Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quit Horsing Around.

Hello, I need to quit horsing around,
I start, I stop, I do too much, or too little.
How did the horse know when to stop,
after all the sign is upside down,
and my signs are out of wack.
You see when I do something 
i go full guns a head,
and that is what I have done this week
with exercising.
I think with extra yard work,
extra stretching,
extra Spring Cleaning,
no wonder my arms hurt when I lift my coffee cup,
note some sarcasim and exageration.
try a lighter mug.!
I have fingers that ache from weeding under my rocks,
even though I was wearing beautiful
turquoice gloves ,
going down 3 steps
at my back porch,
has found muscles or sinew
that is extremely sore.
So every night I am soaking in my bath
with epsum salts, winding down after my day,
having just done me tai chi,
they have am and pm.
i will lay here a while longer.....
I turned my heating pad on 
so I will have a toasty bed 
to jump into.
I am grateful for the pain,
no pain, no game,
I am grateful that I am not a quitter,
I am grateful I can come 
and say shite, shite,shite.
I am grateful that I made great food choices today.
I am grateful knowing that if I am going to succeed,
I will have to stay on course and do alot of changing patterns in my life.
I am very grateful I can.
I am grateful to be able to move more today
than a week ago,
I am grateful God is in my life.
I pray for guidance,
I am grateful for all my angels
that support and care!
Lastly tonight I am so thnkful
for the peppermint spray
my sister gave to me,
feels so good on the feet.
 Have a great night and an awesome Wednesday!


  1. Cinner I am freezing, I have my heating pad on my back, it is raining quite hard here right now as well.
    So glad you had such a productive day, you must feel good with getting all those things done......:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie, this weather is crazy, I froze yesterday, turned my heat back on, to think 10 days ago it was so hot. stay warm my friend. I woke up tonight with a splitting headache. I have to put water in my CPAP Machine I wear at night then I will be fine when I wake up in the morning...silly thing. Take care Bernie, hugs and stay warm.

  3. that is beautiful! and yes, I think you can make it :-) the aching muscles remains you that you still have a body to care for :-) so even the pain can be a good sign ... have a great day Cinner :-)


    I love that you are "feeling" so much - it SO menas you are SO alive and in charge - forge on my beautiful friend - forge on.......

    I love you girl
    peace..... "hey"

  5. what a loving person you are!

  6. http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/05/jingles-may-followers-award.html

    some May awards,
    Happy Sunday!


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