Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hard to Climb!

Sometimes it seems like a long way to get to where we want to be going. I felt this today. I have been on a waiting list to go to a weight wise program through one of the hospitals . I was called today and have booked an appointment for next week for their assessment. I was also told that there would be about a year wait until I actually am in the program. So I thought to myself...Assessment, well I can tell them FOR SURE I AM OVERWEIGHT! Then I thought a year, are they kidding me, I hope to be much healthier in a year, then I thought, get on the list because it can't do any harm right. I guess it is quite a popular program and since I want to get as healthy as I can, I have decided to give it my all. I sometimes wonder why I fight some of the things I know will be beneficial to me. Surely I want to change! I remind myself after being tired out the last few days, how hard it is sometimes to go for a walk, I know the benefits, so I am going to grasp on and hold with both hands! I will make it to the top of that hill, not this fall, maybe by summer, one day at a time. Be well!


  1. Wow - alot can happen and change in a year.
    That's like down here (US)
    One friend of mine saved up the $10,000 for weight loss surgery. It took her one year to save up the money. She worked 2 jobs to save the money.
    But by the end of a year, she had worked so hard, she had lost half the weight, anyway!
    So she took the money and went on the best vacation she had ever had.
    There really are no wrong answers here, eh?

  2. Hi Anne, you know I think because it is a referral by a doctor that there is no cost for us up here....who knows maybe that has been cut back. I don't think so, that would be wonderful. I want to be able to say in a year, sorry I feel great, worked hard and got r dun.
    lord I sound like Larry the Cable Guy! Get r done!

  3. Hi there - I stumbled on your blog via Ribbon's. Good luck with your journey - you sound like you have a great attitude! All good wishes, Angela x

  4. Hi there, glad to meet you. I love Ribbon, she makes my day , what a smile she has. I have learned that every day is precious, onward and forward. Thanks for becoming a follower Miss cambridgeLady. I will be by to visit you. Take care.

  5. Hi Cinner-
    Good for you - yes, get on the wait list - the year will come and go anyway, so why not have that a a "prize" just for YOU. And remember to celebrate yoursedlf every day - you are amazing.

    Love to you

  6. A lot can happen in a year and I've often seen long waiting lists get short really fast. I say the squeaky wheel gets oiled so call them every 2 weeks and nudge them and remind them you're READY to join!!!!

    Love ya,

  7. That is not good. I hate things like this. When you decide to do it, you have to have the support right then to help you do it, otherwise you lose some of the impetus... Are there any other courses or groups or anything that could help you while you wait?

  8. Rose, hi I am going to check when I go on Wednesday, I think they might have some classes I can take in the meantime. My sister has been on a list for a couple of years and has still not heard. she is following the diabetic diet and doing quite well. I guess patience is a virtue. I just hope there will not be any healthcuts to this program as that is happening all over here right now. Take care. I will let you know what happens.

    Thanks Joanna, I will, keep bugging them so I get on a first name basis. Have an awesome day birthday girl. Take care.

    Gail, how is the wood hauling going? You are so right time just flies by does'nt it? Be well.

  9. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  10. Good choice to go on the list. It's one more incentive to continue on the journey of loosing weight. Wouldn't it be great to finally go on the programme and have less weight to loose? They'll be impressed with you too :)
    But the most important lesson you give us here is ONE DAY AT A TIME!

  11. Cinner, definitely go for the assessment and be placed on the list.....what can it hurt? You may not even need too go there in a year as you are working toward your goal now, you have the most wonderful attitude ever!..Hugs

  12. Just a note - your other site is messed up - it won't open directly and it won't take comments. So don't panic if there are no comments on your wonderful story about the ukulele. Over the Rainbow for sure, Cinner!

  13. Hey Anne, thanks for the heads up! Your a godsend for sure,

    Bernie, I am hoping I don't have to. Will see what happens, thanks Bernie for all your positive feedback. I will be thinking about you today. take care and good luck. hugs

    Dorothea, yes One day at a time, They would be impressed, for right now I am going to keep doing what I am doing as it seems to be working out quite well, but yes One Day At a Time. Have a great day. take care.

    Thanks unknown Mami, yes one foot in front of the other,,,for now I walk, hope to run one day. Be well and happy.

  14. Cinner - I found out why we fight the things we know would help us.
    The answer is not "pretty" but it works. It would have to be "fear."
    Fear of changing, of the unknown, of being better, fear of alot of things.
    Fear of Love, of Being, fear of Awakening....
    So ready, steady---easy does it (and all that.)
    The climb for me is MENTAL, but just as hard/harder as if it were physical.
    One little mental baby step at a time, eh?

  15. Thanks Anne, easy does it for sure, the brain works in mysterious ways, baby steps....oh thanks for the comment about the other blog, it is back up and working for now...blogger ahhh!

  16. You will make it happen . . I know, I did! I live in a mountainous region is Spain and when I first came here I thought my chest would burst when I first tried to walk to town. Bit by bit it became easier. Trust me, in the first 4 months I thought my heart would surely give out and that I would die on one of those walks. It wasn't that I was particularly overweight but very ill and out of condition. It does get better and the feel good factor will then be worth ALL the effort!


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