Saturday, January 9, 2010

Get Back Up!

Today I am grateful for the soft hues in my house,
for the warmth in my heart, for the subsiding grief,
for always the chance to get back on track and remember
my reason for wanting to be healthier, and live longer.
I am grateful that today I can refocus
and start afresh again, I am grateful that I can see the opportunity of every day,
To keep trying to succeed.
I am grateful that I don't quit trying!
I am not afraid,
in fact
I am grateful for my life.
Have a wonderful weekend.



    I am so honored to be your friend and walk this journey with you as we embrace freedom. (our words for 20io, together) :-)
    I too love the hues in our home - once, my son was asked to write an essay about what he would miss most about living in Guilford when he went off to college. He wrote about the colors in our home and how they changed with the seasons and also during the day. It was a beautiful writing about home. The teacher was an "idiot"!! She wrote on his paper that she meant what would he miss about the town,like the Green or the parks or lakes, blah, blah, blah. She clearly missed the 'creative boat', ya think? "hey" :-0

    I love you and I am better today - just took a shower and am starting the laundry.

  2. I needed this todaY!! Great words!

  3. Oh what a grateful post cinner, everyone will feel better for reading this....:-) Hugs

  4. Big sigh! Beautiful post Cinner.

    i am grateful I met you.


  5. I love the warmth of the post...and you have certainly captured the warmth in the photograph.
    I hug you and walk with you....always.

  6. And I am grateful for you, and all that you share!


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