Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day!

This picture was taken this morning at approximately 8:30!
My husband had to work and you always get such a gorgeous view outside of the city.
I have to laugh because sometimes we see things the same.
He showed me tonight, and I told him it was an amazing picture!
His chest puffed out, he flexed his muscles and he has been singing around here all night long!
When I first met Wain, I don't think he had ever taken a picture, maybe a mug shot...lol, that was a joke!
But now he is talking about angles, glare and  other things,
This could turn into an awesome hobby for us,
Be a good way to get out for some walks too.
He also came home with some much needed fruits and vegetables!
He asked how my day went and I kid you not keep in mind it is November in Canada,
While cleaning today in my front porch I found the brightest canary laying on my floor!
I was startled so my Cataplexy kicked in, I could not talk for a few minutes, did not fall, but made it to the chair.! A few minutes later I was okay again!
I think it had to be a bird from someones house,
and how long has he been in my house,
If I knew he was there maybe I could have saved him!
So it was an unfortunate incident!
Makes me once more appreciate every moment!
I think I will venture outside to take pictures tomorrow for some fresh air.
Take care, Hope your day went well!


  1. That is a gorgeous picture! You live in a beautiful place.

    Sorry about the bird. That would have scared the daylights out of me.


  2. Oh that is sad about the bird....and I think Wain took a great picture. I wish I could but I keep trying.......:-) hugs

  3. Bernie, yes I was sad, it must have been someones pet I think anyway. yes I thought Wain took a great pic. and you I loved the photo of your fireplace and curtains. Your better than you think you are. hugs
    Unknown Mami, me too, it sure startled me, I am a little supersticious about things like that too. I know it is silly.

    Joanna, I do love it here, and yes I was startled too, my cat just sat there looking guilty, but she has not been out of the house because of our weather. Strange anyway. Hope you are well. Take care my friend..


    I loved the joke about the "mug shot" You are a hoot! My kinda gal! :-)
    And the canary laying there must have been quite a shock. And a mystery. Poor little thing. :-(

    We had a wonderful day here in Connecticut. We put some of my office - treasured - memories in our back room - displayed on walls and shelves. I was surprised how nice it all looks. This room was my son's room and now it doubles as a music room and out place where we use the Wll AND still has a pull out bed and dresser (in the closet) for when my son and or a guest visits. We built a sleep loich left the 'living-space' open for all else he enjoyed. So it is like 2 rooms in one, sort of.
    Today we are making home-made marinara sauce - it is SO good. And we will just have another fun day together - Tuesday & Wednesday is 'our weekend'. :-) I have rambled - sorry.

    Love to you

  5. thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my blog I love reading your blog as well :)

  6. Citrus Hearts, oh your welcome, everyone should come visit you. Did you draw your header. Take care.

    Okay Gail, I am pretty good at ciphering and rithmatic, but I have no idea what a sleep loich is. It does sound kinda scary! What did you put in that marinara sauce... and are you drinking it in the sleep loich. let me know cause I am going to be thinking about this all day. Have fun my friend. take care. hugs!

  7. HI CINNER -

    Oh my I cannot type. I meant to write "Sleep Loft". We have 15 foot cathedral ceilings so the loft is 7 feet tall and the room 8 feet high. Cool huh? Phew.

    Love you

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