Monday, October 26, 2009

No Looking Back!

Good Morning
This photo was taken the last time I went to Saskatchewan to have a visit at the farm.
I loved it because of the reflection in the mirror, as well as the bright colors.
Looking back at eating habits there was we always had a breakfast.
We all ate together at mealtimes
And we ate what was on our plates
Very seldom were there leftovers.
There was always a huge garden
We were very active working on the farm
And I was in almost every sport I had time for.
Usually there were always deserts.
My weight was not really an issue of more than twenty pounds.
Until I moved to the city
where I now did not eat at every meal,
Alot of instant precooked meals,
junkfood, and here is the kicker,
very little exercise.
When I go home to visit,
there is, has been and always will be
enough food to feed an army!
So pretty much it has been
Come to mama!
I am not kidding you!
It could be like a no holds barred eatfest,
My mother loves to cook,
It is very hard to say no!
So that is sorta the rundown, I have been on every diet known to mankind, and will never go on another one, as you set yourself up for failure. But I am on a lifestyle change to get healthier. At my first meeting last week , she suggested that I start to write down everything I eat in a day and when. What I have found is it really keeps me on track with okay you have had that piece of bread, get your fruit and protein. If I am not tracking it, oh yeah I had one then, oh right I ate that then. Oh and then there were those 4 cookies. on and on. So on Friday I have a 2 and a half hour class about the Weight Loss program, I am as open to as much knowledge that they can teach me. The other thing I have noticed is that when I would diet I really could lose weight quickly, but I tell you the aging process has kicked the heck out of that. I had heard how much harder it is after 40, and darlins that is the truth!
I am 46 now and I am excited when I turn 50
Because I want to be the healthiest that I can possibly Be.
And I am going to go skydiving and out dancing!
I am going to make this dream come true.
Together we can reach our goals, Being Consistant and Patient
We can be and do Anything.
I hope you have a bright and fabulous day, don't look back on past failures,
Lets continue our new exciting adventures!
Be Healthy!



    I SO love your enthusiasm!! It delights me and lifts me up. And yes, it is a life style change - far greter than a diet - diets are temporary - life style changes are permanent. Amen.

    You said something tome on your other blog about how "you and I are similar,more so than you like to admit"!! I think I understand - and I would so love to explore that sometime, one-on-one. I think we can help each other more than we already are.

    Love to you

  2. Gail, yes I think I need to email you one day, just alot with family history, etc. One day my friend. We need to sit around a fire, with a big cup of hot chocolate and laugh and cry!oh and throw snowballs. Have a great day.

  3. I really like this post and how you are in the process of a life change, cinner I have met ladies in their 70's that are on a diet...I feel very sorry for these women, when does the time come for them either to make a life change or accept themselves as they are. I agree with you, no more diets.....:-) Hugs

  4. Bernie, your a darlin, I can not imagine going through life not liking yourself! I do know a few and it makes me sad. Hopefully they can grow to love themselves as they are. It is a good feeling when we get there isn't it. Have a great day Bernie.

  5. I know people who have such hate and loathing for themselves (read as: fear.)
    It is sad only in that is so unnecessary.
    Love is all around and they can't grasp it...they won't let anyone love them.
    It's always good to read your blog because you have the self-love part down!
    You are a loving and kind soul, Cinner.

  6. You are one exciting gurl!!...and I'm sooo happy that you have THE positive attitude. Spread it around, my friend. There are just too many people who don't feel the self-worth that you do...and I am so excited to read this that I'm about to jump up and down.
    Be right back...
    OK.. I'm back...and I'm smiling. You go girl!
    What an exciting post!!

  7. I'm just back from vacation and thrilled to see you in such positive and great spirits! You are an inspiration Cinner. I'm cheering you on and looking FORWARD with you.

  8. I think keeping a food journal is extremely helpful.


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