Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Has Happened to A.J.?

This cat is my sisters fiances cat named AJ. The cat, Not the Fiance!
A.J. has moved from a trailer into a tri-level house!
Apparently when anyone visits they ask "What has happened to A.J?"
A.J. has had more exercise and is being chased by two loving young adults.
I guess thats what I need is someone to chase me around the house.
Hopefully not a cat!


  1. Good morning Cinner! What a cute cat! I love all animals but as I grew up with them cats are my favourite :)
    You don't need anyone to chase you around the house you have great willpower!
    Take care of yourself and have a lovely Friday! TGIF!

  2. Hi Dorothea, I am a big animal lover for sure. I am doing okay, we have our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so I believe a big turkey dinner Sunday evening. I will be okay unless the stuffing is really great. One day at a time. Have a wonderful. TGIF, MY husband will be off for 3 days, I am excited about that! Take care, appreciate your comments, your bright profile pic always makes me happy!

  3. What a cutie, I agree with Dorothea that you are doing the best you can with a great willpower! One day at a time sweetie...Hugs

  4. Bernie, have a great thanksgiving weekend! Take care,look forward to reading your next post.

  5. What a cutie! I adore cats but am allergic to them .... how fair is that? Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. A x

  6. Glad you like my profile picture :)
    Have a nice time with your husband!

    Cute cat. :-) And you have a great sense of humor.!!!

    Cinner? Question? How can I get one of those "feed my fish" things for my blog?

    Love toyou my friend - have a fun day

  8. Cute kitty -kat
    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.
    Be thankful!

  9. That cat looks TIRED!!!

    I left you something on my blog.

    Happy weekend.

  10. Hi go into customize, add a gadget,most popular, and then down to fish, you can choose the colors of your fish too. Let me know if you have any trouble. I have seen on another blog, turtles...but have not been able to find those. Have a great weekend!Big hugs!

    Anne, thankyou and I am thankful, thanks for your kind words on my other blog. Take care.

    Cambridge Lady, not fair for sure! I have one cat with real fine hair, sometimes I think I might have an allergy or maybe I am getting old and my eyes are puffy. lol. Take care, have a fabulous weekend. We have snow here already! Have to get out in my yard, i still have lawn ornaments and a fountain out there. I looked out this am and the water is frozen, so I just shut my door.LOL. Hugs

    Dorothea, Have a great weekend.Be well.

  11. Hi there, first visit to your blog . . loving the cat!

  12. Hi Gloria, thanks for becoming a follower. Always excited to meet someone new. Take care!

  13. HI CINNER -

    Thanks for the info on how to feed the fish gadget - I got it in to my blog! woohoo!!

    Love you

  14. Gail I am glad it worked out for you. Take care, Be Well.


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