Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Odds and Sods!

This is one of the most beautiful winter scenes I have ever seen,
And I know in the not too distant days that my world could look like this.
Today I was reading on a blog TechnBabes Adventures, about how for portion control they use smaller plates.
I sat here thinking to myself, okay Cinner....time to put the platters away, I kid you not!
So when I get up later that is what I am doing!
Yesterday I got one of those big balls to exercise with. I actually enjoyed it. I am starting out slow, still trying to walk more. My lower back has been giving me trouble for awhile, had the same thing last year shoveling snow, so I kinda think I overdid it.,
Last night I watched Celtic Woman singers on T.V.
They have the most beautiful voices.
I think I have seen them about ten times now and I never tire of it.
So take care all,
I hope you have your best day ever!


  1. Come on - let's go there....
    That's so pretty to look at!
    Stay warm, Cinner.
    And the plate trick - true wisdom.

  2. Hi Cinner, Your new design looks fabulous!

    I'm a big fan of the "big ball" and actually sit on it most days while I type at my desk, in addition to using it for exercise. Once you get the hang of it, it's nice. And TechnoBabe is right about the small plates.

    The pic is lovely but it's a little toooo much snow for me :-)



    I love the picture - I am such a winter-girl! And yup, use smaller plates - we switched to smaller dishes a while ago -

    n test results for my Mom yet - probably tomorrow. I don't wait well. grrrrrr

    and we are expecting some snow on Saturday - I plan to write Christmas cards and have some music of the season on to add some ambience!!

    Love you

    p.s. have fun on your ball!!!

  4. We have snow already covering everything and are expecting more this weekend....I am cozy by the fire as I write you and am so thankful that I have a house full of groceries, lots of logs and everything I need to get through any storms that comes along....this is a lovely time of year for snow.....:-) Hugs

  5. Cinner, my comment isn't showing, will check back later to see if it has arrived from cyber space......:-) Hugs

  6. Look like here in wv when it snows

  7. Wow talk about winter.....we are sitting here in shorts and t shirts hot hot hot!!!!! I agree totally with the previous post about the aspartin, I actually won't eat or drink anything with the word diet in the label, just my thing take off the t and you die...Seriously, I have heard so much about all the chemicals etc used to make things diet they say it kills ya!!!! Rather be voluptios than dead. Keep up the good work and your new page is lovely.

  8. Kim, the other bad one is malitol, you know I sometimes even worry about medications, you never know what they are doing to you. Thanks, I llike the new page too. Take care.

    Audrina, I love the snow, that picture brings many memories back. Have a great day, thanks for commenting.

    Bernie, I can just see you sitting in your pretty room all cozy prepared for the winter. You keep warm, snow in our forecast.

    Gail, I hope you get the results for your Mom, stuff like that, I don"t wait well either. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I need to get at my christmas cards too. Take care, and yes I will have fun on the ball.

    Joanna, thats a good idea while at the computer.
    the smaller plates are helping and I have made a real effort to keep that journal, it keeps me on track. It is the mobility that has been holding me back, so I do what I can, definately no standing on my head yet. lol.

    Anne, hello, so glad to have you pop in. yes the picture I would sit and look at it for hours with you. The wisdom of the plates. you would just laugh if you saw my other ones. so yes and it is working. think of you often, I don't know why your video of you at the airport hit me so funny, but many days I think of your post that day and it brings a smile to my face.
    I hope you are well and not working too hard.make sure you take time for you says the bossy canadian. big hug!

  9. And I always listen to bossy Canadians!!
    Hugs to you and three cheers (yay!) for the smaller plate wisdom.
    Yeah, that airport thing was a great day - I still think about it all the time.
    I catch myself thinking Gosh, I wish I had a blog - I would post this or that..."
    Then YOU could pop in and see ME!

  10. Anne does this mean your going to start up your blog again....then me would come and visit you. lol


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