Friday, April 16, 2010

Community Gardens and Training Wheels.

This is one of the Community Gardens 
That we drove by when we were in Vancouver.
It is right downtown,
very well taken care of,
what surprised me was that nobody had seemed to do any type of damage.
I wonder if they get raided in the summer for the food to eat.
This year I have decided to have a few big pots so I can always have fresh lettuce,
green onions, maybe some herbs, tomatoes, pole beans.
Then I am going to eat salad every day,
I have banished all breads from my house,
I will be getting on my bike tomorrow.
Wish me luck, I hope I can keep it standing,
Last year every time I  would get going at all,
I would have a cataplexy spell and fall off,
I have a Helmut, seeing how it goes I might have to put training wheels on it.
Last year my hubby wanted me to get one of those tricycles.
I was just not ready yet.
I have had to use a wheelchair to get around a bit lately,
But I am not ready to admit defeat.
I am not a quitter.
Wish me luck.
Have a great weekend.
My new motto is to Get Active.


  1. Go Go Cinner!
    (be careful!)
    AND have FUN!

  2. I can relate to the need for salad! I've had a very carb-heavy week and feel very sluggish. I love the idea of community gardens.

    Take care with the cycling. Can you go swimming? - if the lifeguards are aware of your condition..... I always find that's a great way to exercise and it's low impact.

    Have a wonderful weekend - thinking of you as you (and I) try to have an active healthy week xxxx

  3. Cambridge Lady, I probably could go swimming, but would go with someone I know because they would have to be right there...we always joke that seeing me in a bathing suit would be enough to make me laugh and have a cataplexy spell....I just have not felt brave enough to try. and when I am biking, my husband is right there...just in case. Thinking of you too, good luck with the salads...have a great weekend.

    Oh Anne thank you and I will be careful. That is my middle name now. lol. have a great day.


    Salad every day? Tough order. I can manage sald 3 times a week - and roasted or steamed veggies the other days. Now about the bike. Ya, definitely get the one with two wheels in back and one in front - an adult tricycle. Remember, safety first. And I hear ya about NOT giving in to defeat - keep on keeping on and know that I love you.


  5. Hey girl, you be very careful. And this may not be a big encouragement but I have a tricycle. I have Meniere's, which is an auto immune disorder in my inner ear. The world spins and I have not control over my being able to be upright. It is also dangerous for me to be alone when it gets really bad but I can ride my tricycle. Sometimes it has been a trippy ride but at least I am not falling on the ground. I put a basket in the carrier in the back of this black tricycle that has a sign on it that say's "help Dorothy, I can't get out." I look like a fat Ms. Gulch from WOZ riding along but at least I'm out there. I've had my tricycle for 20 years now.
    try it you'll like it....honest.
    Been gone and trying to catch up, (((hugs))) until next time

  6. Active is good in fact very good as long as you are careful.......:-) Hugs

  7. Fresh picked lettuce is fabulous! I mgiht try my had at some this summer too.

    As for the bike-- be careful and don't go to far starting off. I hope it's wonderful.


  8. you know Cinner you really inspire me such a battle you have andyet you just keep going and it seems you keep smiling. You are a winner already you know. I hope you just love the cycling and enjoy yourself. hugs hugs hugs

  9. Hi Kim, my plans fell by the wayside, we were in the yard all weekend. I am just a bit unsteady on my feet right now. I am doing leg exercises trying to increase the strength in my legs. I did get the bike out in the yard for a bit, but did not venture onto the roads.

    Joanna, It usually grows really good. I like that butter lettuce...and No I have learned that I can not do too much at a time, so just did a trip around the yard a few times. hope you had a great weekend.

    Bernie, I am sure trying to be, Wain took the dog for a 20 block walk and I managed two....maybe 3 by the end of the week. small steps, a day at a time. I am sure you were outside. did you see the temps for the next few days. Happy, joy, joy girlfriend.

    Linda I am familiar with it, for a time they thought my Mom had it, on and off she would have a few days where she just had to lay flat in bed. That has to be frustrating for you,,,,and I am glad you have a tricycle... I think I really need to get one. If I do you will be the first to get a picture. Have a great week.

    Thanks Gail, I am going to start looking for one, because of safety. I love you too my friend. The weather was amazing here so was outside doing a little bit of yard work. turned out well. Have a great week.

  10. My mother has a 3 wheeler and I have to say it's harder to ride than a regular bicycle because the turns are hard to maneuver.

  11. Unknown Mami, thanks that is good to know. I went for a short walk. today I thought I better keep both feet on the ground. take care.


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