Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The root of the Problem!

This is something I have pondered alot! I have read so many times that if you are overweight there has to be some major reason why your eating! That  there is some hidden issue that we have not dealt with! I always think why do they look for a problem! Can't it be as simple as the fact that I love food!  Especially bread, and unfortunately it all seems to stick to my body! As a child I remember coming in from outside to the smell of fresh baked bread or buns especially in the winter, and we would all sit around the table and have buns, butter and jam! So yummy and tasty and warm! Was it comfort food, no we were cold and trying to warm up, and it was a family moment! So why does it have to be analyzed, that if you aare eating, you are missing something in life, no my life is pretty good, I am happy and content with who I am, I would like to have more energy and less aches and pains, but other than that life is pretty good. Tomorrow I start at the Weight Wise program at one of the local hospitals, I will be opened minded and willing to learn, Apparently they help you figure out why you eat, what triggers it and such. So I will keep an open mind and hopefully get to the root of the problem!....yesterday was our Thanksgiving and I did not overeat, but I did have the works, I find the smell so appealing....Maybe I just need to walk around with a clothespin on my nose! LOL. Take care my friends, I will let you know what happens when I go tomorrow!


    mmmmmmmmmmm, comfort food. That memory of warming up with fresh baked bread and rolls is a wonderful comfort memory.
    I hear ya about the "problem" - try and stay opened to the concept -
    Good luck with the program - and remember just how bautiful you are.

    Love Gail

  2. I will be looking forward to how you make out tomorrow....I have always heard that as well, so it will be nice to know where this saying comes from....loved your napping picture...Hugs

  3. I don't think that there is a problem per se, but we all turn to something for *Comfort.* Life certainly is not simple - a sucky job can make me eat in fact drink! LOL!!!!

  4. I'm like that, Cinner. I have no root of my problem. I just love the taste and smell and look of food. And I love my low fat food about as much as the high fat stuff that I was eating. But I do think we all need to learn about triggers. Good luck and have fun tomorrow.

  5. MissyM , I think we could be related. They changed the appointment until next Monday, but I figure I need to learn as much as I can about all this stuff. Onward and upwards, actually downwards I mean. lol

    Dreamwriter, I agree with you on that one, maybe we should have drinks together. LOL

    Thanks Bernie, it was changed until next Monday, so will let you know then. big hug.

    Gail, I can tell your loving that memory, yeah I am not putting up any walls, Lord knows its taken me awhile to get some of those down. Big hug. Be well.

  6. Unknown Mami, Thanks, Have a great day!


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