Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something Is Very Wrong!

psst.......shh....we have to be quiet, I got to tell you
a secret, There is something seriously wrong
with my owner. Yesterday she was up dancing and exercising,
and she was even chasing me, now she can't get too close
because she is kind of well a lot slower than me.
She even was jumping, I think she made it about an inch off the floor.
She had this really loud funky music on,
Then she was singing, and I started howling,
and that made her laugh, so she fell down.
and I licked her face, and the more I licked her face, she was laughing,
and kept having those things where she can't talk,
My other dog friends don't have owners like this.
Oh and the thing that made me really mad is she usually gives me some treats,
I heard her say she is on a healthy eating plan and that I get no more treats either,
Can you imagine, I did look at her with my eyes.
and finally she threw me a carrot.
I f this keeps up I am going to have a chat with that other dog that lives here.
He will have no part of this.
I don't think the cat  cared for all of this as well,
she was jumping trying to swat at her legs!
That silly bird that lives in the cage above the t.v.
 was chirping up a storm and even rockin up and down.
The louder she turned up the music, the louder that silly bird was.
This was at 6.30 in the morning,
don't they know I like to sleep until about ten usually.
I don't know what she is thinking,
I can jump about 8 feet in the air,
and she says no jumping,
now she is trying to impress me by jumping an inch off the floor.
I can't take it, I gotta go and eat her socks,
it is probably the only treats I will get today!
Maybe I will chew on her shoes...
Yeah I am going to do that.
How can she take my treats away.
I thought it was supposed to be Valentines or something!
Picture me walking away with my head hangin,
if she throws me a carrot today, I might have to do something drastic!
She said it is a lifestyle change,
I was perfectly fine with my life,
She said if she gets healthier,
we will be able to go on more walks,
so maybe I should cut her some slack,
I am still gonna eat her socks!


  1. Brilliant post :o) Sounds like things are going very right.

  2. Now THIS is a funny post!
    Doggie Style!
    My favourite one yet!

  3. Whoot..her is to more dancin' and singing and jumping girl.. I wished I lived closer I would join you. Because yesterday..Lucy Lu (my pooch) was thinking exactly the same thing..what are the silly humans doing tunes blaring and Mama singing and dancing!!
    Cinner..we must have been on the same page! Great minds! Hugs to you hon and Let Fly with the fun!! Hugs, Sarah
    And the post - brilliant!! I have not done one from Lucy's point of view in a while..giggle!


    Wonderful way to share - through your amazing dog's response and reaction. :-) I loved it! All good news Cin, good news indeed. I am happy for you and hide your socks!!

    Love you

  5. Go cinner......the day at your house sounds like fun.......:-) Hugs

  6. So funny girl, I can just hear your pooch, ya know what the heck is goin on here???? He/shw will love ya for it eventually!!!! Keep up the good work, dancing is so the easiest and funnest exercise go girl go!!!!!!!!

  7. What a hoot!!!!! LOVE this post Cinner and so happy to hear you're feeling good!
    Keep up the good work!


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