Monday, February 1, 2010


Look at this poor little squirrel 
searching for food,
Now that is determination,
Do you know how much effort
it must take to find enough,
Anything the little fella finds,
by the time he eats,
back to search for more.
because he has probably worked up an appetite.
I  am working on my Weight Wise  course!
measuring and weighing, working out.!
What a gift I have, I have the choice
of how I want to live!
I am starting off my day when I wake up
with Richard Simmons,
Swingin to the Oldies!
Have fun!
I hope you have your very Best day Ever.


  1. Love squirrels - even the grey ones, though I prefer the little reds. Narrowly avoided running one over in the car yesterday - phew!

    Have the Best Day Ever ! xx

  2. No doubt, at the farm where I grew up we had lots of squirrels, they used to create havoc in the graineries. Do you have groundhogs day over there. it is here today! glad you missed the squirrel.

  3. Let's give the poor l'il thing some corn or something, eh?
    Happy Groundhog Day to you and ALL Canadians.

  4. Corn on the cob! I love it...I bet he will to.
    Keep swinging to the oldies, Cinner. I'm remembering what you wrote on your sidebar," I'm in the best time of my life..." Keep saying it again and again...smiling as you do.
    Go, girl!


    As I continue to ride the on going shift I am simply 'living', enjoying, laughing, I KNOW what is good for me and what is not. Shouldn't require much thought at all - and then I can just too girl, you too.

    Love you "hey"

  6. Not Richard Simmonds....I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Good for you cinner, you are on a good road now......:-) Hugs

  7. Thank you so much for your profound remark. It's hard for me to accept people's lack of respect. Fortunately I was raised by two caring parents who taught me to treat everyone with respect, I still will do. although I feel their values are a piece of shit. good luck with richard I could never get into him.

  8. I love Richard Simmons!! I will have to see if I still have mine!! Thank you!!

  9. We have a lot of squirrels here now. I put out things for them, but always worry it "lures" them across far, so good, knock on wood...

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  11. Big Event, I think I will stick to what is already working for me , thank you for popping in.

    Penni, I love me squirrels and I love me my new pink earrings. have a great day.

    gayle, I think I like what he stands for, but those red and white shorts gotta go....what do you think. lol.

    Nancy, no problem for the comment, my heart just broke for you that day. I hope it all gets easier.

    Bernie, I lasted for the warm ups. lol. no a little longer, not much. slow but sure....Have a great day.

    Gail, you are definately doing all you can, loving yourself and that is awesome...hows that gracey blue, probably grew this week already.Take care love ya hey.

    Jackie, corn on the cob, I LOVE it, I suppose I could give him just a little. I do keep saying over and over,,,,I could not leave any comments on your blog yesterday,,,but I was there and saw the misleto. Take care, I will keep trying. your blog is the only one I have

    Anne, thanks I don't know if he saw his shadow or not, I was noticing yesterday, it had been getting dark at 430, but was still light at 540. So things are on the upswing for sure. have a great day Anne. Later my friend.


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