it would have been different if it was the first ache.
    I like the picture too. She just sits on my ledge most of the day...just watching. I hope you are well and that the weather is good for you. take care, thanks for your kindness. take care.

  5. cute and naughty cat.
    nice to know her.

  6. I yiyi! I am so sorry Cinner. Hope your tooth's been taken care of by the time you read this and you're on the mend.
    Hang in there,

  7. I liked the pic very much. :) Nice poem! :)
    Get well soon.

  8. Icck! Hope it goes okay at the dentist today and you get some relief!

    Cin, I just want you to know that your support and comments mean the world to me and you help to make this bumpy ride a little smoother. I appreciate you and wanted you to know. xoxox


    one poetry award,
    8 others on bottom,
    enjoy some if you wish to!
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Your kitty is so cute. I do hope your trip to the dentist is quick and painless.

  11. Shell, thanks. They pulled the tooth so all will be good once the freezing comes out. hope you are well, always glad to see your smiling face in your profile.

    Jingle, thank you, that is very kind. have a great day. glad you are doing so well with your blog. take care.

    Katie, thank you for saying that, that means a lot to me. There are so many people on here that are doing so makes it easier to keep trying. keep it up, you have a wonderful spirit. take care, hugs.

    Chandrika, thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you are well, I do visit more than I comment. I have to get better with that. take care, have a great week.

    Joanna, thanks, the freezing is coming out and I had the tooth pulled, so I should be my chipper little self in a few days. take care.
    Think of you often. hugs.

  12. Cinner - Can you give me your email addy?

    I have done a review of the bodybugg on my blog and you can also check out The bodybugg is what the contestants on Biggest Loser use. It is called a Calorie Management System. It reads the calories I burn, the amount of activity I do and the number of steps I take. I plug in the food I consume and it provides me with all the data I need.

    They are $200 so people are hesitant to buy one but how much money have we spent on food or other stuff that we never used... I think it worth the investment but that is just my opinion.

    Let me know if you have other questions.

  13. P.S. I have not done the bellydancing in a little while but I have been looking at the bellydancing wraps to use when I do it again.

  14. Hey girl. I just dropped by to say Howdy and to let you know I have left you an award and a set of questions. If you would rather answer the q&a in my comments section, that's cool, if you don't wanna play, that's okey dokey too. I'm just glad you are a follower of my insanity and thought I'd like to know more about you. The Olde Bagg

  15. I can only imagine how uncomfortable you are. Get rest, take your antibiotics, and it will be better soon. Take comfort in knowing that prayer is being sent to the Lord for you. Love your kitty. :)

  16. Oh Cinner, what a bummer. Hope you feel better soon sweets! Janet

  17. Hi! So glad I found your blog - love the header. My husband just had an infected cracked tooth pulled yesterday - what a mess. How you are on the mend soon. Until then, my best,

  18. Hi Colleen, I am so glad you visited my blog, my header is a pic taken when I was in Vancouver. I am feeling much better today, hope your husband is feeling okay two. I became a follower of your blog. take care.

    janet, thanks, I think I suffered with that tooth for two months not realizing it was infected. thank gosh it is out. your beach home looks so fabulous, I hope you are enjoying your time away.

    Dee, thanks so much, I think he heard you because I am feeling so much better, what a difference. I hope you are well and enjoying your day. it is raining here. I wanted to get outside and work in my flowerbeds...sigh, we do need the rain. hugs to you my friend.

    Linda, I must have lost it, I looked on your blogs and I don't see a thing. lol. Maybe the pain medicine is too strong. I will go look again. thanks for your kindness.

    Katie, my email is Thanks for all the information on that. I may have to check that out. Thanks for filling me in on it. I asked about the bellydancing because there is a show on here at about 6 am called Shimmy. I have tried it a few times. it is harder than it looks. I think it is such a sexy form of dancing. take care and thanks again.


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