Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yellow Brightens My Day!

I thought I would give you all a flower,
to brighten up your day.
In a way it looks like sunny side up eggs.
It makes me smile,
yellow is just such a brilliant color,
It is such a happy color,
it makes me want to run and jump and play,
why is it I never wear yellow,
maybe the same reasons I don't drink enough water,
It is fun learning more and more about yourself every day,
do you find that happens,
I love the journey I am on,
sometimes I just wished I reached my destination a little earlier.
I hope you are all doing well, we just have to keep doing our best.
I think of you all.
Embrace your day.


  1. Moral of the story:
    Wear more yellow
    Drink more water!
    You couldn't have reached your destination any sooner -
    Everything is going just as it should...
    But it's not over yet!

  2. Yellow is such a positive and energising colour :)


    Ah yellow, yes, brilliant, lovely just like YOU! And you are right where you are suppose to be along yor journey - savor this moment - it is real and true and has purpose on so many levels.

    I love you girl, "hey"


    p.s. I just discovered that tic-tacs are manufactured in Canada - fun huh?

  4. Cinner my new buddy, don't look back and wonder what if, nor to the future and say only then, live in the now and be glad for it. My grandmother used to say if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride......Nah, you're where you are and are in charge of that. Yeah. Have a super yellow sunshiney day, Linda

  5. When I see yellow, I see is a wonderful color. It is a color that doesn't look very good on me but I still wear it once in a while........:-) Hugs

  6. Yellow is a beautiful color. Reminds me of sunshine!
    You could get a pretty yellow scarf, headband or earrings to wear to inject the color into your life. Then let it be a reminder to you when
    you see yellow, drink more water.


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