Monday, February 22, 2010

Exercise and Fresh Air.

Here's Looking At You Kid.
My day starts at about four am due to the pigeons that sit on my chimney,
They are all from next door but because there are so many,
well they have moved to our place as well.
So I am woken in the mornings to the cooing of the pigeons,
Thank the lord it is not a Woodpecker!
My weekend was good here, I was able to get a little exercise outside,
and I really ate healthy, drank my water, and mentally I am feeling 
better than I have in a while. I am embracing the day,
reminding myself that hardships come and go.
We will always have various trials and tribulations,
I am in control of what I put into my body!
How was your weekend?


  1. That's true, Cinner.
    At least we are in control of what we put into our mouth.
    It seems SO easy.
    Simple yes - easy, sometimes, not so easy!

  2. Glad you got some exercise and fresh air. I am desperate for the weather to improve - feeling very sluggish. Keep up the good work :)


    Pigeons? Who knew!! :-)

    My weekend was calm - loving and busy with Gracey-Blue. I am filed with gratitude that I can get outside with her and walk around and breathe deeply. She, by design, makes sure I go outside throughout the day. Amazing how a dog's poop schedule changed my life!!! :-) heehee, heehee :-) SO, life, I have decided is all about poop!!

    LOve you
    peace..... "hey"

  4. I'm happy that you care for your health, and it seems tghat you're doing a great job too.
    But talking about "bird alarm clocks", back when I was living in England there was some kind of bird that made wierd sounds like a telephone and an ambulance, and it was so annoying. ahahah :D

  5. Oy! The birds. We get hundred of crows flying thorough our neighborhood around 6pm every night. It's crazy and noisy!

    Glad to hear your weekend was good. Keep up the great job.

    I'm gong on vacation Wednesday for a long weekend. I'll catch up with you when I return.

  6. I'm not sure about those pigeons cinner, I can think of better things to wake me up.... I had a wonderful weekend, quiet as I only went to church and out for lunch with friends and watched hours of Olympics....which I love.
    So glad you got some exercise and love that you are drinking water.....have a wonderful day. Hugs

  7. Forgot to tell you I love the St. Patrick look, your blogs are so pretty.....:-) Hugs

  8. I myself have fallen off the exercise wagon and need to get back on. I was down in the dumps because it was raining and I get a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder when it's so dreary.

  9. Love your word 'embrace' Cindy...You truly are embracing your heart and mind...and in doing so, you help me...more than you know.
    I'm riding my bike. Yes. That's a good beginning for me! I'm still drinking water.
    I had a small bottle of water with me at choir practice last night after church. It was one of those itty bitty teeeny tiny bottles....just enough in there to make me mad and want a larger bottle of water. I've gotten to where I want is so refreshing...and just what my body needs.
    Continue to look up (but watch for pigeons....!!)
    Warmest smiles,

  10. Oh Jackie, choir practise sounds lovely. There is nothing I like better than listening to the choir. Good for you for riding your bike. good for you for wanting water, I am sitting here with one in hand,,,if I do nothing else all year I am happy that I am liking it....shows me that anything is possible. Keep up the great work.

    Unknown Mami, That SAD is something unreal, my life is so different when the sun is shining, I wish you many days of sunshine, you always seem so upbeat, as if the sun is always shining. Hugs to you.

    Bernie, we watched hours of the Olympics too. Glad you had a nice weekend. Yes I can think of better things to wake me up at 4
    I love celebrating St. Patricks day. I used to dye my hair green and everything. I have just a wee bit of Irish in me! Have a great week Bernie,

    Have a great time Joanna, oh a getaway would be nice. Have a wonderful well.

    Rafael, that would have been annoying. too bad you do not know the name of the bird. I am quite interested in birds...would love to see one of those. take care, hope you are well, thanks for stopping by.

    Gail, with a new puppy I can understand it why you would be thinking that. Glad all is well, will visit you tomorrow. Love ya, c

    Cambridge Lady, I am so ready for Spring, I think that is what we all need. take care. BTW i LOVE your mystery pictures....You get us good with them,,,spider and the dishwasher would have never guessed. Can't wait to see what you do next.

    Anne, simple yes, unfortunately not easy...I need to step it up with more exercise, today I was worn right out...always a new day. Have a great week little miss thing with the size 34 waist, that is so awesome for you. Take care.


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