Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Oh I had energy to burn for about a half hour today. I tugged with my left hand, harder and harder, then I did the same with my right hand, harder and harder. I then tossed my blue rubber gloves aside and smiled at my lovely support hose that only my veins can appreciate!  Oh what lovely slender legs you have my dear said the big bad wolf...ok, ok I better go get my medication. What an absolutely goofy mood I woke up into. I love these days when everything and nothing make you just laugh and laugh until your belly hurts. The weather here has been so hot the last few days that my legs have swollen up again, only bothered by this on hot on hot days, makes sense you would want to put your legs into a sausage like sock that will make you believe it is 20 degrees hotter than normal. Hows that for turning up the heat!  I have to say they may not look great, feel great, but they sure work for me. So I am going to keep wearing them. Maybe I will even get another color,,,,They are like the old lady bras, white,beige, or nothing. I want some sexiness! Note to colored support hose....hey don't laugh, it could be my way to make a million, Note to self:::don't forget your idea.   Have a great day!....maybe I could put some bling on my support hose, you just have to wait and see. lol


  1. Great gams!
    And great idea for the hose.
    I was goofy like that once - laughed all day and all night.

  2. Love the designer support hose idea! Seriously! And don't forget the guys either :-)
    Glad you can laugh through the day-- especially hot ones.


  3. cinner....I think you have come upon a great idea!!! Market it!
    A good post this it!
    Smiles from Jackie

  4. I have the same problem with my legs and here it's hot for most of the year. An angiologist Ι visited once (he's a specialist about veins)advised me to keep my feet as cool as possible, take lukewarm baths in winter etc because I have varicose veins.
    What I find comforting in summer is putting my feet in a bucket full of ice! I know it sounds painful and at first it is a shock to the system but once I get used to it the swelling goes down and I feel relieved!
    I'm not suggestin you should try it, but you perhaps you could ask your doctor if keeping your feet cool would help with the swelling?
    Have a nice day! (sorry for the long comment!)

  5. Dorothea, When I go to bed at night I put those bean bags that you can put in the fridge on them. Seems to help alot, I also use any lotion that has cucumber in it as it acts like a cooling, they say peppermint too, but I like the other best. Don't be sorry for the long comment, that is how we both learn and can be helpful. Here our winters are really cold, no problems at all then! Be well, I will try the ice. thankyou. Take care.

    Jackie I think it could be, they are probably out there already. I am gonna look into it.

    Joanna I did forget the men. Maybe it would take off, it was an idea just off the top of my head. If you want to see someone laugh catch me when I am tired, it can be quite entertaining. I feel so much better than I did the last two days. Hope you are well. Take care.

    Anne, arent those gams just lovely...darlin you might need a new pair of glasses! lol
    I find when I have days like that it sure cures any stress I may have. take care.

  6. HI CINNER -

    Yup, me too! When it is hot and humid my ankles swell, when it is cool they are nice and skinny! :-) I don't wear the support hose you do but if you get them jazzied up then perhaps I will!! :-)
    Laughing is SO good - it is known to be the purest and most complet from of relief!! SO, laugh,laugh, laugh........LOL :-)

    Love and laughter

  7. Hi Cinner. I want 2 pairs of designer support lace for one and leopard print on the other. Keep laughing.

  8. I was on another person's blog yesterday when she was highlighting different types of fish-net stockings with interesting designs on them, like veins, ants, etc. I think there is something you have here to design artistic looking support hose! I have heard they are very difficult to put on; you would think someone could design that a bit different, don't you think?

    hoping today is a great one for you


  9. Betty You would think so . the blue gloves just help pull them up. I looked on line this am and could not find anything, but you never know maybe I could be onto something. Have a great day.

    Missy M, I can just see you working it, go Missy, go Missy. I used to be all about leaopard print. One of my girlfriends used to always laugh at me about it. ONE on each foot would be a new fashion statement! Qui! Have a great day.

    Gail, If I do this I will save you a pair, my sister said just paint them, I said they aze pretty small and then stretch out. we had a good laugh! Have a great day, and I hope your laughing too.

  10. Cinner - in Nursing School, we had to wear those, and to get them on, we would lay on the bed with out feet up high, way over head. After about 2 or 3 minutes, they were MUCH easier to put on.

    See, even your stockings love and "support" you! :D

  11. Anne, these blue gloves kinda have grips on them, I am thinking you must be in better shape than me cause I don't think I can get my feet up over my head, thanks for the tip. Thats cute, gotta love those stockings. Take care.

  12. Really, you have to pitch the idea to someone. I'm positive you are not the only one that wishes they came in other colors.

  13. Thanks unknown Mami, yes I think I could be onto something. Take care.


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