Thursday, May 20, 2010

Odds and Sods

Hi Every One, these are totem Poles at Stanley Park in B.C..
I think they are so beautiful. I wish I knew more about
them and what each one signifies.
Just like sometimes I wish I would see the signs of my body easier.
What I thought was an ear infection on and off for two months
is completely gone now that I had my lower back tooth pulled.
So to me it is just a wonderful difference in how I am feeling.
In fact I felt so good today that I actually danced in the rain.
I did and it felt so nice, such a light rain,
Robins were searching for worms in the grass to feed their young.
And I was enjoying the moment.
Last time I danced in the rain it was pouring,
so this was quite nice today.
When is the last time you danced in the rain.?
What a lovely wonderful day,
outside beckoned me to play,
When the rain dropped softly from the sky.
I knew that I had to stay and try,
And remember how I laughed when I was a kid,
I would open my mouth, and close my eyes,
and feel the rain running down my face,
I would play until I was so cold
that I would run inside,
into the warmth of a big blanket,
We would all be laughing,
and saying what fun,
and then back outside to the rain we would run.
Doing great with my eating, at least until my mouth heals.
one day at a time.
take care all,
I hope you all Have a Great Weekend.


  1. Hey Cinner, I love this post. It makes me want to go dance in the rain..Except there is no rain...only sun. Take gentle care
    and have a great weekend. Sarah

  2. Yep.
    No rain....Only sun....
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh heart is dancing with glad you are feeling better and the ear thing is gone too!! Whoot! Dancing in the rain..heavenly. Great big hugs to you hon!
    BTW...I love totem poles..facinate me!!
    Love, Sarah

  4. What great news Cinner! I haven't danced in the rain but I do dance sometimes while I am cleaning! I just turn on some good tunes and clean and dance, when my knees are cooperating of coarse,LOL!! I hope you continue to heal quickly and enjoy a wonderful weekend!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Hey cutie patootie.....the award is on I shoulda been more precise about where....oops. If you would rather just answer on the comment part and skip the other part....whateva....I just thought I'd share an award with a super duper bloggie
    The Olde Bagg, Linda

  6. Dancing in the rain sounds nice...I often walk in the rain though.

  7. Cindy...I love your blog background....beautiful!
    I have such a good feeling in my heart when I read that you 'danced in the rain'....perfect!
    Love to you, my friend...

  8. And now I'm singing "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head".....

    The totem poles are terrific. I saw a lot of these in Alaska and loved them.

    Keep having a good day Cinner!

  9. I love the light rain we had this morning but it is really coming down tonight. We desperately need it though....enjoy your weekend.......:-) Hugs

  10. The totem poles are beautiful. Do you know how old they are?

  11. Cambridge Lady, I am not sure, I do know they have been there for years, but I think over 100 years old....not certain. I should google it.
    have a great weeekend.

    Bernie, I did not realize they had a tornado warning for our area, but that wind was something. we really got a lot of rain here, maybe I danced too hard in the yard. lol. have fun with your niece.

    JJ, It is still raining, I must have danced too hard. lol. We want to go to Alaska someday. they say it is beautiful...did you go on a cruise? Have a lovely weekend, hope the sun shines all weekend.

    Jackie, hi, I had a good feeling too, we have not seen the sun since though, maybe I did a rain dance or something. lol. we even had tornado warnings, but nothing thank goodness, how about you guys, how are you doing. I have been thinking about you. thanks for commenting, I love it every time I see you.

    Wanda, walking in it is just as good, your comment the other day, I keep forgetting you have all those my mind I think your too I will remember now..take care, have a great weekend.

    Linda, thanks, I will do a post on it in a couple of days. Hope you get feeling better soon. Your a cutie patutie yourself. relax this weekend, have them wait on you.

    Diana, I can just see you dancing as you are cleaning...sometimes when I get the bug to clean, I put on some ragay music and I seem to get a lot more done when music is playing.
    as for the weekend I think it will continue raining all weekend. but everything is sure looking green outside.yeah. it was so brown here. I hope your knees are not giving you too much trouble. take care, sending you a hug.

    Sarah, thsnk you, I am glad the ears, eyes, nose and now my tooth is all cleared up. sure seems stupid to suffer a couple of months for a tooth. ahhh. just glad it is over with. lol
    Sarah I think I danced too hard because it is still raining, maybe I did a rain dance. lol. the totem poles fascinate me too, I was there years ago with my Dad. so it was like a walk down memory lane when my older sister and I went. take care, wondering how your class is going, I am sure well...just so you know it you are a wonderful woman. I am very glad to know you. take care. have a great weekend.

    Anne H, the sun always shines around you....I believe it is supposed to rain all weekend. here is crossing all my fingers that they are wrong. take care. Have a great weekend.

    Sarah, after two days, I wish I could go dance in the sun. lol. maybe I did a rain dance. silly me. lol. I hope you enjoy your weekend and do something wonderful for you. I don't know if you got my note, I left you an award a few posts back. It is there is you want it. I never know as some don't play, but I did think of you and that you deserve it for all you do, your a very brave and strong lady and I admire you. hugs to you my friend. take care.

  12. So glad to hear the tooth problem is solved and you feel well enough to dance in the rain.:)

  13. That's absolutely wonderful, my dear - keep dancing!

  14. Tattytiara, Thank you for stopping by, you dance to my dear. Congratulations on buying your new home. take care.

    Dee thank you so much, Except now we have way too much rain. I wanted to get some flowers planted this weekend, but the weather is not cooperating.....I might just have to do some housework. hope you are well, thanks for visiting, hugs.

  15. Oh, I remember that dancing in the rain ! It has been a long time...
    So glad you have relief from your suffering now, and are able to dance.
    Take care, Cinner !

  16. Thankyou Kim. I am always glad to visit you, I find you very inspiring. hugs to you. take care.


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