Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday and Aspertain Warning!

Today is my little sisters birthday, The baby sister turns 41 today. I just can not believe how fast time flies for us all. She had a great year fell in love, getting married next year to a very nice man. Life can change overnight you know. She had always said, Oh no she was going to stay by herself after a bad divorce. I always told her she would get over the heartache and someday she would probably remarry. She has had her own struggles with being fit and fabulous. A few years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes and it turned her whole life around. She started eating much healthier. I have decided that if it has no sugar, but has aspertaine in it, lord love a duck , I may as well ate some really spicy chilly, as the aftereffects are the same if you know what I am talking about. One night when she was visiting, my husband, my sister and I were eating these no sugar cookies before bed. The next morning I said to my sister, I don't know what was wrong with everyone last night, but it was not pretty! She says oh I forgot to tell you that aspertain really gives you gas! Well that is just lovely you inform us now, My husband gets up and he says I dont know what the heck was wrong with us all, did you use any extra spices last night in your stew.....what blame me, I think not.! I swear stay away from that stuff! I told my husband keep those out of the house, that if I want to get gas, I will go fuel up the vehicles. Of course they were both laughing, as I can be quite the drama queen when I want to..........So today my little sister, know I love you. I am very happy for you. I wish I could be there for you, but am so looking forward to you coming next week. Have a great day....please dear lord, eat healthy today or it might not be the most romantic of dates....I know what your thinking...can't you come up with a better story than this! Wait until next year, I got another dandy one. I will call you later.   So everyone I usually don't talk of such things,,,but there really is some good advise in this story. If you don't believe me, run right out and buy some lemon cookies with aspertain, but do not say I did not forwarn you. I hope you all have a great day, I hope it is your best day ever.



    "happy birthday" to your sister, AND, it is my husband's son's birthday - Adam - Alaura's Dad - we all sang "happy birthday" to him at breakfast and put a candle in his waffle!!

    I love any type of "gas" stories - thanks for the hearty laugh!!

    Love you girl

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister....and thank you for my early morning chuckle....:-) hugs

  3. well sister what a gift this morning to read about my gastric distress situations, online for the world to see. lol Yes i refrain from the malitol which is what they put in any no sugar added stuff, it does cause havoc with most people. anyways had a laugh love you talk soon

  4. Cinner:

    I've nominated you for the Superior Scribbler Award! Just drop by my blog anytime to pick it up!

  5. Hi everyone it is malitol not aspertain....lord whats happening to me mind lately....definately malitol....remember that word, it is dangerous!

  6. Georgia Mist, thankyou very much, I left a message on your post today. take care for now.

    Happy Birthday penquin, as soon as I read it yes malitol. Hope you are having a greeat and fabulous day.

    Gail and Bernie, glad you both had a morning chuckle, my sister can't bellieve I wrote about this. Gail the waffle with the candle sounds nice. Take care to you both. Have a good day.


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