Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Jokes on Me!

Remember in my last post,
I stated how my muscles were aching,
and I was sure the exercise was paying off
because I could feel aches and pains
I had not felt in a while.
Well I have some kind of bug
that has pulled the rug from under me.
It must be a swarm of bugs
because I feel like _______.
My steaming hot bowl of chicken noodle soup,
As I lift my spoon to my mouth
I question,
why is it so heavy.
Instant relief as I swallow the soup,
feeling the warmth
sliding down my throat,
soothing for just a lingering moment,
and then it is gone.
I taste another,
some release returns,
There is a ringing in my ears.
I place my hand on my forehead,
It feels so hot to the touch,
I am shivering,
2 big blankets in hand,
I make my way to the couch,
I get all settled in,
I glance around
and this time my house wins.
Today it can stay as messy as can be.
for when I am feeling like this,
it would not matter if the Queen were visiting me.
And if she does,
I hope she will make me more soup.
It's got to be Liptons,
so I should leave her a note.
I am talking delirious,
so I close my eyes,
and I drift into la la land.
I shall return
but probably not for a few days.
Take care.


  1. HI CIN-

    Oh my, you poor baby. :-( Rest and drink lots of fluids and yes tea even if it is Lipton's - we need to talk girl :-)

    Love you
    peac and healing energy

  2. Feel better. I hope the Queen does come over and make you some soup.

  3. Cindy, I'm sorry that you are feeling sick. Chicken soup is good for what ails you...and so is potato soup. I'm thinking of you. Take care, please.

  4. Oh dear, I just came over to say a big hello and you are sick! I am so sorry to hear this. I really hope you are feeling better soon! ((Hugs!))

  5. Take care...hope your're better soon!

  6. Feel better soon Cindy, don't let yourself get too run down, trust me it is so not worth it.
    ........big hugs:-)

  7. Bernie, thanks...been sleeping around the clock. it will be a quiet weekend, could not get into see my doctor until Monday, so will probably get some medication then, at least for my ears...funny but I can hardly hear. be well, have a good weekend, take care of yourself.

    Wanda thanks for your well wishes, have a great weekend.

    Claire, Claire turned 30. I was so happy to see you had such a great celebration. Have a fun weekend you young thing you. lol.

    Hi Jackie, so nice to have you pop in, what a nice surprise, I love your photo by the way. I will be taking it easy/ I have pretty much slept around the clock for two days now. glad you are well, take care, think of you ofthen.

    Mami, Thank you, Soup and I wonder if she will do dishes. lol...actually that would hurt my head....I must have some kind of a bug. take care. I read your post today and am just about a big step backward. Be well,visit you soon.

    Gail, thank you, I am hoping in a couple days I will be feeling don't like Liptons. I do prefer homemade if I have it!
    take care, hope all is well, will email you in a few days or email me if you need to. take care. love ya.

  8. Get well soon, Cinner!
    That's funny - I always forget you have a Queen up there.
    How comforting that she looks after her people - if only metaphorically!

  9. Anne, thanks I am feeling a bit better. The Royalty show up once in a blue moon here...ha you would probably meet her b4 me, and she won't be making soup. hope you are well. TAKE CARE.

  10. I put your name on an award thingy over on my blog ....
    Check it out!

  11. Oh you poor thing ... feel better soon xx

  12. get well soon,
    thank you for the poem!

  13. Oooooooh no hon..ackkkk so sorry hon..feel better soon..sending hugs and love, Sarah

  14. Oh my, this description was so perfect, you almost had me not feeling well!
    Love Di ♥


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