Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Water, walking, water,

Yesterday I set aside any housework or chores that I needed to do.
I ended up going for a nice walk down by the river
overlooking the cross country skiers.
They were down there 
just not in my picture.
Hard to catch them from where I was,
I really am trying to get more physical activity,
and are you ready for this I even passed up going to Tim Hortons
for an ice cappucino, and opted to take my water bottle instead.
So slowly I am making better choices,
If your in a negative space, I  suggest going outside,
it sometimes is all you need to look at your day a little differently.
Works for me anyway.
No leg problems last night,
I did drink over 8 bottles of water,
picture me doing the happy dance!
Have a great day, enjoy whatever you are doing.
Best wishes to you all.


  1. Cinner you have done well! 8 bottles of water, you have done really well! I wish to be like you! Your choices are good ones! ((hugs))

  2. cinner, our weather has been beautiful so I am so glad you managed a walk today, I did as well and water is my favorite drink anyway so I drink a lot every day......I am so happy for you, you will feel like a new person when Spring really arrives in Alberta....:-) Hugs

  3. Bernie, it is wonderful . I am glad you have been out too, I also watched hockey and curling yesterday with the Olympics. have a great day Bernie.

    Claire, yes I did pretty good, just have to be more consistant from day to day. Oh honey your choices are good ones too, be you , your filled with love my friend.

  4. thats a lot of water, it will make you feel fuller too great job Cinner. And you are so right if I am grumpy or irritable a walk even if it is just in the garden does wonders, must be the air the sun you are doing great girl big hugs

  5. It sounds like we're on the same path.... More physical activity and better choices. I just started working out with a personal trainer (gift from my hubby). After our session today, I walked around several city blocks. It felt good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine.

    Glad you got to do that happy dance!

  6. I'm doing the happy dance with your Cinner!

  7. That's a great idea!! I am sure I don't get out as much as I should...only from house to car from car to work etc!! Great job on drinking all that water!! I need to increase mine.

  8. And I'm doing the happy dance with JJ and you, Cinner!
    Dancing to the piece: "Water Music!"
    Oh, a Timmy!


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