Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ice Chips and Carb Tripper!

Hi Everyone, 
If you have been reading my blog for any length of time,
then you know that I am not a big water fan,
although I have succumbed to the fact that it is a necessity for a healthy body and thus a healthy life.
I love ice though, crunched up ice chips, so I have  decided this is my next step, although in the cold weather,
the ice just won't have the appeal as it would on a hot summer day.
The sun is shining here today so all is well in my world,
although something must be going on as the helicopters have been circling the area for about 20 minutes.
I always wonder what is going on now.
I don't think the crime rate is any worse in our area of the city than others,
although we have lived in this area and have never had any trouble,
Lots of the older homes are being bought up,
and the area is starting to become known for the many artists living in the area.
See how quickly I can get sidetracked,
I am all over the map today,
But before I go I have to do a shout out for
Anne from Carb Tripper,
She inspired me to start my blog,
and yesterday she wrote on hers that she has gone from a size 24 down to a size 12.
Not only does she work very hard at her weight loss, she has an extremely good sense of humor
and has me in stitches. Her abilities as a photographer have increased in the amount of time I have known
her, and she loves taking photos when she is out driving! She also finds the best videos and always keeps me on my toes. So if you get a chance  you may want to go and have a visit and maybe congratulate her.
She bought a size 12 at lu lu lemon! One fine day maybe I will get to meet her there.
We could all have a party.
Well that is all for me today chickadees,
I hope this finds you in a fantastic mood,
I am off to dance to my morning music of Bob Marley
that gets me moving and grooving!
Embrace your day and Have the Best Day Ever!


  1. I am now having the best day ever!
    Cinner - thank you - you really made my day!
    Next time I am in Canada I want to meet you for sure!
    Until next time - stay warm and soak up that sun.


    "I love you"


  3. I love that you are dancing to Bob Marley, that is as good an exercise as any sweetie. I smile when I think of you not liking water, I was the same way about 20 years ago now I am never without water in my hand and drink gallons I'm sure. I love it.
    Today was absolutely gorgeous, I could even smell Spring in the air even though I know we will have a few storms before it actually arrives. Hope you had a wonderful day my friend.......:-) Hugs

  4. OOhh I am an old bob marley fan from way back, gotta love the reggae sound. you get those hips a swinging cinner and we'll be seein less of ya in no time have a great weekend hugs

  5. I walked by a water dispenser today...pulled a cup...turned the blue handle to dispense the colllld water....heard the 'gurgle gurgle' as the water dispensed from the beautiful clear tank into my small waiting cup...drank the cup of water....filled the cup again, and drank it...and thought of you....hoping that you are having the best of success. I'm glad that you are dancing!! Smiles to you, Cindy.

  6. Jackie, You are doing so good with the water. I am doing much better. I am finding my skin is looking a little better, no more Charley horses this week, so all is good. I hope you have a great weekend. Keep up the great choices. Hugs to you.

    Kim, I have gone through phases and for about a year it is all about reggae for I hope you will be seeing less of me too in no time. lol. take care, Have a great weekend.

    Bernie, I am starting to acquire a taste for it, it has been one of my greatest obstacles, which is just silly. I am so glad you enjoyed the day, I heard Sunday is supposed to be plus 5, that makes me so excited. Have a great weekend.

  7. Gail, I love you too, hope you and Gracy-Blue are having fun and that you are feeling well. Have a great weekend...gets you closer to Tuesday and Wednesday. Hugs to you.

    Anne, I thought you deserved a big shout out. Sometimes it helps knowing that people recognize how hard you have worked to get to this point. Hugs to you, And yes when you come to Canada, we must meet for sure.Have a great weekend.

  8. Ah, yes, Cinner - thanks for the shout*out!
    I love shout*outs!
    I love links and shout*outs.....but not the kind where people actually shout....that's no good...

  9. you is a mighty fine day here...mid forties...not snowing...i hear you on the ice...especiall those little pellets in the Sonic drinks...helicopters, now that is cool, you have me wondering now. that is awesome about your friend...will pop over. thanks for dropping by today..smiles.

  10. Woo hoo, I finally made it over to your other blog and I see it's just as good! I hope Bob is keeping you grooving and that your day is fabbarooney!


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