Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sisters and Carrot Sticks!

This is a picture of my sister and her fiance out for a walk. This photo I took the last time I went to visit her. Of course I have edited as you can tell as I love black and white photography. What I have found out in life this past year, that there is really no such thing as black and white, as so much that has happened seems to have a grey area too. I myself that things are not always set in stone, that way there is room for growth, an opportunity to forgive, more opportunities to keep your heart open to love and the possibilities that may come from that. Today I sat outside and raked a few leaves as I am trying to get some exercise daily so as to build up my strength. I sat in the sun with a dog on each side of me, their unconditional love.Today my two sisters were getting together  in the city where they live and well I wish I could have been there. So I sit instead and think of them, love them both, amazed at their differences !
We would of had fun together the three of us, but I know one of my sisters and they are probably eating the biggest piece of chocolate cheesecake she could find.
As for me I have just had a snack of carrot sticks.
I always get the hicups after eating them,
not sure why! I guess it might be one of those things that make you go hmmmm!
I hope you all have a chance to enjoy your Day.
Today in the sun was one of my best Days!



    So nice to see you :-) I too love black and white photography and edits and I SO agree that there are so many shades of gray - I live mostly in the gray - except for a few things; for example I believe: Violence is always wrong AND that kindness does matter.

    I spent the day with my Mom and then my Sis joined us - it was glorious. :-)

    Happy day to you
    Love Gail

  2. Gail, oh yes I agree with you on that one, I am not an advocate for any kind of violence, physical or emotional. I am glad you were with family today. I thought maybe you were burning your candles and eating salsa. lol. Big hug, cindy

  3. Great photo!! I love the b/w...and I convert a lot of my photos to black and white because I prefer them over the some instances.
    The jackets are GREAT!
    I smiled at your hiccuping when you eat carrots.
    Wanna know something? I hiccup when I get tickled and begin to laugh. I get the hiccups EVERY time. There has to be something there that is triggering them, right? I know... Let's do a study....find the answer...publish....become famous! Or.... not! :))
    I love being here....and I send you many smiles.

  4. Jackie we would be a real pair, you hiccup when you laugh and get tickled, and I fall down. I think between the two of us we could write a book. Makes me curious as to what triggers this in the brain. I have never heard hicupping when your laughing. That would have been fun at school. I am glad you enjoy being here!

  5. I love your photo, it's beautiful....I always think of my family when I know they are together and I am always so happy for them but I get a bit lonesome cause I am not there. You sound so good today and with Janine's news I am very happy when my friends are happy....Hugs

  6. Bernie, you are a dream. I am happy that janine news was happy as well. All is good in our worlds. Take care bernie.

  7. Maybe we need to find you another healthy snack that doesn't give you the hiccups.

  8. Unknown Mami, I don't eat them often because of that Take care, hope you are well.


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