Friday, January 8, 2010

Word to Ponder!

The above picture is courtesy of the grahicsfairy I believe.
I just love the picture.....
So forgive me for saying, there are many things in life that are fairy simple...
Take the word up, absolute confusion.
I did a google search this am and 167 million sites to check out.
I don't think so.
UP...adverb..from a lower to a higher place, away from, or out of the ground,
in or on a higher positive level...
Why it concerns me today, I have no reason, just I am thinking how difficult the English language can be.
You have, hurry up, bottoms up, drink up, throw up, get up, chin up,bugger up, stand up, sit up,
f up, sorry!, grow up, even show up,....
oh I give up, and if I am crazy...
you can always gang up....
you know I think I will just shut up!!
How would you explain all this to a child?
New word down, ....
I am going to lay down.............maybe I need to rest!
Yeah I think so.
That is a fairy good idea.


  1. HI CIN - "hey"

    And there is the movie "UP", have you seen it yet? :-)

    Stay warm. I am in a weird place - my word for today has been "ick",

    Love you girl

  2. *rimshot*
    Words, words, words....
    You are right up there, Cinner!
    Get down, Cinner!

  3. Oh my gosh I didn't realize how many definitions there were for "up" and some of them are so funny......interesting day you have had sweetie......:-) Hugs

  4. English is a most difficult language.
    Trying to teach it so that it makes logical sense is paradoxical in itself.
    Love your 'up' beat blog!
    Take care of you, my friend...

  5. Jackie, I really wish I would have listened better in English class, how have you been. Up beat blog...thanks, some days a little crazy.

    Bernie, a strange thought day today for sure.Enjoy the break in our weather, cant wait to hear what you are up to. We are planning on going on a long walk............I got to get some sun.
    Big hug Bernie. take care.

    Anne, lol. if I ever get down...I may just not get back up. lol. bACK to my weightwise stuff next week. getting all my good food in here tomorrow....all holiday has left the building. we both had bad colds this week, so Monday is Dday for me.

    Gail, I stopped by to read your blog, left you along message, sorry I did not see it earlier in the day. Remember you are loved. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Thinking of you as always.


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