Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rocks and Oranges!

Hello My pretties, BAWAAHAHA!
How is thatt for a Halloween Greeting!
The above picture is one that I submitted to the Photography group that I belong to. We had to post about a childhood passion. That passion is and was collecting rocks. I was painting them for awhile and then I started to carve them using a handheld dremel until I blew it up last summer, it got overheated, sparks were flying, I was jumping around putting out the sparks. When I was little it was all very exciting to find a rock with a little fleck of gold in it, Oh I was rich, so rich, I think I watcheed too many Panning for Gold movies as a child.
So above are some of the artwork I have made with the rocks.
But that is really not what my post is about today.other than to say all of my followers rock!
My question I pose is this, is there a limit to Christmas oranges that I should be eating in a day.
I love them and because it is cold and flu season, well I figure the more the merrier,
I have to be honest, I have a tummy ache.
So don't do it!
Quality not Quantity!
Have a great Day!
P.S. Doarathea, the time change is this weekend for us!


  1. Nice picture and no I don't believe there is a too much when eating Christmas oranges. They only come out once a year, so enjoy them. My boys LOVE these oranges and we tend to go though lots of boxes Cinner. I got a great price on them on Sunday costing only $3.98 for a box. I thought WOW what a deal. Happy Halloween Cinner :)


    Oh my - rocks. I ask people when they vacation to just bring me back a rock., I have many, from many places and I love each one. I would like one from your yard and I will send you one from mine, ok? :-) And about the oranges? three a week!!

    Love to you

  3. I collect rocks from every place I visit!...and I love your rock paintings!
    Enjoy those oranges....Great source of Vitamin C.

  4. There is nothing like a good orange.

  5. Cinner, I think oranges are really good for you and I love your rock collection, I have several from the many places I have been blessed to visit, I even collect sand from the beaches when on vacation.....mine are in a box and yours look so pretty......:-) Hugs

  6. Bernie, I remember getting them as kids and we thought we had struck gold,,,i have been uping my vitamin c intake trying to avoid any. thats a good idea about the sand from the beaches. good night.

    Unknown Mami, nothing like a good orange, I have been having trouble getting on some blogs and much to my chagrin yours was one of them, so if you notice I have not left you any messages that is why. I am going to call my cable company just in case its from this end, and not blogger. Take care.

    Jackie it seems like more and more of us collect rocks. We should start a club. lol. Be well, keep smiling my friend.

    Gail, we will have to exchange addresses. That would be great. I might have to dig through the snow first though. lol. I will email you and also look at figuring out that signature for you. huge hug for earlier today, love ya.

    Crista, I can imagine the boys eating lots of them, better that than chocolate right, I think we paid 4.98 so you got a better go girl. Have a happy Halloween! Do you dress up or anything. Have fun.

  7. Back in the day (before low-carb) I ate Christmas oranges with peppermint candy together. Made a real unique taste.
    Much better than eating rocks.
    Let me hear from ya, Cinner! If you wish, that is :)

  8. "Christmas Oranges"? I guess those are what we know as "Satsumas" in the UK - easy peel and very juicy and we only get them in winter ..... Love the rocks - beautifully painted. Enjoy those oranges :)

  9. I'm not a rck collectore but shells, well I live in Queensland in Australia, the absolute best beaches in the WORLD and I have collected 1000's of shells all sizes and shapes over the last 40 odd years. I decided I would get rid of some a few years back and after I bagged them and threw them out I found them a few weeks later in my bedside draw, my twins just didn't want me to get rid of them. So funny what have I started. The oranges I don't eat them only drink the juice but hey what's the motto everything in moderation
    Big hugs and kisses

  10. Oh Kim, I am so glad your girls put them back in your drawer, they are just darlins are'nt they. You must find the most amazing ones, I used to pick sand dollars at the coast on vancouver Island. Someday I want to get one of those conch shells you blow through. Take care.

    Cambridge Lady, interesting name for them there, I believe they are the same thing. take care, hope you are well.

    Anne I am going to email you for sure, and eating oranges is much better than rocks for sure. see your sick and still have your sense of humor. Take care.

  11. What an interesting picture Cinner. Great job!

    I collect rocks from our vacations and keep them in clear acrylic boxes with a note inside each one to remind me where they're from. They line my kitchen sink window :-)


  12. That sounds like a grat idea because some I have forgotten where they are from. I was sure I would remember, but they are still dear to me. Take care Joanna!

    Anne I hope you drop by because I do not have your email address. I got my fingers crossed.


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